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Best Motion Graphics Videos That Will Inspire You

  • Sara Clark
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Best Motion Graphics Videos That Will Inspire You


Since the last decade, video has become an integral part of the digital marketing landscape. Brands and businesses use this medium of communication to share information of different sorts.

You might be astounded to know that approximately 70% of eCommerce merchants claimed that incorporating videos in their marketing strategy show increased ROI.

However, videos can be classified into two types – live-action and animated.

These days marketers prefer to go with animated videos. Why so? Because they are engaging and vibrant.

But there are many types of animated videos as well. Now it is your call which animation style you would like to go with.

Among those, motion graphics is a common choice. Most of the brands prefer to take advantage of this video style because of its simplicity.

Motion Graphics Videos

In motion graphics videos, the pieces of digital footage or animation create an illusion of movement. This video style is a unique combination of different elements like text, symbols, charts, sound, and animation.

It is an engaging and attractive way to showcase complex data/information because it helps the viewers to absorb everything completely.

Today, many video makers use motion graphics to add versatility and energy to their video projects. So, it facilitates organizations with right-off-the-bat branding techniques.

Some of the core reasons why you should go with motion graphics videos are mentioned below:

  • They help in explaining complex ideas in a simple and easy way
  • They are fun to watch
  • They deliver information in a captivating way

Moreover, there is a common misconception that animations are expensive no matter which cycle you choose. Well, that is not the case.

A simple motion graphics video price ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, depending upon the complexity of the project. If you're going with a very basic requirement, then it won't cost you a bomb.

If you're interested in jumping on this bandwagon, then you might need some inspiration to create your own motion graphics videos.

Today in this blog post, we'll be shedding light on some of the best motion graphics video examples that will be a great inspiration for you.

So, without any further ado, let's get started.

1. Think Ideas

This motion graphics video is made by MotionCue for their clients. As per the team, this video is their all-time favorite. The video primarily focuses on showcasing the company's core service–bringing people's ideas to life.

How? By leaving no stone unturned when it comes to researching, conception, and designing.

This video made it to the list because:

They have cleverly used the kinetic typography animation technique to shed light on the core message. The video is short and to the point. The unique voice played back in the background illustrates the message very well.

2. Dinosaurs in Love

Next on the list we have is the popular music video Dinosaurs in Love, directed by the famous Hannah Jacobs and animated by Anna Ginsburg and Katy Wang.

The video showcases a unique love story of two dinosaurs who are so much in love. The amusing background music, aesthetic visuals, and beautiful storyline make it an amazing piece. However, the video ends on a tragic note.

This video made it to the list because:

The song added in the video pulls our heartstrings. It's simple, short, and sweet to watch. They have added cute characters and vibrant colors to make it more captivating.

3. Nights

Another motion graphics music video that won our hearts and made it to this list is Nights. This masterpiece is directed and animated by Jesper Nyom and Mathijis Luijten.

The video showcases the journey of a person through COVID-19. The video's protagonist reminisces back to when he was young, carefree, and had the freedom to go anywhere he liked.

This video made it to the list because:

The animator has used pulsating colors to demonstrate the lively childhood of the protagonist. The use of neon hues in the video gives a nostalgic and retro vibe. Moreover, the visuals are pretty eye-catching.

4. Combating Discrimination

Giant Ant is known for its outstanding motion graphics services. Combating Discrimination is another spectacular explainer video produced by them.

The motion graphics video demonstrates the concept of discrimination and what measures companies like Airbnb is taking to tackle and exterminate it from the world.

This video made it to the list because:

The visuals the illustrator has created are pretty phenomenal. The video is simple and concise. Moreover, the animation and artwork are beautiful.

5. Can Drugs Take The Place of Religion?

ShawnaX + Pablo Lozano x The New Yorker: Can Drugs Take The Place of Religion? from MUCH Creative on Vimeo.

Next on this list is one of the most famous pieces that broke all the records, Can Drugs Take The Place of Religion, created by none other than CNX for the New Yorker. WOW!

This video was directed by ShawnaX and animated by Pablo Lozano. The excellent team of animators brought the story 'Losing Religion and Finding Ecstasy in Huston' to life through their amazing skills and ideas.

This video made it to the list because:

The visuals of the video are quite trippy. They have showcased this abstract concept through powerful and striking imagery.

6. Vanitas

Another music video that made it to this list is Vanitas, created for Town Portal. Gabriele Calvi directed and animated this piece; we must say you'll love watching it.

The video demonstrates a unique concept that we don't often see in music videos, i.e., the sleep cycle. It showcases the journey of the protagonist through the various phases of the sleep cycle.

Moreover, you'll also see that they have shed light on sleep paralysis.

This video made it to the list because:

The transitions and the flow of the video are smooth. They have used interesting colors and visuals to showcase the dark side of the cycle (sleep paralysis). The use of complex imagery to convey the core message through symbolism and abstract art is quite tremendous.

7. Alice

BuzzFlick is quite well-known in the animation industry. The motion graphics services they offer are to die for, literally.

One of the best motion graphics videos they have produced to date is Alice. The video showcases the life of a middle age girl struggling to make ends meet. She is a passionate writer who is facing issues like writer's block, and because of it, she is unable to complete her piece.

The video has a very fun vibe. Though the storyline is gloomy, the use of colors and illustrations made it look very interesting to watch. The cheerful music they have added in the background makes it more appealing.

This video made it to the list because:

The illustration artist has used simple yet engaging visuals to explain the story. The video doesn't have a voice-over in it, yet it explains the whole idea very well.

8. The Enneagram

Another motion graphics explainer video that made it to this list is The Enneagram. Dough Alberts directs this beautiful video, and Jonathan Sichak is the man who brought it to life (animated it).

Okay, this video is very thought-provoking because it is based on a very distinctive idea, i.e., different types of personalities and how they interpret emotions and the world.

They have highlighted some common personalities like The Performer, The Helper, The Achiever, etc. Moreover, in this video, the creator has also talked about some of the common traits of each personality type.

This video made it to the list because:

Even though the concept is boring for some, they have made it interesting to watch by using striking visuals and colors. This video is the finest example of how motion graphics animation should be used to explain complex ideas to your audience.

9. Brain Power

Without a doubt, this motion graphics video is the best one we have ever seen. Mental health is another abstract and complex concept that is very tricky to explain.

However, this motion graphics explainer, Brain Power, has used striking visuals to convey the message. The vibrant colors, soothing voice-over, and storyline make it an amazing piece to watch.

The video also talks about the benefits of the program (Neurocore) and how their solution is unique in nature.

This video made it to the list because:

The beautiful combination of artwork and colors is what we love. Also, the animation in this video is very seamless.

How Can You Create Your Own Motion Graphis Video?

How Can You Create Your Own Motion Graphis Video?

Of course, after going through all of these amazing videos, this question will definitely pop into your mind. As we have previously mentioned, motion graphics videos are very simple and easy to make.

All you need to make is a couple of illustrations which you can also download from websites like FreePik, royalty-free sound effects, and put them together for animation.

You can either use online software for this purpose. There are many motion graphics animation tools and apps available out there. Or, if you have the budget, then hire any motion design studio.

Now, it's your call!

On the Whole

We believe motion graphics is an amazing way to turn a boring and dull video template into a startling vision for your target audience.

The motion graphics video examples we have listed above signify why companies are incorporating styles like these in their video marketing campaigns.

On this note, we conclude this insightful blog on inspiring motion graphics videos. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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