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What is a ccTLD

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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What is a ccTLD

A country code top-level domain is a ccTLD. They are reserved for a particular country or territory. These are likely very recognizable to most users. They are the country or sovereign state coding at the end of the URL of registered domains. ccTLDs are identifiable by their two letter country code, for example fr is France and the domain would be registered as www.example.fr.

To determine the proper two-letter code, use the ISO 3166-1 codes. In some more rare circumstances and cases, ASCII identifiers are used instead of the country codes. For example RLDs that use non-Latin character, there are internationalized country codes for top-level domains.

Top SEO Tactics

An important concept in SEO is the ccTLD. They represent the strongest way to denote site origin to users. It is also important in SEO construction because pages with ccTLD coding will likely rank higher in SERP ranking for the country of origin. ccTLDs can not be geotargeted because they are formatted by country and automatically targeted to the geo are of their two coded country code.

One of the downsides of ccTLDs can be found in the inability of links to increase domain authority. The crawlers see these pages as wholly separate sites that unrelated. It can be costly to maintain several ccTLDs , so many designers use subdomains and subdirectories to shuttle users to the content that is appropriate for their country of origin and preference. It is important to consider the pros and cons of the choices prior to making a choice about internationally site development.

Webmasters who want to begin constructing sites for particular languages or countries may need to show proof that they have a reason to create a site in that country. They may need to qualify to register for the domain.

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