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How to Optimize SEO and Fintech Platforms

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 3 min read
How to Optimize SEO and Fintech Platforms


There are plenty of fintech platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. But how to optimize the latest website promoting fast payments, Bitcoin and Ethereum as a driving force and a blockchain community with the help of SEO?

The truth is it is tough to come up with an original platform idea that will show anything from Ethereum price to SWIFT payments, and be well optimized.

Everything starts with content

Content is King of SEO

It all starts with content. Content is king. This phrase holds true no matter the industry or type of content, and it particularly applies to the financial sector. Companies dealing with finance must produce valuable content in order to remain competitive.

Always keep your audience in mind when crafting an article. People who follow the finance and cryptocurrency industries may have a lot of knowledge about the topics, but many of them are still new to the space. Be sure that your content is easily accessible and easily understood.

Long-tail keywords are vital for success

A quick research on Ahrefs shows that the word "crypto exchange" has a keyword difficulty of 96, making ranking nearly impossible. It is similar to many other fintech-related keywords.

Long-tail keywords are trending in today's SEO world. It just makes sense because it helps target people searching for that specific keyword more than your competitors can. Let's say you are selling shoes online and you want to get more sales/leads, you could target words like "shoes for women with foot problems" versus "women's shoe store." It targets a need for someone looking for that specific phrase versus a broad product category.

Build authority

Having high-quality backlinks is the backbone of any financial website. Since there is a lot of money involved, plenty of scam websites are available. Just because another site has backlinks from "big" sites doesn't mean it's automatically good, so don't rely on reach alone. Building high-quality backlinks should be the focus for financial companies who want to reach the top of search engine results pages.

Make your website insanely fast

High speed is everything when it comes to transactions. One sec too slow, and you're already late to the party. Make your website fast enough to load instantly on any device - no matter the location or internet connection. A CDN (content delivery network) is specifically designed to provide every visitor with an exceptional experience and can be implemented by companies of all sizes.

Build a mobile app version

Content is King of SEO

We live in a mobile-first society. Thus, you need to make sure you stay on top of it. Mobile devices have become a significant part of modern society, and it's wise to create applications for them. Smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity, and many consumers are abandoning services that don't offer the ability to use their phones. Companies could provide mobile apps to expand their reach and increase the number of time customers spend using their platforms.

Include paid ads

SEO and paid ads may compete with one another, but they should not be viewed as enemies. For one thing, SEO drives many paying leads to your site: Google is your friend. At the same time, you need to make sure that your paid ads are targeted, effective, and have low click-through rates: these factors ensure you get results for every dollar you spend.

Focus on straightforward design

Content is King of SEO

When a customer rates a website, they are considering the overall user experience of interacting with the product. If a platform is easy to use and intuitive, a company may receive higher ratings than competitors. Companies should try to avoid excessive things that distract customers from their primary tasks. If customers can complete an action without doing something else, companies should consider cutting the extra steps in the process.

Include contact options

Consumers want to feel confident in their buying, whether they are four years old or 40. Therefore, it is recommended that brands make their offerings as easy to navigate and use as possible when designing a website. They should also include various ways to contact customer service online and offline, such as phone numbers, live chat functionality, and email support.


Becoming a financial service provider requires much more than just selling a set of financial products. To stand out from the rest and attract and retain customers, it's important to focus on other aspects, such as your customer experience and website optimization. And remember - patience is a virtue.

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