Add Multiple Users

Share information faster and collaborate more effectively with other team members by adding multiple users to your Rank Tracker account. In Rank Tracker, adding a new user can be done in a matter of seconds. Multiple users allows you to streamline productivity and boost success by making it easy for more people on your team to view historical keyword performance data, get on­-demand updates about daily keyword positions, track competitors in real­-time, and build custom reports.

Give Clients Direct Access

Keep clients in the loop by adding them as users in Rank Tracker. Giving clients direct access to their Rank Tracker project allows for more transparency and better communication between your client and your team. When you provide your clients with the ability to view daily keyword position updates and access past reports on their own, you’re able to spend less time answering phone calls and responding to emails and more time focusing on what matters: getting them the results you promised.

Set Different Permission Levels

Never worry about the wrong information getting shared with the wrong people. With Rank Tracker, you can keep certain information safe and secure and ensure that your account always stays in the right hands by assigning different permission levels to your team members based on their role and participation in your project. You can also use permission levels when creating user accounts for clients. Permission levels allow you to foster and promote transparency without having to provide clients with full access to the platform and their project.

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Share Information Faster Using Shareable Links

Save time by using convenient sharing links to send clients or team members directly to the information you want them to see in Rank Tracker. Sharing links can be used to give people instant access to keyword position changes, competitor performance, historical data, and custom reports. Sharing links can be particularly useful when you’re managing multiple projects at once and need to quickly reference or send others to the right data in order to successfully take advantage of an emerging or timely SEO opportunity.

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*We don’t share your personal infomation with anyone.
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