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Get an SEO advantage at every stage

Being successful with SEO is about making smart decisions. Rank tracker’s unique tools give you accurate insights for every stage of optimization – from planning and analysis to tracking and problem-solving.

The foundations of a powerful SEO strategy

The features of Ranktracker are meant to make things easier

Want to get off to a great start with SEO? Quickly find the best opportunities through competitor analysis and our ground-breaking Discovery tool. Once your SEO campaign is up and running, keep an eye on its progress with the handy Overview dashboard.

SEO metrics inside a graph

See your most important SEO metrics

Instantly view your search result ranking, your ranking position for tracked keywords, the traffic you’re receiving from searches, and more.

When you want to refine the data, add filters to see how you rank in different locations or on different devices.

Piggy bank with dollar savings icon

SEO Savings

Find out exactly how much your SEO-generated traffic is saving you, compared to what you’d spend on equivalent paid traffic.

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Send your team a view-only link to your Ranktracker account to show them the latest SEO data on-demand.

Search input with the text City of London and a group of search engine providers


Global, national and local ranking updates

Monitor your website’s position in Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. Track your rankings for multiple keywords on mobile and desktop, and see the search volumes for each keyword.

You can even check your progress in different countries, cities and zip code areas, and choose from daily, weekly or monthly updates.

Learn more about Ranktracker

Keyword finder

Find the best keywords from a database of billions

Enter any search term to see a list of keyword ideas, accompanied by search volume and difficulty data. You can even search for keywords relevant to a specific location and language.

Learn more about keyword finder
Graph showing interest of a keyword over time as well as it's difficulty
Charts showing keyword difficulty and SERP impact out of 100

SERP checker

See search engine results from around the world

Enter a keyword to see what search engine results it produces in 50+ countries, and discover whether it’s possible to rank for it. We combine data from Moz and Majestic for improved accuracy.

Learn more about SERP checker

Actionable SEO Tasks

Set up your website like an SEO pro

Optimizing your website for SEO? Actionable Data gives you step-by-step guidance on site settings, keyword research and more, helping you get maximum traffic.

Learn more SEO checklist
Charts showing progress of SEO tasks
Chart showing a web audit score out of 100 with cues on how to improve

Web audit

Easy problem-solving

Find out what’s holding your site back from ranking higher. The audit tool scans over 100 data points to instantly identify any hidden SEO issues, and then lets you know how to fix them.

Generate handy XML audit reports for your IT team, and compare past audit records to check for recurring errors.

Learn more about web audit


Show colleagues and clients your progress

Create fully customizable reports that show how your visibility has changed, how your competitors are ranking, and more. Download or email to colleagues straight from your dashboard.

List of customisble reports that can be shared daily, weekly or monthly


Your favorite stats, right where you need them

Make sure your SEO ship is sailing in the right direction. The dashboard gives you an overview of the metrics you need most – like tracked keyword rankings, web audit scores and competitor reports.

Overview of the Ranktracker dashboard user interace

What do people have to say?

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  • Vithurs, CEO, BlessedCBD


    CEO, BlessedCBD

    With so many rank tracking tools available on the market today, it can be tricky finding "the one". After playing around with Ranktracker and discussing its various features with Felix, it's clear to me they have a solid product. For anyone still in doubt, they offer a 7 day free trial, which allows you to explore the tool before you make a decision!


All-In-One SEO Tool

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Ranktracker provides you with all of the tools that you need to manage your site or business’s SEO presence. It is the first toolbox that provides you with everything in one so that you don’t have to go around to different software providers just so you can have a comprehensive SEO suite.

Today, search engines are more competitive than they've ever been. In the old days, you could create a webpage, optimize it for one or two keywords, and then let the search engine "spiders" do their thing. However, that is no longer a strategy that works in today's world.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and the way that they process information and track rankings. Just because your site is on the first page today doesn't mean that it will stay there forever. All it takes is for your competitor to have better keyword rankings or search engine updates to change everybody's rankings across the board. The only way to ensure that your site is able to compete and stay in business is to constantly monitor it and ensure that your SEO efforts are getting the job done. To do this you need to:

  • Keep track of your keyword rankings.
  • Compare your local rank to your national rank.
  • Track how "visible" your page is on search engines.
  • Keep track of how much traffic your page gets.
  • Compare your current site metric to data from the past.

