Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports

Stay up-to­-date on the positions and performance of your keywords by creating and scheduling reports that get automatically compiled and delivered to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also track keyword rankings in real­-time by compiling reports on­-demand with the click of a button whenever you need them. Reports are fully customizable, beautifully designed, and easy to share with clients or other team members.

Simple Reports

Create simple reports that summarize and highlight the most important and relevant information relating to your keywords. In Rank Tracker, you have the option of creating simple or advanced reports. Simple reports can be useful when you only want to provide other team members or clients with a quick overview of keyword performance. Simple reports can be shared with others in seconds by exporting to a PDF, Excel, or CSV file, or using a custom sharable link.

Advanced Reports

Leverage advanced reports to get a complete picture of your keyword rankings and make decisions about your SEO strategy and budget. In Rank Tracker, you can build advanced reports in a matter of minutes. Advanced reports can be useful when you need to provide clients and team members with detailed and complete information about the performance of your keywords over a specific period of time. Use advanced reporting to track position movement, identify opportunities, and make changes that improve rankings and drive traffic.

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PDF, Excel & CSV

Conveniently export reports into PDF, Excel, or CSV files. In Rank Tracker, packaging reports into other file formats can be done in just a few clicks. The ability to quickly and easily export reports to other file formats allows you to spend less time copying and pasting report data for clients and team members and frees up more time for you to focus on what matters: improving your SEO strategies and driving more website traffic.

Search Volume

Use reports to get actionable insights into changes in keyword search volume over time. In Rank Tracker, you can include search volume data in reports in order to identify and take advantage of emerging keyword opportunities before your competitors. Streamline keyword search volume tracking by scheduling regularly occurring reports to be delivered to you on a daily, weekly, monthly, or on­demand basis.

Shareable Rank Tracking Link

Share keyword performance data and reports with team members and clients faster using shareable links. In Rank Tracker, every report you create and compile includes a custom URL that you can easily copy and share with others. These shareable link helps boost productivity by automatically directing people to the exact report you want them to see.


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