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4 New SEO Trends to Follow

  • Michael Dehoyos
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4 New SEO Trends to Follow


Each year, there are new SEO trends introduced into the online marketing space. Learning about new trends early on is beneficial to your digital marketing experience.

1. Hire Brand Ambassadors

The one word you should be tuning in on is: influencer. In the past few years, influencers have been taking the digital marketing experience to a new level. Youtuber, Tiktokers, Instagram models, and other influential figures have been reaching incredible levels of success. Your brand will benefit through the use of influencers to sway audiences online. Impressionable individuals can easily be swayed by figures online that establish a relatable and unique connection. If you haven’t yet, reach out to individuals online that have the power to influence consumers to support your brand. If you have a clothing company, reach out to fashion influencers. If your business manufactures toys, collaborate with toy channels on Youtube. Working alongside influencers is a smart decision as they are currently at the top of the digital marketing space.

2. User Experience

Online users hate when they are using sites with poor programming. User experience can make or break your reputation. Slow pages, lagging, messy layouts, poor customer service, and other issues frustrate audiences. Sometimes, these user experience problems are out of your control due to a user’s internet connection, temporary system failure, and outside forces. There are ways you can provide quality user experience so that individuals online will receive your content well. The first thing you can do is ensure that your website is secure. Hackers and other online threats can put your subscribers, clients and customers information at risk (as well as your own). Security breaches have scared customers away from using certain sites in the past. If customers can see that you have a secure website, they will feel more confident about interacting with it in the future. Along with a secure website, you can improve user experience through updated programming, AI assistance, and regular website maintenance.

“There is always new technology being released, which changes the speed of your applications. Keep your systems up to date to prevent slow functioning that leads to user dissatisfaction”

Warns Marianne Bray, social media writer at 1day2write and Write My X.

3. Content Value

Both new and old content hold just as much value. Producing new creations and adapting new topics into your marketing will attract new audience members. Though new content is vital, especially with current trends and fads, generating timeless content is just as important. For your content to continue to have success on a yearly basis, it needs to be relevant no matter how much time has passed. For example, if your content is about makeup, you should have articles/resources about the best application methods. Content like that will last and bring in new users each year to your website and your other platforms. In order to keep your audience engaged, releasing new content related to your niche is important as well. In this scenario, it would be a lovely idea to release an article about the best new makeup products. As you can see, the relationship between content longevity mixed with refreshing topics is the easiest way to maintain content value.

4. Length of Content

The demand for more enriching, entertaining, and useful content continues to rise yearly. Users desire an abundance of content that can keep them at bay for a considerable amount of time. Though lengthy content is well appreciated, as a digital marketer, you have to find a balance between short and long content. When it comes to Youtube videos, audiences prefer content between 10-30 minutes. On Tiktok, users enjoy shorter videos (usually under a minute) due to the influx of content they interact with within a face paced period of time. Depending on the type of content, and the forms you are using, desired content length will vary.

“When it comes to content length, you have to listen to the request of your audience and users online. The more you customize the length of your content to satisfy users, the easier it will be to become consciously aware of what your viewers are expecting”

Shares Jim Conway, business writer at Britstudent and Essay Help.

The primary SEO trends of 2022 are partnerships with influencers, well equipped user experience, high value content, and overall desired content length. Engaging with these trends as soon as possible will increase your chances of higher marketing performance this year.

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