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7 Ways Proxies Help in Google Ranking Factors in 2022

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 6 min read
7 Ways Proxies Help in Google Ranking Factors in 2022


Life is like Google. You need to know what you are searching for.

Google received 70% of all global search traffic. This makes it the most popular search engine. Thus, it's more than essential to practice every bit of ranking strategies for the most used search engine.

Optimizing your website to rank high on different search engines such as Google is called search engine optimization or SEO. Through different SEO practices, Google determines which content is credible enough to rank first.

No matter what industry you're in, you are competing with thousands, if not millions, of users who are also trying to get their website on Google’s first page. That is why people exhaust all techniques and tools to rank as high as possible.

One of the most helpful tools in SEO practices are proxies. Proxies are more commonly known for their security features but they are also being utilized to carry out different activities for SEO. Datacenter, anonymous, and residential proxies from Blazing SEO play different roles in search engine optimization techniques. They are ideal especially when the SEO practice requires you to access multiple contents from different locations.

This article explains the top 7 ways proxies can help with Google ranking factors in 2022. But, before we hop on directly to the ways, it's essential to understand what we mean by Google ranking factors and what are and how proxies work.

So, let's move ahead without any further ado!

What Are Google Ranking Factors

Google factors in several metrics in its ranking algorithm. Some of these metrics are proven, while others factors are still under debate.

The categories of metrics are classified as domain factors, page-level factors, site-level factors, backlink factors, and user interaction factors. Other categories include brand signals, on-site websites, off-site web spam factors, and special Google algorithm rules.

Most of these factors are found through experimentation and empirical practice. While Google ranking factors and algorithms may upgrade frequently, Google always focuses on the website’s quality, performance, and trustworthiness.

Listed below are the top 10 Google ranking factors for SEO.

  1. Site and Page Speed
  2. Core Web Vitals
  3. Internal Links
  4. Mobile-Friendliness
  5. Meta Description
  6. Relevancy
  7. Title and Header Tags
  8. Backlinks
  9. Image Alt Text
  10. URL Structure

Simply remember, there's no silver bullet when it comes to natural SEO. Optimizing and ranking high on Google is not possible in just a day.

Being consistent in applying the right SEO strategies will get you results. The best strategies include creating compelling content, keyword optimization, providing excellent user experience, and SEO monitoring.

A proxy offers an incredible way to help you assist with SEO monitoring.

Let's learn the role of a proxy in the sections given below!

What Is a Proxy?

What is proxy? (Source: Freepik, created by storyset)

Simply, a proxy server acts as a bridge between you and the rest of the internet. With a proxy server, you are not communicating directly with the websites. Instead, your proxies are! Firstly, your browser connects through the proxy, where the proxy forwards traffic to the website you're visiting.

How Does a Proxy Work?

Initially, proxies are set up as intermediary IP addresses. An IP address is a unique combination of numbers and letters to identify all the devices synced with the internet. This address can also be used to trace the user's location.

Proxies work by giving you access to a pool of intermediary IP addresses. The most celebrated benefits of proxies are location switching, improved security, and anonymity.

Since residential proxies, one of the many types of proxies, are tied to different locations, access to multiple IP addresses helps you switch places and avoid any restrictions caused by geo-blocking.

Proxies place an extra layer of protection between bad actors and devices looking to hack your private information for improved security. Most importantly, the proxies work to rank you for SEO by preserving the anonymity of your website and helping you enable location-based promotional and faster web scraping, etc.

The use of proxies can also be found in other areas than ranking. For example, gamers use proxies to avoid bans, reduce lags, and improve the overall gaming experience. Shoe lovers also consider the use of proxies to snag some new footwear.

Types of Proxies

As proxies interfere with connections in different ways, they affect only certain parts of the connection. Various kinds of software and hardware configure these proxies, each forming a unique type of proxy as mentioned below.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are the most used because they are IP addresses of real and physical devices. They also allow clients to avoid cloaking or geographical restrictions.

Public Proxies

A public proxy is freely accessible by anyone. Since it is freely available, a public proxy is ideal for users for whom cost is a significant concern and speed and security are not.