Doing all of this manually would take so much time that you would never actually have time to update your keyword choice, webpages, or SEO. This is where Ranktracker's all-in-one SEO tool really shines. It's able to provide you with real-time data on a day-by-day basis so that you're able to pull up all of the valuable rank tracking metrics you need. In addition to keeping track of your own webpage, you'll also be able to keep track of your competitors as well! This means that you'll be able to make the most informed decision when it comes to your SEO efforts. Instead of wasting your time trying to copy your competitors, you'll be able to hop onto new trends, improve your local rank for specific keywords, and improve your search engine rankings across the board.

Ranktracker provides clients with a wide range of SEO-oriented services, ranging from search engine ranking tracking, as the name would suggest, to more advanced features like SERP checking. Every month, Ranktracker’s capabilities are expanding, and we’re always refining our algorithms to give you the most accurate results.

Here at Rankracker, our goal is to provide you with all of the tools you need to conduct your SEO research. To that end, we have a rank tracking tool that keeps us true to our name as well as a keyword finder, SERP checker, and even a web audit tool to show you what’s not working on your site.

RankTracker is the premier SEO tool for businesses looking for an in-depth suite of software that they can use to optimize their web pages and ensure that they show up higher in search results. We have a wide range of specialized functions that will allow you to develop your strategy and execute it.

Rank Tracker SEO Tool In General

Rank tracker SEO tools are designed to cross-reference data obtained from your webpage and compare it to the latest data received by search engine algorithms. Ranktracker accomplishes this by linking its rank tracking software directly to advanced computer systems and proxies.

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Yandex

This allows the rank tracking software to determine the exact rank, traffic, visibility, and top keywords at a given moment based on real-time ranking data. Of course, all of this happens behind the scenes, so you'll never have to worry about learning how to write complicated code or learn how to read computer programming languages. All of the data obtained through Ranktracker's rank tracking tool is displayed in a simple, easy-to-read, and understand user interface. One of Ranktracker's primary goals was to create a tool that anybody could use, regardless of their technical experience. This means that everybody from advanced programmers to small local businesses can use the tool to learn more about their website's performance and compare it against their competitors. Ranktracker's research tools allow webmasters and third-party SEO analysts to track rankings and target keywords that are specifically designed to improve organic search results for small and large businesses. The ability to track a site's performance through Ranktracker's advanced reporting software is invaluable for small SEO and marketing companies looking to increase their client's visibility. With the knowledge obtained from their analysis, they can identify new niches, create a new marketing campaign, and boost the overall metrics of the site. And that's how a high-performance tracking tool can improve you or your client's ranking results!

What Is The Ranktracker SEO Tool?

By now, hopefully, we've managed to get your attention... Whether you're a small business owner looking to improve your local SEO and improve your monthly sales, or you work as an SEO specialist, Rank tracker's SEO tool is designed to give you the competitive edge you need to blow the competitors out of the water and monitor the page for continued success. Here are the key metrics that the Rank Tracker SEO tool tracks:


This number is displayed as a percentage and tracks what percent of search engine users see your site based on the specific keywords that you're tracking for the site. For example, if you're tracking a local barber's shop and the visibility for the keyword barber's near me is 51%, then 51% of all people who search for that keyword come across your site search engine results. If your visibility is steady or increasing, then it's a good sign that the overall site position is doing well. However, if it begins to decrease, then it's likely a sign that you need to make some changes and start ranking for new keywords to improve organic search ranking.

Average Position

Tracking a page's 'Average Position' allows you to see what number it ranks on the listed search engines based on a specific keyword. The reason why the rank tracker displays an average position is that your local rank may be different, depending on which search engine is being used. This metric is an excellent way to see how the site is ranking for individual keywords. This metric goes hand-in-hand with the 'Visibility' metrics listed above. While the 'Visibility' metric tracks the percentage of people who see your site listing on local search results, the 'Average Position' can explain why your visibility is higher or lower than expected. If your visibility rankings are low, then it may be due to the fact that your average position isn't as high as it should be.


The traffic metric displays accurate data based on traffic analysis. You'll be able to monitor exactly how many people visit the webpage on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. This is incredibly valuable for e-commerce sites and local businesses. By tracking which times of the day or year are the busiest, they'll be able to offer special sales, discounts, and other incentives to encourage extra spending during peak visitation times.

