Desktop Search Engine Tracking

Monitor keyword standings on all desktop search engines. Despite the growing popularity of mobile and tablet devices, desktop computers are still the preferred method of searching the web for many people. To develop an effective SEO strategy that drives higher rankings and more website traffic, you need a tool that allows you to compete with competitors across all desktop browsers. Rank Tracker makes it easy by allowing you to track desktop keyword performance and daily rank positions of your keywords in 300+ desktop search engines.

Tablet Search Engine Tracking

See how your keywords perform in search engines used on tablet devices. As tablets increase in popularity and become more widespread around the world, it’s essential that you evaluate and utilize tablet search engine tracking when developing SEO strategies for your business or clients. Rank Tracker provides you with the tools you need to evaluate and track the positions of your keywords as they appear on tablet-­specific search engines and browsers.

Mobile Search Engine Tracking

Track the positions of your keywords as they appear in mobile searches. Each day more and more people are searching online using mobile devices in place of computers and laptops. To continue outranking competitors, you need to do more than just track keyword performance from desktop. Rank Tracker makes it easy for you to capture your intended audience on mobile by showing you exactly how your keywords perform and rank over time in mobile devices and search engines.

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