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Live-Streaming For Online Marketing: Harness Real-Time Engagement to Get Leads

  • James Nguma
  • 7 min read
Live-Streaming For Online Marketing: Harness Real-Time Engagement to Get Leads


The nurturing process is critical for the success of any business. However, you need leads to start the nurturing process. Getting leads can be hard sometimes and you need different marketing methods to get leads whom you can nurture and convert into customers.

One of the ways you can use is to leverage the power of live streaming to get leads for your business. The research below is proof that brands are increasing their efforts to generate leads and convert them into customers.


Source: UnivDators

The article highlights ways to harness the power of real live-streaming engagement, generate leads, and get potential customers.

Benefits of Live-Streaming

  • Great way to build community. Through live streaming, you connect with different prospects and get them to know about your brand and the offers you will provide them to solve their pains. Target customers can get them to join your community as you guide them and nurture them through the buyer stages.
  • Reach more target prospects for business. Prospects are always on the search for brands that give the best help to solve their pains. Through live-streaming, brands can reach many prospects who need their help and get them to see the solutions they need to those pains.
  • Increase audience engagement. The customers will need to engage with the bands as they get to understand the products or services a brand offers. The live streaming events can help brands engage more with prospects as they ask questions and brands answer them to show them how the solutions work. For instance, research shows there are over 163 million live video viewers in the US.

insiderintelligence Source: Insider Intelligence

  • A great way to increase brand awareness. Many target customers don’t know about the products or services that can solve their challenges. Through live streaming events, target customers can get to know more about a brand and the value it will offer them to solve pain points.
  • Get immediate feedback and thoughts from prospects. Since you’re engaging leads one-on-one, the prospects can give feedback and thoughts about your business offers. You can know the best ways you can improve your products or services to deliver the best experience to target customers when they start using your products or services to solve their pain points.
  • Build trust and credibility. As you run live events, target customers can see the people behind a brand and validate and strengthen the bond with the business. They can see real human beings behind the brand ready to handle their needs and help them solve their challenges.
  • It’s cost-effective. It’s easier to reach many prospects and market your services or products to a wider target audience through live events than other marketing methods. Through live streaming, sales and marketing teams can engage a large number of prospects, get them to know more about the business, and increase lead generation and conversion for the brand.

How to Get The Best From Your Live-Streaming

  • Have set goals and objectives. What is it that you want to achieve with your live streaming? That’s the big question you should have on your mind before you run live events for brand marketing. Having set goals and objectives will help you align the live events to achieve your objectives.
  • Understand well your customers. You don’t want to market blindly. It is essential to know your customers, the challenges they experience, and how to provide the best options to solve those challenges. Knowing your customers well will help you handle their concerns and questions during the live event, and show them how your brand products or services work and how they can use them to solve their pains.
  • Heavily promote your live events. Your target customers may not know that you’re offering live events. You need to get them to know about your events to ensure they attend and participate. Once you set the dates and times for the event, you should promote it heavily through different channels like email, and social media and even write content related to their events and the offers you have.
  • Use the right tools. You could have the best experts and the right information to share with the prospects. However, if you don’t use the right tools that make the process easy and interactive many leads may not attend the event. Use a tool that is simple to use, and has a great user-friendly interface.
  • Be on the right platform. Since you know your customers, you know the social media platforms that they hang out on most of the time. Research shows that 95% of brands use social media to distribute their content including for live streaming.

contentmarketinginstitute Source: CMI

Using such platforms will ensure you get many potential customers to attend your live events and engage more with your brand as you show them the value of your offer to convince them to make purchases from you. Here are some sites to use:

