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7 SEO Hacks No One Talks About

  • Ali Hasnain
  • 6 min read
7 SEO Hacks No One Talks About


Are you worried about your page ranking on Google? Are you tired of putting effort and energy into your SEO techniques? But, still not getting good results?

SEO is like the treasure hunt for your brand. Once you unlock it with the right technique you will surely get higher traffic and generate revenue. You only need to figure out a bunch of SEO hacks to reach the top search engine results.

Probably you are using outdated SEO techniques that will not work in 2022. You should learn the advanced SEO hacks to boost your site ranking and get higher visibility on the Google search engine.

Google is always upgrading its policies from time to time, so considering its rules is beneficial to improving SEO strategies. There are 63,000 searches carried out on Google every second, which means almost 5.6 billion searches each day. In the past month alone, it was visited 89.3 billion times with total visits of 90.8 billion.

SEO Hacks - traffic and engagement

So, as a marketer, if you aren’t able to rank yourself on Google SERPs, you have to follow Google’s onsite optimization policies and stay up to date.

However, SEO is always an essential part of every marketing strategy and is continuously changing. That is why it is hard to keep up with modern practices, specifically if you are involved in several other marketing channels.

If a business doesn’t rank for its keyword and never achieves a higher position, it surely misses a lot of targeted customers. However, to make your SEO good and effective, you have to learn some basic hacks to make your SEO easy, durable, and less time-consuming.

Now, let’s find out the top 7 SEO hanks that people don’t know, and no one talks about them. Once you leverage these, you will have a chance to get top ranking on different search engine results.

SEO Hack #1 – Create SEO or Cornerstone Content

No doubt, content is the basic tool to mark your position among the top search results. Creating robust, qualitative, and optimized content is one of the basic things to get ultimate exposure and drastically improve your visibility. Bear in mind, that valuable content is the key to getting a higher position among clutters.

But you have to create SEO content to engage and delight your audience. It refers to crafting content that aids your web pages to get a higher ranking among search engines. You should consider three main aspects while making SEO content is; targeted keyword, copywriting, and structure.

However, you can create cornerstone content that is considered as the core of your site. It consists of important articles, relatively long blog posts, and How-to guides that cover everything related to a certain topic.

For your SEO content, it is essential to consider informative content rather than promotional one, and cornerstone content is the perfect example of it. These blogs reflect your business and even communicate your brand mission.

  • It speaks about your audience's needs
  • It became important for your audience over time
  • It provides in-depth sources on the topics they covered
  • It is regularly upgraded to provide the latest information about your customers

SEO Hack #2 – Must Use Best Keyword Research Tool

The second thing to take into consideration is keyword research. You have to look for the search terms or keywords related to your industry. These terms show insight into what your targeted audience is looking for. You probably know some of the keywords more than your brand names, and you already rank on those search terms.

But it’s better, if you check out the most relevant and long-tail keywords on keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest, KWFinder, and Keyword Tool. You can even check on the Google Keyword Planner for better results. However, there are several other ways that help in finding the most popular long-tail keyword from the search engines.

First, you can type your primary keyword like mobile app developers into the search bar, and you will notice the number of search terms that appear on the screens. Second, you can look for keywords among the related searches, which you can find at the rear end of the SERPs. It shows what people are searching for. These two are considered as the most common way to find organic keywords.

Have you noticed that people put lots of text related to their business, brand products, and companies into the footers in order to increase SEO traffic? Yes, it is normal practice these days. But unfortunately, it will not work anymore.

The matter of fact is; as per Google's algorithm, this can hurt your ranking. It doesn’t seem like you do not boost your SEO with footer, but you have to be more strategic and tactical about your website footer links.

You only need to make your anchor text descriptive or try to line up it with the primary search term that will bring more traffic to your website. Suppose you are creating content for any mobile app development company; you can list down some basic terms that help to improve your domain authority.

Do not think of linking product pages only, you can also link to top-value added pages like cornerstone content and resources.

SEO Hack #4 – Using Viral Words in Your Title

Do you ever think what is the first thing that your audience notices? Your Title tags. It is the first thing in your blog post or articles that gives a first impression and gets people to your webpage. So, try to make catchy and captivating headlines rather than something boring.

The headline and title tag are one of the major things that can lure the attention of your target audience. There are certain words that nurture the lead's attention, and in return, you will gain more traffic and your website rank among high search results.

Everybody noticed whenever they search for a topic on Google, they will see every headline has some influencing words such as; comprehensive and detailed guides, top, best, topmost, news, etc. So, using such words in your titles and even in meta descriptions will surely help to increase through Search engine result page SERPs.

SEO Hack #5 – Set Up Dwell Time on Your Website

Currently, dwell time is one of the biggest SEO factors. Even experts reveal “Dwell time is a Google ranking factor. With a longer dwell time, it creates a positive impact on search ranking.” 

So, keep in mind that it is not enough that your targeted audience just click on a link and get to your website. Most importantly, they need to stick around by reading blog posts and articles. You need to add elements and tools that engage people to read articles and boost SEO ranking.

SEO Hack #6 – Eliminate Zombie Pages

Remove Zombie pages from your website. Are you tempted by what zombie pages are? They are simply the page on any website that produces little to no traffic and is even hard to gain access to with search engine results.

In simple words, zombie pages are those that are neither line nor dead which means they don’t have any purpose for your website. They do not even contain any relevant, informative, and engaging content for both Google and for your viewers.

So, eliminate the pages that are outdated and old, they may be of different categories like a blog post, press release, duplicate or similar content, etc.

SEO Hack #7 – Create FAQ Page Strategy

FAQ scheme is simply the structured data and code that you can add to your website to show Google that your webpage has the section of Frequently Asked Questions. This section also fosters the chances to rank and be featured in the snippet feature of Google.

Many brands are now leveraging the FAQ section on their web pages to give relevant answers related to the most common and popular questions of their customers. They not only educate the customers but also overcome their objections.

FAQ technique offers a significant way to achieve a higher ranking on search results. It is one of the advanced techniques that businesses use today in order to improve search engine results. Using this technique is growing incredibly. And, a number of brands have taken advantage of this scheme.

Other Tips to Consider For SEO

Some other hacks that immensely lift up your local SEO, mentioned below!

  • Updated NAP on the home page
  • Show optimized GMB listing
  • Optimize your webpage for near me
  • Use WordPress plugin
  • Boost your STR organically
  • Build backlinks
  • Use free SEO tools

The Final Thoughts

Lastly, SEO is all about quality content. Valuable content is the only thing on which every Google algorithm is focusing. Don’t publish repetitive and boring content. Try to be creative and innovative, talk about your customer's problems, consider Google policies, and use advanced and modern SEO hacks to earn a better position among search engine result pages (SERPs).

Ali Hasnain

Ali Hasnain

is a trend researcher by passion, senior digital marketing expert, and SEO Consultant. He contributes to trustworthy publications like Due, Hackernoon, eLearning industry, and many more. He leverages his experience to help SaaS products, influencers, local businesses, and eCommerce brands grow their traffic, leads, sales, and authority.

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