SERP Features

The SERP Rank Tracker tool also allows you to see whether or not your site is optimized for SERP features. These are additional elements that Google displays to create a more engaging experience for search engine users. These include sections of the page such as:

  • Answer Box
  • App
  • Carousel
  • Multi Carousel
  • Featured Snippet
  • Google Flights
  • Google Reviews
  • Google Posts
  • Images
  • Jobs
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Local Pack
  • Hotels Pack
  • Map
  • Organic
  • Paid
  • People Also Ask
  • Related Searches
  • People Also Search
  • Shopping
  • Top Stories
  • Twitter
  • Video
  • Events
  • Mention Carousel
  • Recipes
  • Top Sights
  • Scholarly Articles
  • Popular Products
  • Podcasts
  • Questions and Answers
  • Find Results On
  • Stocks Box

If the SERP checker shows that your page is ranked for SERP features, viewers will be able to see all of this information about your site from the search engine. This, in turn, means that your site will "dominate" the viewing window, and the site will likely receive more traffic for those keywords.

Note, that the SERP checker only tracks results within the top 10 results on google.

The tool also displays if your site is not ranking for SERP features. This provides a valuable opportunity to increase site performance and organic traffic by performing some basic SEO to make SERPs more viewable for different keywords.


The 'Positions' feature allows Ranktracker users to track how their site’s position has changed over time. This is especially useful for small SEO businesses that want to show their clients the progress that has been made. If you're using Ranktracker tools to improve your own site, then the 'Positions' metric will allow you to keep track of all your hard work and SEO improvements.

Choosing The Correct SEO Tool For Your Needs

The best thing about Ranktracker is that it's not just rank tracking and reporting software. Although this is the primary reporting tool used by users, it's not the only weapon in your arsenal.

Ranktracker has also developed a number of secondary features that you can use to ensure that your site rank is the best that it can possibly be. The current tools they offer are:

  • Rank Tracking/Keyword Tracking Tool
  • Keyword Finder
  • SERP Checker
  • Local Website Audits

As we discussed above, the Google rank tracker is an excellent tool for keeping track of your current SEO rankings. It is, by far, one of the best SEO rank trackers on the internet in terms of full-fledged functionality and the user interface.

These are just a couple of examples of how you could use Ranktracker's many tools to improve your overall rankings, keep track of your progress on a daily basis, and repair any broken links that could be errors (or the result of foul play).

Whatever your SEO needs may be, Ranktracker is bound to have a tool that can provide you with the most accurate ranking data, improve your search volume, and improve your overall rankings across the board.

Additionally, Ranktracker is constantly developing new tools and making improvements to existing tools. As a Ranktracker member, you'll be able to take full advantage of Ranktracker's advanced suite of SEO tools and take advantage of cutting-edge products that are guaranteed to bring you (or your clients) more high-quality, organic search engine traffic.

Why Do People Use SEO Tools?

Still not convinced that SEO tools are right for your business?

Perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "This all sounds well and good, but how will a few metrics and some search engine data improve my bottom line and make me more money?"

A couple of decades ago, most businesses could get by fine without a strong internet presence. As long as they had some billboards, advertisements, and built a good "word-of-mouth" reputation, then they would be relatively successful, no matter what city they did business in.

Today, however, the game has completely changed. A business that doesn't have a strong online business model is like a sitting duck. The recent pandemic should be proof enough. Any business that didn't have an online store with good search engine rankings across the board may as well not have existed.

As e-commerce continues to dominate the market, it's more important than ever to focus on increasing your traffic by ranking for specific keywords on Google (and other search engines). Rank tracker's SEO tools are able to improve a site's performance by increasing the likelihood that the page shows up in organic search results.

As the age-old saying goes- the best business is the one that the most people know about.

Today, everybody does their research on Google. Whether people are trying to find a plumber for their house, purchase a new product, or find interesting content to read, it all starts by them typing a keyword into a search engine.

Using these SEO tools allows webmasters to improve their keyword rankings and track rankings in order to increase their visibility. You'll also be able to find niche keyword options with lower search volume and rank for keywords that your competitors aren't ranking for.

That leads us to another good point- Ranktracker's data and reports also allow you to keep track of your competition!

You'll be able to see your competitor's ranking results, update your pages to stay on-par, and identify areas where you can rank higher. The ability to track rankings for both yourself and your competitors is invaluable when it comes to creating a successful online presence.

Whether you're performing simple local SEO or you're trying to sell a product/service to the entire country, the data obtained from rank tracking tools will help you make all of the necessary improvements you need so that more people can see your site.

The more people who see your site, the higher the chance that you'll earn their business and put more money in your pocket.

Exclusive SEO Tools From Ranktracker

Ranktracker is more than just a keyword tool. It's more than just a way to track your keyword rankings or improve your local rank. It's a full suite of SEO tools designed to help your business achieve its full potential.

There are plenty of "free" keyword tools on the internet that can help you improve your keyword selection. What makes Ranktracker the perfect digital tracker tool to improve your website ranking is its intuitive suite of site optimization tools that allow you to micromanage your site's success so that you never have to rely on vague data, inaccurate figures, and old data.

