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5 Benefits Of Geofencing Marketing To Consider For Your Growth

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 3 min read
5 Benefits Of Geofencing Marketing To Consider For Your Growth


5 Benefits Of Geofencing Marketing To Consider For Your Growth

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to target your audience from a highly specific area but weren’t sure how to achieve it? As technology evolves, it has become much easier to reach your target audience occupying a specific region today. Over the years, geofencing has become a popular and effective way to reach and capture your target audience without wasting a single penny.

But what is geofencing? It is the method of setting up virtual boundaries that are spread across an area or a point that tracks whenever someone with a mobile device comes in contact with the periphery of this boundary. Whenever a geofence is crossed by a mobile device, a local advertisement is notified on the device. This makes geofencing marketing effective and incredibly localized. Here are more benefits of geofencing marketing to leverage for your business growth:

1. It Helps Your Business Target Your Audience With More Precision and Less Deflections

Geofencing allows your brand to shapeshift into being a brand that is highly local and run ads that reach & connect with your target audience directly. This gives your business the impression of being accessible, ultimately boosting your brand’s image online.

When your customers know that your brand is keeping itself updated and in sync with what’s happening in the locality, the needs, the lifestyle, and trends, they feel more connected and loyal to the brand.

This reputation makes your local target audience want to shop more often from your business, eventually increasing sales and lowering dependencies (of any kind) to businesses that are not local.

2. It Becomes Easy to Create Highly Targeted and Location-Specific Content

Producing high quality that meets the search intent is paramount to ensuring you are able to capture the attention of your local audience. Casting a larger geographical coverage for your content can dilute the resonance it can have with the target audience distributed over a large geographical area.

On the other hand, geofencing marketing encourages the curation of highly specific content that is more likely to appeal to local audiences looking for a certain type of content. This further builds a brand image that becomes more locally relevant and recognized.

3. It Ensures Timely Delivery of Content to the Target Audience

Geofencing marketing makes it possible to instantly create and promote content to get the word out about your range of products or services. This is especially beneficial if you are looking to launch any limited-time offers or seasonal promotions where you want your target audience to jump on the trend and start taking action immediately and instantly.

4. Geofencing Marketing Makes it Possible to Collect More Unique Data Points

When the geofencing area has been specified, and a marketing strategy is in place, it becomes easier to track and understand user data. Especially when compared to a broader audience where identifying key data touchpoints can be difficult.

When a customer takes an action by clicking on the geofenced advertisement they have seen, it generates data that can be used to smoothen the process of planning and sending advertisements. The data touchpoints can yield vital insights about the visit’s duration, the effectiveness of messaging, spending, bounce rates, and much more. These information pieces make it possible to optimize your advertisement campaigns for continuous higher turnaround.

5. It Is an Inexpensive and Effective way to Reach and Convert Your Target Audience

Google AdWords is an everyday tool that makes it possible for marketers to create geofencing advertisements without having to deploy hefty budgets. Google allows its tool users to create and set location-based advertisement campaigns based on certain parameters. Setting them for paid ads and business listings ensures that you are able to capture your target audience without adding to costs.

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Parting Words

Geofencing advertisements can help your small business come closer to its target audience without breaking the bank. It is an incredibly effective and time-tested way to become more known within your target market.

Moreover, carefully understanding and studying the detailed touchpoints traced by the geofencing campaigns can help in publishing high-quality content pieces that strike the right chord with your potential customers, making them feel understood and needed to draw in conversions eventually.

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins


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