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Best Press Release Distribution Platforms to Count on in 2023

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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Best Press Release Distribution Platforms to Count on in 2023


After an unpredictable 2021 and the looming recession in 2022, businesses are looking to adapt and evolve to the ever changing customer expectations. Add to this the change in buying behavior and the increased threat of fake news and misinformation on social channels.

This makes 2023 the year when businesses need to not just choose the best outlet to promote themselves but also get attention from suitable influencers and journalists. Press release distribution is an effective form of earned media that helps businesses manage their reputation and offers adequate brand exposure to your intended audience and journalists.

Hence, partnering with a niche-specific and effective press release distribution service helps. These service providers send press releases to a pre-existing set of media outlets and journalists and syndicate the release to various media websites.

In this post, we have shared top press release distribution platforms to boost your marketing returns in the coming year.

1. Chainwire

Chainwire (Source)

Chainwire is a news syndication service developed by a set of the experienced PR team for the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain. This team has long-established media connections and especially designed this platform for cryptocurrency projects, blockchain companies, exchanges, investment firms, and crypto PR agencies. They offer businesses a direct line to the target market, allowing press releases to be published simultaneously across hyper-targeted media platforms.

The platform is an automated distribution service that saves a business’s time and effort. Since they have full integration with third-party websites, the brand stories are broadcasted far and wide on the front page of the crypto media websites.

What’s more? The platform has an intuitive dashboard that offers all the tools businesses need to submit, monitor, and refine their news announcement campaigns. Chainwire also allows businesses to analyze the performance of their press release in near real-time. They can view the total number of site submissions, the status of each submission (live/pending), hyperlinks for each live PR, and other analytics for the campaign dashboard.

On top of Bloomberg, Yahoo, and AP News, Chainwire covers top crypto publications like CoinTelegraph, CryptoDaily, and CryptoSlate among many others.

2. NewswireJet

NewswireJet (Source)

NewwireJet is an affordable well-known press release distribution service that allows businesses to gain maximum exposure online. It is a complete PR solution for small businesses and corporations looking to get media attention and connect with their audiences.

NewswireJet guarantees quick placement on over 300 premium media sites like Market Watch, Google News, and affiliates of ABC, CBS, and FOX across the US. the platform prides itself on top-quality support to their clients and are known for their quick response time.

NewswireJet offers a complete press release distribution solution to businesses, allowing brands to build their authority, relevance, and trust among their audiences. Their packages are ideal for small businesses that wish to improve their media coverage at affordable pricing. They help businesses achieve their SEO goals, thereby ensuring a good ranking in the SERPs.

Finally, the platform helps businesses track all the placements on ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS affiliate sites, Market Watch, Google News, and more.

3. eReleases

eReleases (Source )

eReleases is considered one of the top press release distribution services for small businesses as it provides targeted distribution service to journalists, news websites, bloggers, and social channels. They have nurtured relationships with the media of over 20 years.

The service distributes business press releases to 550 news content systems, 3,000 newsrooms, and more than 4,500 major news websites through the wire network. They optimize press releases for search engines and practice white-hat distribution.

eReleases ensures hyper-targeting as it connects businesses with industry-specific trade magazines, reporters, influencers and bloggers. Their media database exceeds 1.7 million contacts, including 700,000+ bloggers & social media influencers.

They offer an all-inclusive report showing the traffic, audience, and engagement level for your press release. Hence, it is ideal for small businesses and startups looking to improve their influence and brand visibility through industry and location-specific targeting.

4. Send2Press

Send2Press (Source)

Send2Press is a targeted syndication platform that provides effective press release writing, targeted news distribution, social media targeting, and SEO for businesses. Launched as a spin-off of Neotrope's corporate PR services in 1997, Send2Press offers personalized customer service managed by accredited PR and editorial staff.

