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5 Best Tools Every Blogger Needs to Build a Successful Blogging Business

  • Samuel Sobowale
  • 4 min read
5 Best Tools Every Blogger Needs to Build a Successful Blogging Business


Blogging in recent times is beginning to become one of the most thriving businesses in the online space, since we are in the information age, and virtually everyone has one thing or the other to search for.

If you use Google to search for information often, you would agree with me that the best article with the information you need is not always at the top of the search result, this is because the owner of those articles does not use enough blogging tools, you would even notice that some articles have been written over 3 to 4 years ago, yet they are doing well.

Bloggers often find it hard to make articles that capture viewers' attention which is often as a result of the usage of poor blogging tools, there are numerous tools successful blogs use to make their articles.

One thing that many bloggers don't know is that like every other skill, blogging is beyond just putting creative words together.

In this post, we are going to analyze five (5) top-rated blogging tools that make blog posts achieve remarkable reach, if any blogger should use them, the blog will of no doubt be leading in People's search results.

Below are some of these tools:

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator is a very amazing blogging tool, the topic of an article is of no doubt one of the factors that determine the reach of an article because the first thing a reader would see in an article is the topic, this is more reason why it should be catchy, short, concise and SEO based.

Most bloggers complain about how hard it always seems to generate topics for their articles, especially for those that make their blog posts daily, and weekly, some even share that they experience total blockout because they are not able to generate blog topics easily, they sit in their workspace for thirty minutes or even more before getting an idea that fit for the topic.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator helps to serve as the solution, it is a tool every blogger should have and utilize because it makes the work easier for the blogger. Here is what Hubspot does, it generates about five topics for you once you can input three keywords.

For example, you have an idea to write on "life, love, pet" once you input these three words, Hubspot Blog Topic Generator would put up about five topics that suit the keywords and will capture the reader's attention. What an amazing tool!


Ranktracker is the fastest growing most widely used blogging tool that successful bloggers use in making their blog posts effective, Ranktracker will help you to the detect list of keywords that make your articles rank top among others in the same niche.

Ranktracker is the best fit for a blogger that desires a change in his blog, statistics show that many people are depending on Ranktracker for their blog posts.


The Grammarly app serves as an editor for bloggers, it pops up suggestions once you upload your write-up it helps bloggers to remove passive voice, fix verb agreement, provide synonyms and restructure sentences to pass their message to the readers.

Grammarly is soon becoming a blogger's friend all over the world, the app offers a free version and a paid which is called Grammarly Premium. Grammarly premium provides users with more qualities and features compared to the free version.

Best Tools Every Blogger Needs

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a blogging tool that helps to create keywords that will reach the target audience and their search preferences because there is a way people usually search for articles. When you use google keyword planner, it will provide you with optimized words that will make your articles visible and rank at the top of every search that relates to them.


In the list of blogging tools, MailChimp is essential. MailChimp is an email marketing app that allows users to send emails across a wide network as often as possible, email is one of the most effective means to gain people's attention.

It is easy for a blogger to get a database of the audience, and many blog notifications to viewers to request permission to send them updates whenever they publish on the blog.

Benefits of Blogging Tools

Benefits of Blogging Tools


A blogger can not run a good blog without blogging tools. Blogging tools makes your article unique because it entails most things other blogs do not have, including its rate of ranking, with top tools like Ranktracker, Grammarly, MailChimp e.t.c.

Profit Making

Obviously, not all bloggers are making money from their blogs, yet several others are making millions of dollars from the same blog, all it takes is knowing the things that these few others who are making money are doing differently, and here we have shared some of these things, which are blogging tools.

Proficient and Standout

The dream of every intentional blogger is to have a blog that hit differently, the use of blogging tools will give you just that, top-rated blogs are products of works and strategic positioning.

Makes blogging easy

There is a lady that shared her story of running her blog for over one year with little or no engagements on her blog posts at all, but the moment she learned blogging tools you need to see how it became easy for her to scale that stage and her blog is striving well now.

Makes blogging fun

The thought of making a blog post without having to send Broadcast to all your Whatsapp list alone is enough fun you need as a blogger, plus the fact that your blog posts would now rank well.


You don't have to break the bank because you want to feature your blog posts on google ads, just utilizing a few tools would make the work easier, more fun, and profitable for you. These tools are easy and worth using, just try them out, then you will return here with your testimonies!

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