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It’s Finally Here: Presenting Ranktracker 3.0

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 1 min read
It’s Finally Here: Presenting Ranktracker 3.0


For our 26,000+ users that have trusted us with their campaigns and the many more who are jumping aboard, it’s time to level up in 2022.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived, Ranktracker 3.0 has finally been released to the masses to take advantage of a range of new and improved features. Bolster your rankings, dive deeper into your data, and make better optimization and marketing decisions faster than ever before!

Dashboard: Ranktracker 3.0

What’s New In Ranktracker 3.0?

It’s easier than ever to use the new mobile setup and improved dashboard layout as well as not miss a beat with our new app notifications system. For a full detailed list of improvements, check below:

  • New Mobile Friendly UI
  • Updated Dashboard layout
  • Unified and updated app Pop-ups
  • New App notifications system
  • New Breadcrumbs
  • New Side Navigation
  • Darkmode/Lightmode switch
  • Updated Filterbar
  • Simplified Row expanders
  • Improved SERP features functionality
  • Rank Tracker - Tags - improved implementation
  • Keyword Finder - updated 1st screen with recent history and lists
  • SERP Checker - updated 1st screen with recent history
  • SERP Checker - added more table data
  • SEO Checklist - added accordion, update UI
  • Reports - fixed issue with Report configurator
  • Web Audit - improved layout
  • Web Audit - fixed data presentation for few sub-components
  • Wizard - improved layout
  • Clean presentation of tooltip data
  • Updated all skeleton loaders
  • Customized tables
  • Updated forms inputs and feedbacks
  • New clean charts design
  • New tables implementation
  • New account dropdown
  • Updated navigation dropdowns
  • WhiteLabel - feature base
  • Minor code fixes

Rank Tracker: Ranktracker 3.0

In the Future

On the horizon this year and next, we still have plenty more great tools & feature upgrades coming to aid our users. We will be unleashing Backlink tools, Site explorer, website site audit features, content optimization tools, a mobile app and much more.

Check out our roadmap here to see some of the planned tricks we have up our sleeve.

Website Reports: Ranktracker 3.0

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