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6 Online Tools Every Successful Marketer Should Consider

  • Surya Ranjan Pandita
  • 6 min read
6 Online Tools Every Successful Marketer Should Consider


Businesses in the modern digital era use various marketing strategies to increase awareness, build a customer base, sell their products and services, and enhance the brand image. As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and consumers' tastes shift, modern software solutions help to promote your business online with built-in features facilitating a scalable strategy, irrespective of the size of your business. Most successful companies use several digital marketing strategies and tools instead of just one to grow their businesses.

Every business aims to maximize profits—marketing is supposed to boost profitability by upsurging sales and revenue for a relatively modest investment—marketing tools save your time and resources while generating significant returns.

The right online tools will be highly efficient and successful when used correctly. However, narrowing down your alternatives to the best possible tools for your specific business requirements is challenging and time-consuming—the market is saturated with hundreds of potential solutions.

Let us guide you through the top online tools for each task you must consider including in your digital toolbox to become a great marketer.

1. PDF merge tools

PDF merge tools (Image source)

A PDF merge tool is helpful in efficiently managing the vast volume of content your business consumes daily in a digital world.

Your business often uses PDFs to show statistical reports, specification documents, archives, research papers, and many more. PDFs, Word documents, excel spreadsheets, and JPGs will all be combined without problems with the below-mentioned PDF merge tool.


An endless number of files can be integrated using PDF merge. This tool also offers features for converting between document formats, signing PDFs, and protecting files. An online PDF to Word converter that is quick and dependable, with a friendly user experience for seasoned pros and newcomers, is a need for today's marketers. The PDF format provides you with adaptable, encrypted, and shareable documents that will be used to assist your digital document processes.

Smallpdf enables you to rearrange your files by dragging and dropping. When you're done combining documents, you will be able to remove specific pages and then download or save the resulting document.

2. Planning tools

Planning tools (Image source)

Planning is the first step in anything that has to do with marketing—solid planning for each assignment serves as the stable foundation on which everything else is constructed.

As a marketer, you are responsible for guaranteeing that the planning stage is carried out correctly. There are a few choices in this list—the tool that promises to make the workflow smooth, user friendly and simple is Trello.


This planning tool is a digital organization board that helps you divide large projects into manageable chunks and delegate specific tasks to your team members. Despite its seeming simplicity at first glance, the more time spent with the tool, the greater the appreciation for its depth and adaptability.

The other planning tool options include Jira and Asana, but they are not marketing tools—these tools make marketers flexible and productive.

While Jira is more involved and detailed than Trello, it is more challenging to learn at first. Asana is comprehensive project management, user-friendly platform with a primary emphasis on advancing projects and fostering collaboration among teams.

3. Social media management tools

Social media management tools (Image source)

The marketing industry benefits greatly from the advent of social media, which has increasingly become a top priority for businesses. Social media is a great place to learn more about what your consumers want, and the correct technology for the task will help you nurture leads and create strategic partnerships. Additionally—social media is perfect for acquiring vital data about what it is that your consumers desire.

Manage your company's social media accounts and easily monitor its performance using the available social media marketing tools. With the right social tools, marketers will be able to efficiently and effectively run their campaigns.

Marketers must employ social media marketing tools to back up their marketing content strategy—social media has provided several channels for businesses to sell their products or services. You will be able to develop remarketing campaigns and even coordinate the message your business sends out across all social media platforms.

If you're having trouble choosing which tool to use, here are some great options to think about:

  • Hootsuite — Hootsuite is a dashboard for managing content across several social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Social media marketers use it to create graphical reports, monitor mentions of their keywords and brands, and schedule posts all from one convenient location.
  • NapoleonCat — From scheduled posts and comment moderation to social media analytics, NapoleonCat has it all for social media management. You will be able to plan posts for numerous accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Buffer — With Buffer, it's easy to plan, collaborate, and create content—you will be able to schedule posts in advance across all of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, using this helpful tool.

4. Email marketing tools

Email marketing tools (Image source)

Email marketing is the most reliable and scalable channel for businesses, and email solutions are a cornerstone of internet marketing software for companies of all sizes.

Email marketing is the strategy that brings the most advantages to organizations, making it one of the most popular options. There are various advantages to employing email marketing in a company setting, including the following:

  • Directing content that is targeted and customized to your customers
  • Increasing the visibility of your company or product in the market
  • Enhancing efficiency in terms of time and money spent on marketing initiatives
  • Increasing your credibility in the eyes of your audience

The most effective email marketing tools to increase participation are:

  • MailChimp — Mailchimp is a widely used integrated marketing platform due to its effectiveness in designing efficient email marketing campaigns. Emails like welcome messages, purchase confirmations, and shopping cart reminders will be quickly drafted and scheduled. With its pre-made email templates and drag-and-drop editor, you will be able to whip up attention-grabbing messages in no time.
  • Flodesk — Flodesk's workflow features will easily automate the distribution of your lead magnets and expand your subscriber base. Flodesk is an email marketing tool that facilitates the creation of emails for use by individual enterprises and sole proprietors. Use the email builder's drag-and-drop interface to personalize the pre-made email and form templates easily.

5. Search engine optimization tools

Search engine optimization tools (Image source)

Using SEO tools eliminates time-consuming tasks such as keyword research and data analysis. Additionally, you must use these tools to determine which aspects of your SEO strategy are successful and which aspects of your SEO strategy need to be improved.

The best search engine optimization (SEO) tools will also provide competitive analysis and insights into the most significant room for growth. SEO tools also help evaluate international and cross-language searches—including domestic ones. Though search engine optimization is intimidating for new businesses, many online marketing tools help you find new search prospects and improve your current SEO efforts.

Some of the SEO tools are:

  • Clearscope — Clearscope is especially helpful for content writing, taking advantage of keyword opportunities, and optimizing your existing content. The platform offers a detailed editor that will make recommendations regarding keywords, headers, and readability to assist you in writing or rewriting high-ranking blog posts that are well-balanced.
  • Ranktracker — Use Ranktracker to research keywords, study your competitors' SEO tactics, and craft meta descriptions and titles for your website and blog posts so that they rank higher in search engine results. Backlink analysis, competitive research, organic traffic insights, content audit, and more are just some of the many SEO and SEM demands this all-encompassing tool is able to address.

6. Content tools

Content tools (Image source)

The importance of content is so significant that its proper management must be a top priority for every business. Inbound marketing has revolutionized how businesses interact with their target audience and make money since its start.

Content marketers and writers benefit from content research tools by learning what information their target audience is looking for online and then sharing that material with them. Written work will benefit significantly from the input of subject matter experts, and content-sourcing systems facilitate this interaction.

Here is a list of tools that will assist your content development and curation efforts on behalf of your content marketing team.

  • Landscape — Landscape is a social media resizing tool that will assist you in ensuring that all of the posts you upload, whether on a blog or social media, are the ideal size to impress your visitors. This is a vital challenge for marketers, as they typically lack the practical design experience necessary to complete this task.
  • Feedly — Feedly helps you easily keep track of new information from your favorite blogs, newspapers, and online publications in one centralized location. If your job is to track out the sources you need to create excellent content, then using this tool will make your tasks easy to manage.

Wrapping up

Marketers must increase their brand's visibility and revenue by using cutting-edge tools throughout the marketing process, from email marketing to content development, from boosting website traffic with SEO to social media management, and much more. Various tools are available to help you execute your marketing strategy. Putting them to the test is the best way to determine which ones are most useful.

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