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Best Meeting Games To Engage Your Remote Audience & Team Building

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Best Meeting Games To Engage Your Remote Audience & Team Building


According to research done by workplace expert Jennifer Moss in the fall of 2020, 85% of people have reported a reduction in well-being since the epidemic began. Even though it isn't a miracle cure, laughter has been shown to lessen anxiety and melancholy and is currently in short supply.

  • By having a little fun at your team meetings, you may easily add excitement to your workplace and keep them engaged with what the meeting is about.
  • Use the rule of 1/6: 10 minutes, or 1/6 of an hour, should be spent developing relationships. You can use this time to double-check on people's well-being on some days, and you can use it to laugh, have fun, and play with one another on other days.
  • Whether you are a manager, a brand-new hire, or a seasoned worker doesn't matter. With the help of these enjoyable online games, which take little to no preparation and can be finished in under ten minutes, everyone can contribute to adding some smiles and laughter to team meetings.

What Are Online Team Meeting Games?

Online team building exercises are virtual activities that promote cooperation, goal-setting, and communication in a group. They exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and multiplayer configurations are especially helpful when organizing remote team building exercises. Many of these rely on communication and collaboration, which is an excellent opportunity for one and all to get to know one another better while working together to accomplish a common objective.

The team can readily interact as a whole because everyone is in the same virtual area simultaneously. Various activities are available to facilitate interaction, including icebreaker games, interactive tasks with minor team requirements, and inventive get-to-know-you games.

This is really important because working remotely can be frustrating sometimes, and a joyful group meeting can feel like fresh air.

11 Best Team Building Games To Try In Your Next Virtual Meeting

Ice Breaker

Your online team building activities can always start out with a set of get-to-know-you inquiries. Use this collection of 100 thought-provoking online icebreakers as inspiration and pick from amusing, perceptive, or brief and snappy questions. Remember that an icebreaker can also be an enjoyable online group game. Trivia, virtual Bingo, and Simon Say all function perfectly. You can find some amazing icebreakers for remote meetings here.

Two Truths & A Lie

Team members take turns stating three interesting things about themselves, one of which is untrue, in a traditional party game that has been virtualized using video conferencing. The other team members try their best to distinguish between fact and fantasy. This is an excellent activity for defusing conflict and getting to know your teammates better socially.

Lip-Sync Battle

Observing your coworker recite the lyrics to Madonna's "Like a Prayer" is one of the few things that are certain to make you laugh out loud. Plan a virtual lip-sync contest for your upcoming team gathering to inject some humor.

  • Inform attendees in advance that you will be organizing a lip-sync competition at the following meeting.
  • Anyone who wants to participate should attend the following meeting prepared with their song, stage set, and other necessary items.
  • Set a time limit of 20 to 30 seconds for each participant.
  • When the competitor is performing, shine a spotlight on them. Simply tap a participant's name on Zoom, followed by "pin" or "spotlight video," to highlight them.
  • Ask the crowd to rate each performer on their accuracy, dramatics, and general enjoyment.

You could even have a contest for the entire organization. Invite departments to establish lip-sync teams so they can compete in a virtual band competition.

Remote Work Bingo

Make a bingo card using a template, then arrange a brief game for you and your team as a "brain break." You can modify it to be unique to your business and team, like the one below:

Remote Work Bingo (Image Source: Hubspot)

Make the process collaborative by asking your teammates to give suggestions for Bingo areas. You could even provide the winner with a reward, like an internet gift card. Another benefit is that Bingo is simple enough to incorporate into regular meetings.

Select one individual to be the moderator so Bingo can be played remotely. They would wait for the participants to go at their cards for a little period of time after calling out a random phrase. If the player had that sentence on their card, they would mark that area with a tool, like paint.

A player would say "Bingo!" in the video chat once they had marked enough spots consecutively, and then they would wait for the moderator to review their responses. That coworker wins if the row is vertical, horizontal, or diagonal and matches the empty spots.

Video Charades

An online random picture generator, like RandomWordGenerator.com, can be used to generate a list of subjects for this team building activity. Then go through the team one at a time via video chat, having each person play out a different thing for the other team members to identify.