  • Facebook live
  • Linkedin live
  • Twitter live
  • Instagram live
  • Plan your event well. To be successful with your live events, you need to plan well for the kind of event you want to have. Survey your target customers to know the kind of needs they want most and what they need to know. Analyze the topics of discussion and choose the one your readers want. Get experts on your sales and marketing team to prepare the event and have all the details and information to give prospects and show the value of your brand. You can also get guest speakers to handle the topics and engage prospects throughout the event time.
  • Use a user-friendly interface with interactions. You want to make the experience of your target customers through the events easy and enjoyable, right? It’s essential to use tools that will help prospects get the best out of the events and get them to build trust with your brand. For example, you can mirror your smartphone to consumer cellular TV to give your audience a better view from a large screen and drive more engagement to your content.
  • Do a lead follow-up for nurturing. Not all prospective customers will make a final decision about using a business's services or products. You need to do lead nurturing, and get them to understand more about your brand and the value you offer. Through the event, get their contact details and add them to your lead nurturing process. Follow them up and get them to engage more with the business. You can share testimonials from past customers like this.


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  • Have a high-speed and secure network connection. If your servers are not fast and secure users will not be able to follow up with the event and will become bored and stop following up the event. You end up losing listeners who would have become leads for your business.

Strategies to Highly Engage Leads During a Live-Streaming Event

  • Sent out survey questions. Ask the potential customer what you would like them to know about your business offers. This can help you know how to handle the challenges they face and show them how valuable your products or services will be to solve their challenges.
  • Partner with influencers in your market niche. This will help you reach more target customers through your promotion of the event. Also, when target customers get information about your brand and the live events you will be hosting from an influencer they trust, it increases the chance of them trusting your brand.

Metrics to Track Your Lead Generation Success Via Live Events

  • Prospects attendance. With this metric, you track the number of potential customers who attended the event and watched through to the end. This information helps you get the customer's contact details to keep nurturing them after the event as you tell them more about the business and convince them to use your brand offers.
  • Lead conversions after the event. You want to know how many people converted to leads after your live event. This helps you plan and organize your events based on the response and the feedback from the potential customers who attended the event.
  • Monitor how prospects engaged during the event. This can be through the questions the prospects asked and the survey feedback they gave after the event was over.
  • Click through rate. You can measure the number of target customers who clicked through to important pages on your website. You can also gauge how long they stayed and interacted with your website's different pages and the pages they frequently visited.

Examples of Live-Streaming Events For Lead Generation

  • Webinars. This is a great live-streaming event brands use to attract potential customers. Research shows that 47% of brands got the best results from running webinars for their marketing campaigns.

contentmarketinginstitute Source: CMI

After studying the target customers and understanding them well, you can host a webinar event to tangle their most challenging issues. Invite guest speakers and have them share their expertise on the topic and handle the prospect's concerns as they show how the brand will solve those challenges.

  • Virtual trade show events. This is where brands show their products or services digitally to potential customers. They let the prospects see what they offer and how they can use them to solve their challenges.
  • Product launching and demonstrations. Sometimes brands reach out to target customers when they want to launch a new product or software feature. They invite potential customers to their event so they can have a first-hand demonstration of how the system works to solve challenges.
  • Hosting a live contest. Sometimes brand sales and marketing teams just hold contests and invite prospects as a way to promote the business.
  • Host a live Q&A session. You can open an opportunity and let potential customers ask any questions they have about your brand and what you offer. Through this way, many potential customers know your brand and you can start nurturing them as you build trust and get them to convert to customers.

Want to Effectively Generate Leads With Live-Streaming Events?

Live streaming when done right can be a great way for brands to engage prospects and generate leads.

Using the right marketing strategies for the success of your live streaming events at promoting, and getting the target audience to engage and convert for your business is essential.

Take action and use the tips in the article to give your target customers a great experience, generate leads, and nurture them through the buyer journey to convert them into customers.

James Nguma

James Nguma

B2B SaaS and eCommerce content marketer and blogger

James Nguma is B2B SaaS and eCommerce content marketer and blogger. He helps SaaS and eCommerce businesses create marketing content to drive traffic, educate them about their businesses, build trust, and convert leads into customers.

Link: James Nguma website

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