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Rank Tracker is the easiest and most accurate tool for tracking keyword performance and rankings for your websites. Other ranking tools are complicated and unreliable, but Rank Tracker is different. It’s fast, powerful, and incredibly easy to use. Use Rank Tracker to track keyword performance over time, spy on and outrank your competitors, uncover new keyword opportunities, get access to advanced reporting and on-­demand updates, and increase website traffic and profits.

On Demand

Get on-­demand updates about the positions of your keywords in real-­time to track movement and make quick and informative changes to your SEO strategies and daily budgets. In Rank Tracker, getting instant updates about the position of your keywords is as simple as clicking a manual refresh button next to the keyword you’re tracking. On-­demand updates ensure that you never miss out on timely opportunities that allow you to outrank competitors.

Global, Local
& Multilingual

Learn how your keywords perform at a global, local, and multilingual level. Rank Tracker makes it easy to track how your keywords and websites rank at certain geographic locations and from different search browsers around the world. Multilingual tracking allows you to find out how your keywords are performing across different languages. Having access to this information can help you expand your web presence and develop better location and language­-specific SEO strategies.

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Snack Pack

Use Rank Tracker to view the positions of your keywords as they appear in Google Snack Pack and the Local Finder feature. The ability to track keywords in these two areas within Google search results can be incredibly useful when developing SEO and keyword strategies for local brick-­and-­mortar businesses. Having keyword ranking information from Google Snack Pack and Local Finder ensures that you’re able to help your business or clients attract more customers, compete against other local businesses, and drive business growth.

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Desktop &
Mobile Tracking

Get the complete picture by tracking how your keywords perform across all devices, not just from desktop. Use Rank Tracker to track keyword performance from mobile and tablet devices as well as from searches done on desktop computers. Use the information compiled in reports to take advantage of untapped opportunities and make adjustments to your strategies that address how to best improve keyword rankings across all types of browsers and devices.

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Detailed &
Simple Reports

Build beautiful, fully customizable keyword performance reports to share with your team members or clients. Reports can be simplified to only include the most relevant and essential information about the status of your rankings, or they can be more detailed in order to present a fuller picture of keyword performance progress, opportunities, and history. Reports can be shared with others through the use of a unique sharing link.

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Multiple Users
& Logins

Add multiple users to your Rank Tracker account in just a few clicks. Give access to your team members or clients and customize the way they see and are able to use the platform using Permissions. Spend less time manually building and emailing reports and invite stakeholders and decision-­makers to view their information and reports directly in Rank Tracker instead.

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Adaptable &

Easily view your keyword performance and ranking information from anywhere. Rank Tracker is a responsive, web­-based platform that can be access on any device. Dive deep into your data from your computer or laptop, or get a quick snapshot while on­-the-­go using your smartphone or tablet device. Enjoy 24/7 access to the platform, and never worry about missing out on timely opportunities because of connectivity or cross­-functionality issues again.

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Tracking Link

Easily share keyword performance and reports with team members or clients by providing them with unique URLs to any project or report.

Volume Data

Quickly access search volume data for any keyword. You can even see how search volume differs based on different geographic locations.


The advanced algorithm built into the Rank Tracker platform helps boost accuracy by almost 3X when compared to other rank trackers on the market.


Identify emerging keyword opportunities faster by using Rank Tracker to compile data from the top 300 page results in search engines.

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