Distorting Proxy

A distorting proxy enables access to a particular website by hiding the original IP address but the IP address of the proxy too. It does it by changing its IP address to an incorrect one.

Anonymous Proxies

As the name says, anonymous proxies focus on making your internet activity entirely untraceable. Thus, it's ideal for users looking for entire anonymity while surfing the web.

Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies assign different IP addresses each time the user connects to a website. So, you can visit the same website again and again with an anonymous IP address each time. This process is relatively fast and ideal for continuous and high-volume web scraping users.

Datacenter Proxies

The server of data center proxies exists in a physical data center than the affiliated ISP (Internet Service Provider). Since this type of proxy doesn't offer high anonymity, it allows users the power to inexpensively and quickly harvest data.

Top 7 Ways Proxies Help in Google Ranking Factors in 2022

Google Ranking Factors (Source: Freepik, created by vectorjuice)

Now that you've gone all the way through understanding the role of Google ranking factors and the type of proxies, it's good to look at the different ways proxies can help you with Google ranking factors in 2022.

Proxies are beneficial right from maintaining effective SEO campaigns to providing you the required anonymity for performing certain white hat activities.

Multiple Geo Locations

You have to have location-centric IP addresses to view accurate results and check for how well your site performs in different locations. While giving you access to random IPs, geo-targeted proxies help you research competitors and target keywords in countries other than your location. This way, you can cover a wider scope of market research.

The residential proxies are best known to offer the fastest web scraping. No matter for what purpose you have to scrape the web, access to millions of residential IPs can help you do it swiftly. It’s because proxies have faster load times and better security cover to protect you from IP blocking.

One of the best SEO practices is finding and fixing broken links because they can harm your website's SEO and business' reputation.

However, the task of finding broken links is not possible manually. Instead, you have to look for multi-tasking tools like proxies that help scrape the web and promptly find the broken links.


CAPTCHAs add to the time spent doing SEO activities such as web scraping. Proxies, especially residential proxies, help you avoid these by rotating your IP address every time you visit a particular site.

The CAPTCHAs can't pin visits to a single address, thus, the use of residential proxies won't bother CAPTCHAs.

Social Media Management

The gist of SEO is to attract your visitors to your website in different ways. And one of the credible ways is social media marketing. So for most brands, managing several social media accounts is a no-brainer.

But as they operate the account, there's also a risk attached that their account may get marked as spam. Again, it’s because they have to send bulk messages to different clients, most likely simultaneously.

And, website algorithms of social media platforms work so that such accounts may get blocked or shadowbanned immediately.

To avoid this, the appropriate use of rotating proxies is essential. They will enable anonymity without overlooking the significance of social media presence.

Scraping Keyword Information

Keywords are the primary driving force for SEO and help you rank better on Google search results. Therefore, you need to scale up this activity and look for more keywords and even before than your competitors.

Thus, a proxy is your only shot at web scraping and helps you promptly look for the best keywords according to the target audience. A proxy can help you determine the best keyword and ultimately help boost your rankings.

You can also scrape organic searches and look for your competitors frequently used.

There are numerous ways to generate backlinks with proxies. Despite scraping for broken links, proxies offer ideal ways to harvest databases.

Proxies help access data at scale by solving the most significant problems for data mining and screen scraping. The harvested database can target a list of influencers, for instance.

You can also stalk over competitors' outreach this way. Then, you have the potential to find paid guest post opportunities.

Finding Hosts of Competing Content

With the use of a proxy, you can track your competitors information without getting exposed. Looking into competitors' strategies is always effective no matter what businesses we hold.

Not only the keywords, but you can also track competitors backlinks and gather plenty of audiences needed to rank high in the Google search engine.

Bonus: Right from planning and analysis to track your SEO performance, a Ranktracker can help you a long way. Besides monitoring your keyword performance, Ranktracker also enables you to find the best keywords, get in-depth search engine results, and in-depth web audit checks.

Final Words

SEO monitoring and web scraping require being anonymous. And it’s a no-brainer that you use residential proxies so you can scrape Google search results and target websites for your required data without the fear of getting banned.

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