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It’s Finally Here: Presenting Backlink Checker

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 1 min read
It’s Finally Here: Presenting Backlink Checker


For our 26,000+ users that have trusted us with their campaigns and the many more who are jumping aboard, it’s time to level up in 2022.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived, Backlink Checker public beta has finally been released to the masses... When you’re putting your competitors’ SEO under the microscope, you’ll want to know which links are really making a difference. Assess each link’s quality by viewing its Domain Rating, URL Rating, anchor text, ‘new’ or ‘lost’ status, dofollow/nofollow status, and more.

When you find competitor backlinks that you want to try and replicate, save them to your favorites list for easy reference.

Backlink Checker Tool Screenshot

Simply enter your domain or a competitor's domain into our Backlink checker tool, click search and we pull all relevant links about the website from our database of 2,538,838,940,302 links & 279,545,739,694 pages. With more pages & links being added and refreshed on a daily basis.

Read more about the Backlink Checker here

In the Future

On the horizon this year and next, we still have plenty more great tools & feature upgrades coming to aid our users. We will be unleashing More Backlink tools, Site explorer, website site audit features, content optimization tools, a mobile app and much more.

Check out our roadmap here to see some of the planned tricks we have up our sleeve.

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