Ranktracker's SEO tools are, by far, some of the most accurate on the web. They utilize real-time data to ensure that your page isn't just in the top 100 but that it's in the top 10.

The best part about Ranktracker's suite of tools is that anybody can use them. All of the tools are designed to be 100% idiot-proof. So, whether you're just starting to learn how SEO works or you're a bonafide SEO expert, the tools are incredibly easy-to-use and offer an easy-to-understand user interface that anybody can learn in a couple of hours.

The best part about Ranktracker's tool suite is that you can use them on your desktop or your mobile device! This means that you can monitor results from your desk or on-the-go from your smartphone. Here is a full breakdown of Ranktracker's current list of competitive research and keyword ranking tools.

Rank Tracking With Ranktracker

The rank tracker is Ranktracker's premier keyword rank tracking tool. It allows users to perform a full analysis of both their own sites and their competitor's sites.

The first metric the tool displays is the website's overall visibility, depending on the keyword that you're tracking. This allows you to monitor how the site's position changes on a daily basis and the percentage of people who search for key terms are seeing your site on search engines.

The second metric the tool lets you keep track of is the site's average position. It's not just a Google rank tracker either. It shows you the average placing (based on your target keywords) on multiple search engines, including:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Yandex

You'll also be able to keep track of the site's positions as they change over time. This is valuable for keeping your clients in the loop and allows you to monitor your own progress.

The third metric that the tool displays is the Google SERP features. This shows you whether or not your site displays SERP features in the Google search results such as on-site reviews, photo/video reels, or specific items sold on your online store.

The final metric that the rank tracking tool lets you keep track of is the overall traffic that your site receives. As you improve your keyword rankings, SERP features, and overall site optimizations, your rankings across the board will improve, bringing you more traffic.

Keyword Finder (Keyword Rankings)

Ranktracker's keyword finder tool is incredibly easy-to-use and provides the user with far more data than the average "free" keyword tracking tool. All you need to do is type in a single target keyword, and then you'll be able to see all of the specific metrics for that keyword in addition to being shown a number of other long-tail keywords that relate to the primary search term.

The tool's ability to display long-tail alternative keywords is easily one of its most useful features.

For instance, if you want to track rankings for the keyword "health supplements," the tool would show you more than just the data for that one keyword. You would also be shown other long-tail keyword options such as "health supplements for weight loss" or "vegan health supplements."

You could then incorporate these new keywords into your site’s content to improve your overall ranking for related terms. Whether you're running a small local business or a multi-national brand, the more keywords your site can rank for on Google, the better chance you'll have at out-ranking your competitors.

That brings us to one of the keyword finder's other valuable features- it allows you to track different keywords based on location-specific data. This is incredibly valuable for local business owners or businesses that want to target individual cities or towns.

Last but not least, the keyword rank tracker also displays how competitive the target keywords are on a scale of 0 to 100 (0 being the least competitive, and 100 being the most competitive). The more competitive a keyword is, the harder it's going to be to rank for that term, and the more content you'll have to create to rank for it.

This allows you to select targeted keywords that present a low or medium level of competition (based on search volume) so that you can rank for these terms and increase your site's performance on Google and other search engines.

SERP Checker

Google's SERP feature came with their latest update and is an incredibly important metric to track if you want to ensure your site's continued performance and get an edge over your competitors.

The SERP checker will rank a site's performance based on daily-updated data about how many search users are able to see the updated SERP displays.

Ranktracker's SERP checker tool gives you a full report on individual sites and specific keywords. You'll be able to see how difficult it is to rank for a target keyword on a scale from 1 to 100, view the total number of results, and even view the latest snapshots of the SERP results to check how your site or the competitor is ranking for SERPs.

Web Audit Tool

Ranktracker's website audit tool is the simplest way to figure out what improvements need to be made on a site. This is incredibly useful for SEO professionals who need to monitor their client's sites and gather data for potential clients.

The web auditing tool will show you a historical record of important (and semi-important) changes and fixes that have been recently performed on the site. It will also analyze all of the relevant data from the webpage including:

  • Domain characteristics (server location, expiration date, archive age).

  • SEO metrics (MOZ DA, Alexa ranking, and the number of backlinks).

  • The most recent index status (the number of pages indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

Overall, the web audit tool evaluates over 100 different data points to create a full report showing where the site is performing well and help you identify any potential problems so that you can make the necessary changes before they affect your site ranking. It also identifies "urgent" problems that you need to fix ASAP, giving you insights that you can take immediate action on.

