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5 Ways to Make Your Website More Visible On Google

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 3 min read
5 Ways to Make Your Website More Visible On Google


Having a website is an absolute must for your business especially in the modern world where everything is going digital. However, unless your website is noticed by Google, indexed, and ranked, it can be tricky to start bringing in visitors to your site and growing your business.

To ensure that it can actually appear on Google, your first step should be to toggle the allow indexing settings for your site which can look different depending on the website or content management system you are using; most of them will make it very clear if your website is not set to index.

1. Build More Website Pages

Increasing the blogs on your website is hands down the best way to increase organic flow to your business’s site and get your site noticed and ranked by Google. However, don't make the mistake of starting blogs just for the extra pages; you need to ensure your blogs are informative, resourceful, and offer value to web surfers.

As you write more blog posts and add them to your website you enhance your opportunity to get noticed by Google for a more diverse set of keywords and also increase your chances of getting ranked higher for having useful content.

Having backlinks from other websites to your own is essential for any successful site because Google views them as votes endorsing your content. Via outreach, you can employ the help of digital PR strategies and link-building expertise companies like AgilePR to create high-quality keyword-rich backlinked blog posts that are extremely relevant to your business.

The more you link out to higher-quality websites talking about similar topics in your blogs like a link to Forbes or The New York Times, the more your website appears credible to Google which brings a substantial impact on your site’s ranking.

3. Ensure Your Site Meets Google’s Core Web Vital Requirements

It's particularly important to understand that Google can penalize your website if you have intrusive pop-ups and a slow-loading website that is not optimized for a fast user-friendly mobile experience. In fact, a slow website can affect your business because most web users will immediately switch to another site if they are unsatisfied with how your website performs.

You need to adhere to Google’s Core Web Vital metrics and employ the use of Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool to help you find ways to improve the loading times of your website thus enabling Google to rank you higher on search results because of an effective, helpful and fast website.

4. Add Your Website to Online Directories

Registering your business and adding your website to online directories like Google My Business can help your business become more visible and aid you in appearing in relevant search results that match your business’s location.

Directories like Google My Business are also great at improving your local SEO allowing you to appear more easily on searches from people in your area and attract local customers. For example, if you have a Car Wash registered on GMB and someone in your local area searches for a Car Wash nearby, you are more than likely to rank a lot higher than you expected on the search results page.

5. Make It Easy for Google to Crawl Your Pages

Google is constantly crawling the web adding new pages to its index so that it can retrieve them for searches. You can help Google understand your website faster and add it to its profile of existing pages by:

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You need to seize as many small opportunities to get your website noticed as you can including it in your email signature, on promotional flyers, on invoices, and receipts. As you get more eyes on your URL you will notice more visitors to your website.

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins


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