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How to See Old Stories on Instagram and Save Them?

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 3 min read
How to See Old Stories on Instagram and Save Them?


Instagram is a huge application having so many different features you can use for your marketing and otherwise. So, using it won’t be easy when you want to perform an advanced-level process here. You can read about viewing old stories on Instagram and several ways to use them.

You can read about some top ways to view these stories and some of the rare methods to do that.

Turn on Archiving

Turning on archiving is a prerequisite for being able to see your old stories on Instagram. So:

  • Go to your “Settings” and then to “Stories.”
  • Make sure that you navigate to the “Privacy Settings” tab and then tap the “Save to Archive” section.

If you want to get their Instagram story from them, you can ask them to send you their story to ensure that you get it. Then, you can save it for use as your own story or whatever you wish to do with them. Just make sure they should be someone who does not mind sending stories to you.

How to View Your Old Stories

How to View Your Old Stories

Viewing old stories on Instagram can really help you get more sales and improve your marketing issues like crazy if you want to know about your competitors. Even if you wish to use these for yourself, you can try the following method.

  • Click the circular clock icon to see your old stories.
  • Also, you can see stories in any form, including photos and videos.
  • Make sure that you update your settings if nothing is archived yet, and you will be able to see archived stories this way.

This method is simple and easy, and you do not have to do much for it, so try it out.

Watch Old Stories Feature

Now, you can use another feature for viewing your older stories on the platform. You can tap on three horizontal lines and can see the menu there. Make sure that you select the archive, and then you can see all the old stories there.

Also, you can click on a story to view that one.

Viewing Someone's Old Stories

You can also try to open old stories of a user on the platform, all you have to do is to:

  • Open your application and then go to your Instagram profile for the purpose.
  • Then, you should check if the highlights are available or not.

Republishing a story

Republishing a Story is also a great thing that you can use for your profile. So, if you think that you can use a story for your content, you can try using it to make your content special. All you have to do is:

  • Go to your Instagram “Archive” section
  • Tap three vertical dots to access the “Repost” tab.
  • Then, you can follow the prompts to get to the paper airplane icon to post other stories.

Once done with this process, you can try this method as it is easy.

Record Stories

This one can be a bit dangerous if you want to do that with someone who may be sensitive about their Stories. So, ensure you do not get caught doing it, as they may get a notification when you record their stories. Also, you can try doing it with one of your friends to find out if the platform has this function or not.

If it is possible without notifying them or they allow you to do that, you can record it with any built-in or third-party tool. One thing is for sure you can not take a DM screenshot, so avoid it. Also, you can try viewing the highlights if the story has expired and the user has converted them into highlights.

Find from Old Posts

Now that you know some easy ways to view IG stories anonymously, you can try using other methods for your purpose. There is another way that you can use it, and that is by finding from the old posts. Follow these:

  • Go to your Instagram application and navigate to the search icon.
  • You can search for a username and click to see their old posts as stories if they are available there.

Getting to know your audience can be helpful for your competitive analysis, so try to find out about them. Also, you may like to Buy Instagram Followers for better reach and to improve your marketing results.

Final Thoughts

We discussed using Instagram for marketing, and it works for personal use well too. So, you can try using it to improve your marketing and build your presence on Instagram. If you want to use the platform to view others’ content, try using these methods.

These methods can help you gain results without letting others know about your visit.

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