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How keywords help with increasing the number of your Youtube videos views?

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 6 min read
How keywords help with increasing the number of your Youtube videos views?


Youtube is a platform that offers endless opportunities to people who are interested in making a full-blown online career. You can create your channel and tell your audience about whatever you want – from sharing your hobbies and interests with them, to selling and promoting certain products and services. All of that is possible and even more than that: Youtube offers a partnership that can provide you with an additional amount of money for showcasing advertisements of other brands before and in the duration of your videos.

What are keywords and tags and how do people use them to make their videos on Youtube more visible

Partnership is not available for everybody – to join this program you have to have more than 1000 views on each of your clips, and while this is possible it is going to take lots of time and effort from your side. There are tools that can help you with promoting your channel and your videos, increase the number of subscribers and the number of views that you will be getting on them. In this article we will be reviewing several of them, first one being an analogue of SEO for websites: keywords and tags.

What are keywords and tags and how do people use them to make their videos on Youtube more visible?

SEO is a termin that is used to describe a special work that is being done on the website while processing texts. To make a search engine find a certain website specialists add some special words to its texts, so that when a person would put a search request into the box, the engine is going to showcase this exact website with the information that a person needs. Plus, a person will possibly buy something that a website might sell or will see the ads that a website puts forward on its pages to make some money off them. There are lots of scenarios, but the point is the same – to make a search engine find you, you need to use certain words.

For example, if you’re posting about clothes on your website, it is smart to use such keywords as “fashion”, “fashion 2022”, “fashion in your location or the location you’re targeting your website at”, etc. There are keywords that hit on the big number of people and the keywords that are narrowly specialized and will attract people with certain interests, of a certain age and from a certain location. All of that works on Youtube in terms of searching for certain videos: plus, it works outside Youtube as well. If a person searches for information in Google (or in any other searching engine, this is just an example), they are putting something specialized into the search box and the engine can give them information from the common websites and from the social media as well. Youtube will bring up its videos to the results as well, and this is exactly why you should be using keywords to fill in the infobox under your videos.

How to add keywords and tags into the infobox?

How do you do it? Well, first of all it is going to be smart to collect hashtags at the very bottom of the infobox. You should include wide and narrow ones and think about locations that you are going to target your videos at. Do you want them to be known worldwide or is it convenient to pin them to a certain place or places? This is a good question that only you know the answer to. Plus, it is necessary to think about the neighboring spheres that you might put into tags as well. People who are interested in them can be interested in what you are posting as well – this is a nice trick that everybody on social media uses, actually.

How to add keywords and tags into the infobox

Now let’s talk about the description that is going to be in the infobox as well: how to add keywords in it and do you need to do it? The answer is yes, and adding them into the description is actually not that hard. While you’re writing that text you already are using the words that people would be using to search for the information in the video – this is why we would not recommend you to not write the descriptions at all or avoid the long texts and make them as short as possible. On the contrary, make them long and detailed, write about everything that you’re going to talk about in the text. It would be great if you would also add timecodes (if you have a talkative clip) and write down each topic that you’re going through in this video. This is going to help you with keywords as well.

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Try to think in categories, while writing the text: go from the widest one (for example, clothes) to the most specialized one (for example, formal fashion in America in 2022) and include all of them into the text you are writing. This is the most important tip that we can give you: using keywords is like using a big scheme-tree, where you’re starting from one “big” word and then ramifying it to lots of “smaller” ones.

How keywords and tags can help with increasing the number of views?

That’s quite logical: the more often people are able to find your video in the large stash of lookalikes, the more views it is going to get. Smartly using tags and keywords is like using a chance to buy Youtube views, but without putting a single penny into the process. New random people are going to find your content and come look at it, and you are going to gather all the great results afterwards.

What else can help with increasing the number of views?

Surely, keywords are not the only thing that can help you with gathering enough views to start monetizing your channel or even getting the Youtube partnership. There are other methods as well, some of them are free and some of them are paid. If we are talking about the free ones, you can try to “steal” your competitors' audience by going to their channels and looking through the list of their subscribers. There you should find people who have activity in their profiles and subscribe to them – if they are interested in what your competitor is posting, they will probably get interested in your content as well. This method does not give you a 100% warranty of gathering thousands of views in a week, but it can definitely give you a strong base that will become your starting point in online promotion.

The next helpful tool is a chance to buy real Youtube views that we have mentioned previously, but using it has some special nuances that you should keep in mind to not waste your money over nothing. Sadly enough, such services have gathered lots of controversial opinions around them because of the scam companies that sell low quality services and leave their clients with nothing, basically. But if you control the quality and make sure that you are taking on real views, things are going to go great: even 500 real plays can make the weather for a Youtube video and attract more people to watch it. Youtube’s algorithms can clearly see whether a channel is being mostly visited by fakes, or by the real pages, and if it notices lots of suspicious activity from bots, it starts to perceive the channel as fake too. And it can lead to being shadow banned, and getting out of that situation is very hard.

What else can help with increasing the number of views

So you should be very careful with what you are purchasing and who from – always check the reputation of the seller, try to find reviews on the side forums and platforms if this is possible and always ask your questions to the manager first. Don’t be shy to ask about if the views that they deliver are real and how exactly they are getting those shipped to their customers. You’re going to be way calmer if you figure everything out first and then proceed to the purchase itself: plus it will save you from inconvenient situations and scammers.

Summing up

Keywords and tags smartly incorporated into infoboxes and descriptions of your videos can hugely help with making clips visible and available for people to search from Youtube and from search engines as well. You should look up and choose wide and specialized keywords and tags so that your clip would be seen by people worldwide and from a certain location that you’re interested to target your videos at. If you do everything right, your clip is going to be found by random people through Youtube, Google, Safari and other search engines way more often than before. It will increase the number of your video views and the number of your subscribers as well.

This is a very efficient method of developing your channel, but surely not the only one: you can also purchase some paid views for your videos, subscribers, comments and other features that are needed to increase your channel’s “reputation” in the eyes of random viewers and other bloggers as well. Plus, bought views that are real can make the algorithms of Youtube show your clips as recommended to people more often and attract even more followers and plays this way.

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins

Ranktracker's CEO/CMO & Co-founder

Felix Rose-Collins is the Co-founder and CEO/CMO of Ranktracker. With over 15 years of SEO experience, he has single-handedly scaled the Ranktracker site to over 500,000 monthly visits, with 390,000 of these stemming from organic searches each month.

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