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See exactly how your SEO campaigns are performing. The Rank Tracker tool monitors your site as it moves up or down the search engine results, giving you helpful alerts and visual overviews.

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Search input with daily, weekly and monthly filters

Global, national and local ranking updates

Track your ranking progress for any specific location. Simply enter your website and the country, region, or city you’re interested in, and then choose between daily, weekly or monthly updates.

Monitor your progress on desktop and mobile

Rank Tracker lets you switch between mobile and desktop views, so you can check your ranking progress on different platforms.

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Visual overviews of your ranking progress

Rank Tracker graphs show how your position has changed over time, so you can easily share progress with colleagues and clients. Get instant overviews of your visibility, traffic, average search engine position, and more.

Line graph showing visiblity of tracked keywords by search engines

This visualization shows you what proportion of the available search engine traffic your tracked keywords are receiving. The higher up the rankings you go, the more clicks your site should get.

See if your search engine listings include SERP features

Find out if the search engine results show SERP features like shopping previews, maps or reviews for your site. If they're not appearing anywhere, you have an opportunity to optimize your content for SERP features – and get a massive traffic boost.

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Focus on the keyword data you care about

When you want to track your ranking for specific keywords, you can hone down your search criteria to get more accurate insights. Filter by search engine, location, language and much more.

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Compare your progress against your competitors

Enter any competitor's website URL to track their ranking movements side-by-side with yours. You’ll see how well your strategy is working, and determine when you need to ramp up your SEO activities.

Graphs showing ranking comparison compared to competitors

See how your ranking position has changed compared to your competitors’ positions – great for when you’re trying to outrank them.

Track individual website pages

When you’re optimizing different parts of your site, you can see how individual pages rank too. Rank Tracker shows you the average position for each individual page, plus additional metrics like search volume and traffic. You can even see what keywords each page is ranking for.

Table showing tracked pages and keywords

Helpful metrics for every keyword

See the important metrics for all your tracked keywords in one place. With a quick overview of factors such as search volumes and clicks generated, you can easily see how individual keywords are performing.

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Grossing reports highlight recent activitying

Get a closer look at how your keywords have performed over the last 7, 30 or 90 days with the grossing reports. Look out for spikes (or drops) that correspond with your marketing activities to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Table showing reports of keyword performance

Discover new ways to maximize your site's sales potential

Has your site already been live for a while? You’re probably already ranking for some keywords without realizing it. The Discovery tool identifies them so that you can optimize your content for the traffic you’re currently getting. It’s a simple way to get a sales boost.

Graph showing history of a keyword on desktop and mobile

See what you're saving on paid traffic

Find out how much money you’re saving through your SEO campaigns. The SEO/PPC (Pay-Per-Click) savings tool quickly calculates how much your organic traffic would cost if you were paying for it.

Graph and table showing savings based on SEO campaigns

Ranking change notifications

Handy alerts mean you don’t have to spend time looking through data readouts. Whenever there’s a change in your ranking or traffic, you see a clear notification in the dashboard.

List of ranking changes

See a sample Rank Tracker report

Being successful with SEO is about making smart decisions. Rank tracker’s unique tools give you accurate insights for every stage of optimization – from planning and analysis to tracking and problem-solving.

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What do people have to say?

CEO of Rankfluence
Vithurs, CEO

With so many rank tracking tools available on the market today, it can be tricky finding "the one". After playing around with Rank Tracker and discussing its various features with Felix, it's clear to me they have a solid product. For anyone still in doubt, they offer a 7 day free trial, which allows you to explore the tool before you make a decision!

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  • Rank Tracker Overview

    The most reliable platform or service for tracking your keywords across multiple websites (and search engines) is without a doubt Rank Tracker. Rank Track allows you to seamlessly track all of your daily keyword rankings in real-time, as well as allows you to analyze the competition and put together incredibly detailed reports. Being able to identify opportunities for growth is important when you're trying to flourish on the web, and using Rank Tracker gives you all the tools needed to increase profit margins and grow your company. Most of the other keyword ranking services that you come across will be cluttered and hard to use!

    With Rank Tracker, you'll be using a very powerful (yet simple!) tool, one which is trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs and SEO gurus all over the globe. This is easily the most accurate tool to be used when you need rank tracking or even if you need a keyword finder to help you out. Rank tracking software has never been this fast and powerful.

    Use Rank Tracker when you want a SERP checker that will consistently provide you with positive results. You'll be able to spy on your competitors and see what's working for them, as well as unearth brand new keyword opportunities and gain access to some of the most advanced reports around (For traffic, profits, and even customer demands).

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