Track Competitor
Keyword Movements

Keep a close eye on the movements of your competitors’ keywords over time. Tracking the positions and overall performance of competitor keywords allows you to develop more effective SEO strategies for your business or clients that result in higher rankings and more profit. In Rank Tracker, you can add as many competitors to your dashboard as you’d like. Rank Tracker will immediately begin tracking the keyword movements of your competitors from the moment you add them in order to empower you to outrank them in less time.

Compare Rankings
Alongside Competitors

See how competitor rankings stack up against your own. In Rank Tracker your keyword performance is compiled in a delightfully simple dashboard. Within this same dashboard you can also add competitors and track their daily ranking performance alongside your own. Viewing competitor keyword rankings in this way allows you to save time, see a better, more complete picture, and spot opportunities that you otherwise might have missed if your time had to be spent manually once.

Evaluate Competitor
SEO Expenditures

Know exactly when your competitors are making increases to their SEO budgets by getting detailed comparison reports that show their keyword performance over time. Use the data collected and compiled by Rank Tracker to make quick and necessary changes to your own SEO strategies and daily budgets in real­-time. The faster you can take fast action in this way, the more opportunity and better chance you’ll have of successfully outranking your competitors and driving more traffic to your website.

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