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3 Ways Real-Time Live Blogging Can Triple Your Traffic

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 6 min read


We live in the internet era. We choose to read about events rather than attending the event. This is a new trend. Live-Blogging has its popularity graph scaling. A well-written post with relevant information on an event is as popular as the event itself in the social media. The faster you publish your content, more popular and sort after your content becomes. With a gazillion bloggers writing about the event, the best way for your content to stand out is to be quick and sensible.

The best application of live blogging is that it reaches out quicker and faster. This is because, in live blogging, the communication is with the person online. It is easy to communicate and convey your content to people who are present. This also helps you by reducing your pressure to come up with new ideas and different strategies to make your content unique and efficient. The common techniques of curation and re-purposing are followed to make already existing content to attain new form and standout. Live blogging helps your content to spread to a mass audience. This makes it easier and widespread as the people are present virtually. So how to increase your real time blogging?

Let's check out three effective Live Blogging techniques.

1. Live Blogging Works Best For Conference And Events

When you witness an event or a conference try blog it with the best possible information and do it as fast as possible. This will help all the people who have attended the event to recap and review the keynotes and also the people who haven't attended the event but wish to know the fruits of it.

Here is a great space for you to do your magical and liberal sprinkling of information because people are hungry for the information. The only thing to keep in mind while trying to increase your site fame is by being pertinent. It is important to provide the right amount of information. Too much will exhaust them, too less will disappoint them. It is important to be pertinent because people will not invest on your work if you don't be relevant enough. So if you add information that enhances your content, you will be able to drive traffic to your blog.

Help in providing a good summary. People may not be attentive all throughout the session. Scientifically a human brain can concentrate for only about 45 minutes. It is important to provide a proper summary for the people who want a recap and for the people who weren't present during the session. The best way to ensure that your content is significant is by jotting down all the points you hear. This helps you much fold because once if there is ample amount of information it is easier to edit and retrieve key points. So when trying to report, try your best to write down all the keywords that you hear. Make it prominent in social media.

Don't let your work be out like an unsung hero. So use the hashtag technique which will make your work available to all the people who are sorting after the summary of the event. Attend events that are resourceful. This is the best way to make live-blogging efficient. More famous the event, more people will look out for your content. After knowing how to make your content important, it is important to make it efficient. To make it efficient, we should be able to project it in a noble and useful way. Quoting the speakers is a very good option.

Including their best quotes will not only relate your content but will also add value to the user. Include the best points by the speaker, explain your point of view upon the point so that it adds up more value to the already valuable point. Adding your point will definitely prove to be an X-factor to the content. Give in suggestions to the people who will be attending the sessions later in future this will not only make your content the past record but also a future necessity.

Take points that are valuable. Don't dump everything into your small content. Let it be precise and let the points be useful. Don't forget to be quick in posting. Don't wait too long until the topic is far forgotten. This will make your content irrelevant as people would have moved to something new that has inspired them.

Use the original information from the conference source to further enhance what you have already written. This duration of the conference information adds up enormously to your work. This helps your work get a lot easier.

2. Chit chat on the event - Twitter Recaps Work Best For Live Blogging

The thing about chatting online is that does not require flowery or complex language. So it is easy for both you and the reader. It makes the reader understand as it is easy to follow. It also opens up more space for the readers to post their opinions and suggestions. Thus, the real-time blogging helps in being interactive. You can ask the readers to question you by using a specific hashtag so that it easy for you to find the questions and answer. The best way to attract more audience to your writing is by replying back to the reader's suggestions and comments. Pay attention to important comments and points because it gets tacky if you're working simultaneously. Appreciate if you find more valuable comments.

Appreciation makes everyone be actively engaged in your work. Note down the best points from your user and award them by the end of the day. This strategy works, trust me. The best thing about Twitter recaps is that you need not toil to create a lot of content for you. Just a brief introduction followed by segmentation of the question answers in a Twitter chat is all that is required. Using the points from the speaker can be more efficient. Even more efficient is letting the speaker know that you're using their points. This makes them also to share thoughts about your article. Quote some best tweets from the session. Finally conclude with a link back to the original chat. It is easy. It will work.

They say, "Old Is Gold". This is an age old idea. But this is the best idea. Here there is no need to come up with a new idea. Thus, it just means discussing the already present topic. Choose topics that are trending online. By doing so, you not only increase the traffic to your site but also make sure you have voiced your opinion on a trending topic. This makes more people to check on your content because the topic is hot and happening and people would obviously want to check and know more. Plan out your content before the scheduled time.

Know who is going to write it and design it before hand. Don't sound like your discussing on the scandalising topic. Be dignified in your content. Don't make inappropriate comments and this maintains a standard that is respectable in sharing your thoughts. That's the best way to attain loyal readers. With more appropriate posts, there will be more loyal audiences following up. Make sure you stock for the audience. Since now you've got recognition from them, make sure you have content to serve them always.

That's the amount of commitment which make you stand out from others. This is the best way to make your blogging attractive. Advertisement pictures from the event to your blog to make them popular even after the completion of the event. Adding pictures makes readers who did not attend the event to get an idea about how the event actually looked like. Videos will also be an added advantage. Videos will on the relevant speeches make your blog unique. Taking pictures will also help you remember the order of the event. It will help you provide information of the event just the way it was.

Promote It all in Social Media

Try and promote your event in all social media. After all, you need an audience when you perform. So don't hesitate to take this most important step in increasing the traffic to your blog. Try and promote it in every possible social media network you know. By knowing the demand of the event you're blogging about, you can promote it in areas on which it will be sort after. This promoting will have a huge impact on the popularity of the event.

Longevity of your Event

Live blogging makes your event last even after the completion. This ensures the longevity of the event. A blogger can create slides, presentations, include posters so that it will be a lifetime record of the event. Anyone can view this blog online get a complete relevant data about the event. Thus, your event will also live for longer years! Spirit Airlines is one company that does a lot of Newjacking. They are famous in creating an uproar with their famous emails.

Bottom Line - New Audience Are Waiting For You

These three ways are highly effective in getting new audience to you. It is an inexpensive yet very effective way. Another best thing about live blogging is that it is easier to create the content from the existing resources rather than thinking something new. Yet, your content in your website is excitingly exclusive!

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