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    • 11/07/2020
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    Many tools will help you excel and grow as a company online, but how many of them are going to be viable in the foreseeable future? Keeping your company prepared is the best way to ensure your success, but that can only be done by applying the right tools (and people!) to your projects. Understanding the importance of a rank tracker or SERP tracker could be the difference between securing a major client or not, as you'll want as many eyes on your website as possible.

    The internet is a massive game changer and has allowed companies to reach clients that they would have overlooked otherwise, as making international connections is simple when you're operating a business online.

    You can use a wide variety of tools and applications to streamline your webmaster experience, allowing you to handle administrative tasks without worry. When you're working with high-quality tools (like an SEO tracker or a keyword tracker), it's going to be nearly impossible to deny the quality of your website.

    Why Do I Need SEO Tools?

    As a business owner trying to build an online presence, your main goal is to build a buzz and certify your online presence. You want to stick out like a sore thumb, as the odds of you being a very competitive field are high – there are a lot of companies trying to with one another online, but there's only room at the top for a select few. This is why SEO tools like a keyword finder or keyword rank tracker will help you progress, as you can see what's working and build on it.

    Not only that, but you can scrap anything that doesn't stick much quicker, as you'll be able to identify the problems with ease. If something isn't working out and is a massive waste of money, using SEO tools will allow you to figure out the problem quickly.

    What Kind of Tools Should Be Considered?

    The number of different SEO tools to consider using can be staggering at first, especially if you've never gone through this process in the past. While there are always going to be new tools developed annually, these tools seem as if they're always going to be a staple within the digital marketing community.

    SERP Tracker

    This tool is used to monitor the positioning of your websites within the SERP system. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, which is basically how successful your SEO endeavours have been. You always want to end up on the very first page of search results for any given search engine, as most people won't look past that – using a SERP tracker is the most effective way to see how you're currently doing. SEO tracking is a process that allows you to see the growth of your company daily, as opposed to just hoping that things work out.

    Keyword Research Tool

    All keywords are not created equal, which is why the keyword ranker has become such an important tool to implement during your SEO campaigns. You don't want to randomly select the keywords or search terms that you'd like to pursue, as that would be leaving your success up to the “luck of the draw”. By ranking keywords and identifying the most ideal candidates (high monthly search volumes with a low rate of competition), you can streamline your SEO efforts and see success at a quicker rate.

    Backlink Checker

    Checking backlinks is a tedious task, as you have to disavow any links leading to your website that could cause harm. Competitors will create backlinks directed towards your site as a way to try and lower your SERP rank, which is why disavowing negatively impacting backlinks is a must as a webmaster. If you just let the negative backlinks pile up, it's only a matter of time before your competition comes in and swoops up your place on the first page!

    Content is King!

    While you want to focus on your SEO efforts through traditional means, the most traditional way to approach growing your company is through stellar content. The Google SERP Tracker is going to keep it real, no matter what rank you currently sport – this is why people have been leaning towards providing their users with high-quality content to consume. When visitors are enjoying the time being spent on your website, it's going to convert into sales (or other forms of success) sooner or later!

    Conclusion: SEO Tools Are Your Friend!

    Make the process much simpler by calling for the help of the many different SEO tools currently available on the market. While we've only covered a small portion of the tools available, you can still use this information to navigate the SEO tool market with ease.



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