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How to Make Money from Your Old Solar Inverters

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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How to Make Money from Your Old Solar Inverters


In the world of renewable energy, solar inverters play a crucial role in converting the direct current (DC) output of a solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network. But as technology advances, many people find themselves with outdated or old solar inverters. This doesn't mean they have to end up as waste. Believe it or not, your old solar inverter might still pack a punch as a money-making asset. Let's talk about converting those dusty solar inverters in your garage into some handy cash.

Understanding the Value of Old Solar Inverters

Understanding the Value of Old Solar Inverters

Old or phased-out solar inverters often still possess considerable worth in several markets. While technological advancements might render some devices outdated in their primary market, secondary markets, particularly in developing countries or among DIY enthusiasts, may view these devices as invaluable. Recognizing the potential value in these markets is your first step toward unlocking the financial benefits of your old inverter.

Assessing Your Solar Inverter’s Condition

Before thinking of selling or repurposing your old solar inverter, conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its condition. A close look means spotting any damage, testing if things run smoothly, and guessing how long before it's time to replace or repair. Devices in better condition, of course, fetch a higher price and broader interest. Accurately describing the state of your inverter will also build trust with potential buyers or communities interested in using your device.

Repairing and Refurbishing

Repairing and Refurbishing

Sometimes, a few minor repairs or a bit of refurbishing can significantly enhance the value of your old solar inverter. Think about putting some money into upkeep services to keep everything running smoothly. Sprucing up the place with a fresh coat of paint or giving it a good scrub down can really make it pop for potential buyers. Remember, your initial small investment could substantially increase its resale value.

Selling Used Solar Inverters

When you're ready to sell, crafting an effective strategy is crucial. Start by setting a realistic price, considering both the inverter's age and condition. If you're diving into the market, platforms like eBay and Craigslist or even niche forums dedicated to renewable energy can be your go-to spots. Accurate and detailed listings, supplemented with high-quality photos and a clear description of the inverter’s condition, will help you attract serious buyers.

However, there is an easier way to sell your used solar inverters. You can sell them directly to specialized companies that resell or recycle used solar equipment.

Trade-in Options

Several manufacturers and retailers offer trade-in programs where you can return your old inverter for a discount on a new purchase. You trim down on electronic clutter and save some dough when upgrading—this method makes it happen. Inquire with manufacturers or local solar retailers about potential trade-in programs, and leverage your old equipment for better deals.

Participating in Recycling Programs

Participating in Recycling Programs

Engaging in recycling programs dedicated to electronic waste, including solar inverters, can provide you with monetary benefits or credits. Imagine our world where no toxic waste makes its way into landfills – that's what these programs aim for, safeguarding our future. Search for local e-waste recyclers or national recycling initiatives accepting solar inverters to explore your options.

Offering Your Inverter to DIY Communities

Your old solar inverter can be a treasure trove for DIY solar project enthusiasts. Engaging with these communities by offering your inverter can not only secure you a sale but also support innovative, sustainable projects. Platforms like forums, social media groups, or local maker spaces are ideal for connecting with interested DIYers.

Leasing Instead of Selling

If your inverter is still in good working condition, consider leasing it. With patience, you'll find yourself earning money passively with this approach - it's like setting up a slow but steady drip of income. While drafting your lease, getting some legal insight can shield your interests and turn out to be quite the money-maker in time. Local businesses, schools, or community centers might be potential lessees.

Advertising Spare Parts

When an inverter is beyond repair or has reached the end of its functional life, dismantling it and selling its spare parts can be lucrative. Believe it or not, there's life left in used transformers, circuit boards, and protective covers—they could save the day by repairing another piece of tech. Online marketplaces or local electronics repair shops could be viable outlets for these parts.

Knowledge Sharing and Consulting

Owning and maintaining a solar inverter over the years equips you with substantial expertise. Sharing this knowledge through consulting services, blogs, workshops, or online forums can turn into another source of income. Dive into sharing knowledge and watch how it elevates both your reputation as a pro and helps everyone else get savvy about choosing solar inverters.


The journey of a solar inverter doesn’t necessarily end when it's replaced or becomes outdated. If you're sitting on old solar inverters, don't sweat it! You've got options like selling them off, trading up, recycling for a good cause, renting them out or even stripping them down to sell the parts. Digging into your inverter's current state and looking at all the options can transform what feels like yesterday’s tech into today's treasure. Dive into your inverters' capabilities and grab the chances laid out in this blog post with both hands. Moving towards green energy means more than catching some rays – it’s also about squeezing every bit of value from the gadgets we use to snag that sunlight.

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins

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