The platform has an excellent track record and credibility in the PR and news business. It offers excellent personal assistance to small businesses along with detailed reports that are easy to understand. The service has a higher word count limit than other services (more than 800 words) and allows multiple revisions with the press release writing.

Thus, Send2Press is ideal for businesses that need help with improving press releases through professional revisions and the ones wanting writing and revisions by US-based PR professionals.

Though Send2Press doesn’t have a multitier editorial process to ensure quality the platform has experienced press release writers who ensure your business gets the best exposure possible. Those businesses writing their own press releases can use their expert opinion to refine and format their article content before distributing their news announcement.

5. CorpWriting

CorpWriting (Source)

CorpWriting is one of the fastest press release writing services that’s ideal for firms looking for a professionally written press release specific to their industry. They are a low-cost writing service; hence, budget-conscious businesses can use their services to achieve excellence in all types of content they develop. They have a huge team of content creators who are industry experts in producing high-quality and engaging content.

Besides offering syndication services, CorpWriting conducts thorough research of its clients’ competitors to carve the perfect content strategy. They have a quick turnaround of 2 days with an affordable 24-hour option for small businesses and busy entrepreneurs who are always tight on budget. Their press release writers have industry-specific knowledge, making it ideal for all businesses looking to outsource writing services for multiple types of content (for instance, blog posts, business plans, presentations, emails, and more).

6. IssueWire

IssueWire (Source)

IssueWire is one of the low-cost writing and distribution services with high media inclusions at no additional cost. It is a leading provider of media services and websites to marketing and public relations professionals, having 150+ media outlets for clients.

They have a handpicked and skilled editorial staff that allows businesses to reach specific industries and geographical areas. Their vast network focuses on making their clients’ news seen on Google News, Bing! News, The Times, Daily Herald, and Ask.com among others.

IssueWire is best for businesses wanting to embed several images and videos into articles. It is also an ideal service for firms wanting to be sure press release copy is written for SEO and entrepreneurs looking for economical options for writing and press release distribution.

To sum up, its notable features are consistent in all tiers, including professionally-crafted press releases, SEO for multiple keywords, complete content ownership, up to five attached images at no additional cost, and a detailed report after the release.

7. Verblio

Verblio (Source)

Verblio is a professional press release distribution platform that helps businesses amplify their message and build strong brand visibility. They drive search engine traffic and reach a wide audience with media-ready content crafted by skilled press release writers. They help businesses share timely and relevant content related to their events, product releases, or website launches.

You can choose from their ongoing services for press releases, blog posts, e-books, and white papers among others to improve your brand authority and visibility. Verblio is ideal for startups and small businesses that are looking to publish a series of press releases over time. They can also be used by companies wanting an affordable way to outsource a variety of writing projects.

Depending on your budget, you may add optional services like stock imagery, SEO, double-proofing, formatting and publishing on your CMS, and others.

Verblio offers everything a business would expect from a content writing service. They produce high-quality content while caring about producing the right content for your business. It’s slightly pricey, considering the blog writing services they offer, but businesses pay for better quality. One of the things that could prove to be frustrating about Verblio is that their word count and content orders are rigid. However, they offer custom orders and subscriptions for improved flexibility.

8. PR Newswire

PR Newswire (Source)

Whether businesses are looking for a print or online distribution of their press releases, Cision’s PR Newswire is the service they should opt for. The platform helps businesses connect with leading publishers around the globe and provides detailed analytics and data on releases. Through this platform, businesses can reach a network of 4,000+ websites and 20,000+ email subscribers.

PR Newswire is trusted and offers a secure platform for businesses to send their story to a global audience of top journalists and social influencers. It empowers businesses to identify and engage with key influencers and distribute meaningful brand stories.

Final thoughts

The year 2023 will be here before you know it. So, if you are looking to boost your business visibility and authority, use the list of press release distribution services shared above to reach your target audience and create a buzz around your brand.

We are sure this list will help you decide on the best press release distribution platform for your venture.

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