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9 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Your Business in 2022

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 4 min read
9 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Your Business in 2022


Marketing in recent years has changed significantly, thanks to the increasing number of tech tools that offer new marketing techniques such as automation. Today, every business has a technical marketing stack to get the word out there, attract leads and convert them into paying customers.

As a marketer, you need to know the tech tools you need in your technology stack. These can range from social media tools, email marketing tools, SEO marketing tools, etc. This article will discuss some of the tools you must include in your marketing technology stack.

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Importance of Online Tools and Resources

Businesses use marketing tools for various reasons. However, top on the list of reasons why marketing tools matter is the benefits they can bring to a business. For instance, companies can optimize marketing efforts through automating different processes.

SEO marketing is one of the marketing aspects that rely on software. Researching keywords manually can be a daunting task. However, it is easy to do when using an online tool. It will help you research high-ranking keywords that will help boost your marketing campaign.

Hypelife startup marketing agency has compiled a list of tools that can help you market your business. You can use the tools shared to elevate different aspects of your marketing strategy to get the desired results. That will make it easy to take your business to the next level.

Marketing Tools That You Should Have in Your Business

1. Ranktracker

Ranktracker tool

This is one of the best SEO marketing tools you can have for your business. It can help you find the right keywords for your content strategy to help you climb search engine rankings. Also, you can use it to track the performance of those keywords and your site's performance on SERPs.

That will make it easy to set up your website and help you gain an advantage over your competitors. Ranking high on different search engines can translate into a higher number of organic clicks and ultimately a higher number of conversions.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Through different social media strategies, lead generation can even be more effective. But then, you need the right set of tools to ensure this happens. Sprout Social is one of the top tools you can use for social media marketing. It will help you manage your social platforms and organize your content.

For instance, you can use its scheduling capabilities to manage content. It will be easy to ensure a high success rate on social platforms.

3. SendGrid


Email marketing is a tried and tested technique that businesses have used for decades. It is possible to build email lists and boost deliverability with an online tool. SendGrid is one of the tools that can increase the success of your email marketing campaigns.

SendGrid is user-friendly and you can get started with using it at any time. It also can provide you with a wide range of helpful insights like performance analytics.

4. Unbounce


Marketing campaigns aim to generate leads and increase conversions. You can make a big difference in your conversions by adopting Unbounce. It is a fantastic tool that will make it easy for you to maximize all the revenue-making opportunities available online.

You can use it to analyze your website and know how to improve it. For instance, you can quickly understand your top-performing landing pages using it.

5. Clearbit


It's essential to understand the people who visit your website. Without enough customer data, it will be tricky to do a lot of tasks, including personalizing marketing messages. That's where tools like Clearbit can be helpful. Clearbit will make gathering details from your leads seamless.

After investing in it, you will no longer need to dig for details from your leads. Clearbit will gather all the details you need and update them regularly to keep them useful for marketing.

6. OptiMonk


Website traffic is important but the sales come from the conversion rate. OptiMonk is one of the tools that can help you reduce the number of leads that go to waste. It has personalized pop-ups that can help keep your audience browsing your website, increasing their conversion chances.

This tool will also ensure that your pop-ups are not disruptive. It learns a potential customer's behavior and finds a way to deliver a message without irritating them.

7. Creatopy


Visuals are essential for any business that wants to market itself effectively. This includes images, infographics, graphs, graphics, etc. However, many people find them challenging to create and expensive because you may require a designer's help if you aren't experienced with them.

Creatopy is one of the best tools to use for this task. It can help you create and edit your graphics then use them in your digital marketing campaign.

8. WordPress


You can also consider blogging as a way of increasing your business's reach and building credibility. If you are new to it, you should consider WordPress as a tool for managing your content. WordPress can help you design and start a blog hassle-free and free of charge.

This will make it possible to attract potential clients through the website you create. It will also add professionalism to your business.

9. Wistia


Video marketing is quickly emerging as the best way to reach audiences online. You can rely on Wistia, one of the best video marketing tools available online today. It will make it easy for you to engage your audience with video content and increase conversions.

You also will get analytics for every video you create. This will help you track your efforts and improve your marketing campaigns in the long run.


This article has discussed some of the best marketing tools you can buy for your business. It will be an excellent idea to start by identifying the tools that you need most. For instance, you can consider getting the marketing results you need, especially in turning leads into paying clients.

You can also work with a startup marketing company to get started. Working with an agency will help you create the best startup marketing campaigns for your business. This will, in the end, make it easy for you to take your business to the next level and get the desired returns.

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins

is the Co-founder of Ranktracker, With over 10 years SEO Experience. He's in charge of all content on the SEO Guide & Blog, you will also find him managing the support chat on the Ranktracker App.

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