In addition to presenting you with accurate data, the web audit feature also allows users to download XML reports and create a snapshot of the report so that they can share it with other team members or clients so that everybody is on the same page across the board.

It also saves previous reports so that you can track your progress over time and analyze all of the improvements you've made on a page-by-page basis.

Why You Should Use Ranktracker's SEO Tool Suite

Ranktracker's SEO tool suite includes some of the most advanced research and analysis tools on the internet. If you want to fast-track your path to success, improve your website ranking, find the highest-performing targeted keywords, and view accurate data reporting, then Ranktracker has you covered.

All of the pages that made their way to the first page of Google didn't get there manually. They got there by performing research, keeping an eye on their competitors, and making improvements to their site on a daily basis.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and shaking up the order in which certain pages rank. Ranktracker's tools are constantly updated based on the latest search engine data so that you can track your progress over time and ensure that your site continues to evolve and stay on top.

Frequently asked questions

There is a wide range of factors to consider when auditing a website. Some of the major concerns that you should look out for when conducting a website audit include the lead generation process (along with CTAs), your site’s design and UX, and the content itself.

By checking the aspects of a site that we mentioned above, a website audit can determine what’s causing your site to rank consistently low when it comes to page SEO and organic traffic. Whether it’s a person or an SEO audit tool, you’ll typically need a website analysis report to figure out the issues.

They are SEO tools that are used to conduct an audit report on a website to determine what is causing poor SEO performance. Factors that can influence a poor site analysis include inadequate link building, broken links, and other SEO errors.

Conducting an SEO audit of your site using our SEO tool is relatively straightforward. Start off by installing the web audit program and then entering the URL that you wish to check for SEO issues. You can decide whether you scan an individual page or if you run the SEO checker on all pages of your site.

Keeping track of your daily website rankings will give you all of the tools you need to improve your SEO. Keeping track of your site's ranking manually is nearly impossible to do with traditional tools and would require you to hire full-time employees to do so. Ranktracker's suite of SEO tools can display fine-tuned, accurate data, so you'll never be left in the dark wondering how to improve your site ranking.

As trends come and go, so do the important keywords that your site ranks for. Just because a keyword is hot today doesn't mean that it will remain so. Ranktracker's keyword tool displays detailed reporting about all of the top-ranking keywords and also shows you how competitive each keyword is so that you can incorporate new keywords into your site model.

If your page is ranking for Google SERP results, then it means that it takes up a considerable amount of space on the first page of Google. Ranktracker's SERP checker tool allows you to analyze how competitive certain keywords are and the most recent search engine trends that you can take action on to improve your site ranking.

Sometimes, you just need a quick snapshot of a site's overall performance to show your team, clients or to guide your actions. Ranktracker's website auditing tool displays a detailed analysis of how your site performs, what pages are doing well, and what needs to be improved. You can export these reports as XML files to share with others and keep track of your progress over time.

Ranktracker is used by marketers from some of the world’s leading companies

  • RedBull
  • Apple logo
  • Adidas logo
  • Haynes logo
  • Jyske logo
  • Spigo logo
  • Novi logo
  • MKS Ophir logo
  • Professional Beauty Systems logo
  • Champ logo
  • HAN logo
  • savills logo
  • Personal Wine logo
  • Celtic Tuning logo

Simplify your SEO workflow

Use the unique Discovery tool to uncover hidden traffic opportunities with just a few clicks. Simple sharing and reporting makes collaborating with others effortless.

Discovery tool


The Discovery tool tells you the keywords your site is currently ranking for in search engines. No need to create SEO campaigns from scratch – just capitalize on the results you’re already getting by tailoring your sales funnel to the keywords you rank for.

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  • Ranktracker Overview

    Ranktracker is the best and most reliable platform for tracking keyword rankings across multiple websites and search engines. Ranktracker makes it easy to track daily keyword performance in real-­time, analyze competitors, create detailed reports, and identify opportunities that can increase profits and drive business growth. Other rank tracking tools are clunky, complicated, and unreliable.

    Ranktracker is powerfully simple, instantly actionable, and trusted by thousands of businesses and SEO professionals around the world. Ranktracker is the easiest and most accurate tool for tracking keyword performance and rankings for your websites. Other ranking tools are complicated and unreliable, but Ranktracker is different. It’s fast, powerful, and incredibly easy to use.

    Use Ranktracker to track keyword performance over time, spy on and outrank your competitors, uncover new keyword opportunities, get access to advanced reporting and on-­demand updates, and increase website traffic and profits.

Try Ranktracker for FREE