Earn money through the Ranktracker Affiliate Program

Get up to 20% lifetime commission from every user that signs up through your affiliate link

up to 20%

Commission on every signup

90 days

cookie lifetime

How it works

Ranktracker customers pay regularly - and that means you get paid regularly too. For every customer that subscribes after clicking through your affiliate banner or link, you'll receive up to 20% of their fee for as long as they stay subscribed.

Join Affiliate Program

1. Join the program

Register as a Ranktracker ltd affiliate in PayPro Global Affiliate System using below link.

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2. Promote

All the codes and banners you need are ready for you to set up on your site.

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3. Upload your affiliate links

Host as many banners you like – the more clicks they get, the more money you can make.

Earn commission

4. Promote

Receive your commission every 2 weeks (as long as you have accrued a minimum of $400 in commission) – payments are handled automatically by a trusted third party, PayPro Global.

How much can I expect to make?

The commission you receive will depend on the amount of customers subscribed through your affiliate link, and on their Ranktracker plan. Agencies and larger companies pay a higher subscription fee, so you'll make more commission from those customers.

Regular, recurring commission

Here you’ll see an example of the commission you could earn in a typical month. You could potentially earn a lot more, depending on the size of your audience and the number of banners you host.

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Earning estimates

20% Lifetime commission

You get 20% commission from each affiliate customer you bring us, for as long as they stay subscribed for non-promotional plans.

10% Lifetime commission

You get 10% commission from each affiliate customer you bring us, for as long as they stay subscribed for promotional campaign plans like: BlackFriday, CyberMonday, etc.

No chasing payments

All your commission is paid out automatically twice a month by PayPro Global.

Receive payments bi-weekly

Get paid twice a month (as long as you have accrued a minimum of $400 in commission).

90-day cookie lifetime

If a user doesn’t sign up straight away, you still get commission as long as they subscribe within 90 days.

Easy to join

There’s no special approval process, so you can join the affiliate program and get started in short time.

Promo materials

Use the unique Discovery tool to uncover hidden traffic opportunities with just a few clicks. Simple sharing and reporting makes collaborating with others effortless.

How to use

Any of our url's should work with ?aid=AFFILIATEID parameter.
Just replace AFFILATEID with ID that is assigned to you.







Below you will find example code snippet that you can use. Remember to replace AFFILIATEID!

<a href="https://www.ranktracker.com/?aid=AFFILIATEID">Ranktracker App</a>

Below you will find example code snippet that you can use. Remember to replace AFFILIATEID!

<a href="https://www.ranktracker.com/?aid=AFFILIATEID"> 
  <img src="IMAGE SOURCE HERE" alt="Ranktracker App"/>

Terms and conditions

We give you commission for every customer that joins through your affiliate link and stays beyond the free trial period.

Terms and conditions

Use of our banners or codes in any of these situations will result in your being ejected from the affiliate program, and you will forfeit any outstanding commission payments.

However, you are not permitted to use Ranktracker affiliate banners or codes on or in conjunction with:

  • Websites promoting sexism, racism, or any other kind of prejudice or any illegal activity
  • PPC advertising, promotions or websites with any unauthorized use of the Ranktracker name or URL
  • Coupon sites or coupons not authorised to your company
  • False or misleading promotional messages
  • Self-referrals