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Generative AI for Content Teams: 10 Best Practices

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 4 min read
Generative AI for Content Teams: 10 Best Practices


Digital content creation is the first field to enjoy Generative AI. This technology assists content teams in producing diverse materials ranging from articles and social media posts to images and videos. It’s quite unlikely to generate a true gem with AI from the initial attempt. But a tight collaboration, smart prompting, and relief from the most tedious content tasks keep creators inspired for a longer time.

However, like any mighty tool, it requires a methodical approach to enjoy the best results. Let's dive into the ten best practices for using Generative AI effectively in content teams.

Ranktracker’s AI Article Writer

Source: Ranktracker’s AI Article Writer

1. Understand Generative AI Capabilities and Limits

Before you start, it's essential to know what your AI tool can and can't do. Generative AI can write articles, generate images, and even create video scripts, but it's not perfect. It might struggle with highly specialized topics or nuanced emotional expressions. Knowing these limitations helps you set realistic expectations and use GenAI more effectively.

Consider using GenAI to draft articles about general tech news. AI is excellent at quickly aggregating and summarizing information from various sources. However, wise teams don't rely on AI for articles requiring deep technical knowledge or developer interviews, as the AI lacks the ability to understand intricate technical details and cannot capture the nuances of personal experiences.

Recognizing these limitations, the team can strategically use AI where it excels and avoid areas where it falls short.

2. Set Clear Objectives for AI-generated Content

What do you actually need Generative AI for? Are you looking to speed up content production, enhance creativity, or maybe both? Setting clear objectives will guide you in choosing the right tasks for AI and measuring its success.

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Let’s say you want to use AI to enhance your content creation process. The primary objective is to cut down the time needed to produce first drafts of blog posts and marketing copy. By setting this clear goal, you're able to measure the AI's performance against specific metrics, like time saved per article and the number of drafts produced per week, ensuring that the technology is meeting your needs.

Ranktracker’s AI Article Writer

Source: Ranktracker’s AI Article Writer

3. Collaborate with AI, Don't Just Rely on It

Generative AI is best used as a collaborator, not a replacement for human creativity. It's like having access to a brainstorming partner 24/7. Use it to generate ideas, draft content, or get past writer's block. But remember, the final touch should always be human — adding your unique voice and perspective to the content.

A content team may use AI to generate initial concepts for client blogs. The content writers then take these AI-generated ideas and refine them, adding their creative writing expertise and making sure the final concepts align with client expectations and brand guidelines. This collaboration allows the team to produce more concepts in less time while maintaining the quality and uniqueness of their work.

4. Uphold Ethical Standards and Transparency

Using AI-generated content raises ethical considerations, especially around transparency. Always disclose when content is AI-generated or AI-assisted. It builds trust with your audience and maintains your integrity as a content creator.

To maintain transparency, you may include a note at the end of each AI-assisted article stating, ‘This article was generated with the assistance of AI technology.’’ This practice helps build trust with the readership by being open about using AI in content creation.

5. Continuously Monitor and Adapt

AI technology is constantly evolving. Stay updated with the latest developments and trends in Generative AI. Make it a practice to stay informed about the updates in AI. Subscribe to industry newsletters, participate in relevant online forums, and attend annual tech conferences. This proactive approach will keep you always aware of new features and improvements in AI technology that could benefit your content creation process.

6. Embrace Experimentation and Innovation

Don't hesitate to experiment with different ways of using Generative AI. Try new formats, styles, or even unexpected applications. Imagine you start using AI in your business to create personalized articles for your readers. Based on reader preferences and browsing history, the AI generates articles tailored to each reader's interests. This experiment not only increases reader engagement but also positions you as a pioneer in using AI for personalized content.

7. Ensure Quality Control

Just because AI can generate content quickly doesn't mean it's always high quality. It's crucial to have a human-eye review and edit the content. You may opt for a dedicated editorial team to review and edit each AI-generated piece. This team checks for factual accuracy, aligns the content with your tone and style, and adds depth and perspective that only a human writer can provide. Thus, the final content is not just quick and efficient but also maintains the high standards your content is known for.

8. Customize AI Outputs

Generative AI is a tool, not the final product generator. Customize its outputs to fit your brand's voice and style. If your team uses AI to draft press releases and internal communications, customize each piece to follow the company's unique voice and messaging. Tweak the language, add specific anecdotes, and let each communication reflect your culture and values.

Ranktracker’s AI Article Writer

Source: Ranktracker’s AI Article Writer

9. Train Your Team

Make sure your team members know how to use Generative AI to their advantage. Provide training sessions and resources. Picture an advertising agency integrating AI into its content creation process. To make their team get the most out of this new tool, they organize a series of training sessions.

These sessions cover how to use the AI software, best practices for integrating AI-generated content, and tips for maintaining the agency's creative standards. This will help keep all team members competent and confident in using AI in their workflow.

10. Balance AI and Human Input

Finally, find the right balance between human-created and AI-generated content. Let’s say you’re using AI to generate reports on breaking news, delivering timely updates quickly. However, for in-depth features and editorials, you rely on the journalists' expertise and insights. This balance allows your newsroom to cover a wide range of news efficiently and allows more complex stories to have the depth and analysis only a human journalist can provide.

Create, Not Generate

To wrap up, Generative AI is a powerful tool for content teams, offering new opportunities for creativity and efficiency. By following these best practices, you can harness its potential while maintaining quality, ethics, and a human touch in your content. So, go ahead, explore this exciting new frontier, and let your creativity soar with an AI partner!

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins


is the Co-founder of Ranktracker, With over 10 years SEO Experience. He's in charge of all content on the SEO Guide & Blog, you will also find him managing the support chat on the Ranktracker App.

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