Try creating lists with a theme, such as words used in the office or well-known companies based on their logos, or stick to more conventional topics like movies or pop culture icons.

Zoom Tac Toe

Play a game of Zoom Tac Toe to start a Zoom meeting if there are nine or more participants.

Ask attendees on Zoom or your preferred meeting platform to enter "Gallery mode." Ask everyone to turn off their cameras, with the exception of nine persons. The remaining nine individuals should be arranged in three rows of three as a consequence. In essence, it ought to resemble a human Tic Tac Toe board.

Select two participants who will play the game off-camera. These two will alternately ask a subject for the camera to make an X or an O with outstretched arms. The winner is the first person to get a line of three.

Zoom Tac Toe (Image Source: Twitter)

War of The Wizards

One of the world's most interesting and fun virtual team building exercises is War of the Wizards. The game is a live, assisted activity that lasts 90 minutes and incorporates RPG game and escape room mechanics, as well as puzzle-solving, storytelling, and world-building elements.

In essence, a gang of wizards has been engaged in conflict for ages, although no one is entirely sure why. You and your friends take on the role of the wizards' henchmen, telling tales, resolving puzzles, and accomplishing tasks in order to collect "sparkle points," cast spells, and do whatever it takes to put an end to the battle amicably. This game is clever, entertaining, radically unique, and ideal for teams working from home.

The best thing is that War of the Wizards doesn't require you to be an excellent RPG player to enjoy it.

War of The Wizards (Image Source: WaroftheWizards.net)

SpreadSheet Pixel Art Activity

Google Sheets is definitely a product you are already familiar with, but perhaps not as a tool for developing remote teams.

If you're a nerd like me, you probably enjoy creating complex spreadsheet equations and graphs. Spreadsheet Pixel Art is perfect for you if you're a nerd and an artist.

You create spreadsheet pixel art when you add a small piece of code to periodically replace numbers with a color fill for that cell. Then, you can "paint the numbers" and make drawings of just about anything with these colors.

Pro tip: Introduce this activity as a competition to foster virtual team building and healthy competition.

Here is a free template for you: SpreadSheet Pixel Art

SpreadSheet Pixel Art Activity

Photo of Your Life Challenge

Each team member is entrusted with summarizing their lives in an image taken on their phones for this entertaining virtual game. It may be a place, a famous structure, a collectible, a pastime, or a cherished animal.

The photograph is then shown to the rest of the team, along with a description of its relevance and background. This online team building activity is a thoughtful way to show team members who may not know each other well a more personal side while still being a pleasant way to use personal technology for work.

Emoji Stories

Start a tale in a short messaging thread or a video conference chat window with no more than six emojis. Then, employing five more, your coworkers will each add to the story one by one. You can carry on until either you run out of ideas or when each team member has had a chance.

Here's a possible narrative opener to get things started: 🏘⛈💡🚫 … What happens after a storm when a neighborhood loses power?

Can You Hear Me Now

One of the top team-building games available online is "Can You Hear Me Now." In this game, you select one player to speak while the other players act as painters in a virtual conference room. The speaker finds a suitable image using a random image generator, and the objective is to explain that image in a way that will enable the artist to draw it successfully.

The speaker is simply required to employ geometric shapes; that is the only rule. For instance, instead of saying "write the letter E," you may say "draw a wide circle, then three equal-sized triangles."

The speaker must use incredibly precise communication skills because the instructions are limited, and the artists must hear and respond. This is the best game to boost communication between workers and engage the audience in some healthy activity.


Use these team-building activities to create a stronger group even when your employees don't share an office space. When your team interacts with a purpose, they will feel more involved and like they are a part of the team.

Even if they haven't really met their coworkers, they can still get to know them. These are games that your staff members will like. There are several office staff team building games available if you have employees.

Keep it basic; you don't need to have every single detail planned out. Before or after meetings, have a brief conversation. Keep the team-building exercises for remote workers engaging and focused. This can also help remote workers transform their work-from-home experience.

As relationships are established, channels of communication are made, and an amazing increase in engagement in remote meetings leads to a higher productivity rate.



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