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SEO Types and Their Use Cases

  • Flora Ohanyan
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SEO Types and Their Use Cases


Marketing and its branches are growing daily, and the most famous and helpful of those branches is SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. Simply put, search engine optimization combines a set of processes to improve your website visibility and provide good ranking. The working process of search engines is simple; people across the world search for something on search engines, and they find over ten results on the first page. The goal of your SEO strategies must be to appear on that list and get more visibility for your business. So the more visibility and good ranking you have, the more your brand will attract attention and will grow. But for these outcomes, you need to understand all fundamental principles of SEO and use their full potential to get the best results. Let's explore a few details about the SEO working process.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

If you're asking yourself how SEO works, you're not alone. This is a popular question that we get asked always! SEO, or search engine optimization, is an incredibly complex process that involves a lot of moving parts. Search engines, famous as Google, look like a system that has their own bots to find websites, go from site to site, collect different data and create an index for them. This index is such a big library, and you can find the necessary information from this library with the help of search engines.

After the indexing process, Google algorithms analyze all those pages and, based on several ranking factors, discuss how and which pages must appear in search engine results depending on the pages theme, be it B2B SaaS website or something else. So, your success in search engines depends on how good your website is, how relevant and informative your website content is, and other essential factors.

The Importance of SEO in Marketing

Before we move on to SEO types and use cases, let's explore something about the importance of SEO in marketing and also understand its benefits. For a good marketing strategy, search engine optimization is key because it is a way to find business recognition and increase sales. It is a fact that your website is one of the great ways to find information about your business, products, and services, and that's why every marketer needs to pay attention to website optimization on search engines for success. So well-organized SEO strategies can bring to your business;

  • More website visibility
  • Recognition
  • Sales
  • Organic traffic
  • More loyal customers

Yeah, SEO benefits are a great and necessary factor to successful businesses, and it not only can drive website traffic but also can raise your social media marketing channels' visibility and grow your business. If you want to have all these benefits, it is time to explore more about SEO types and use cases, and next, you can find out more about them. Let's explore SEO types and use cases together.

On-Page SEO

The first type is on-page SEO or on-site SEO, which usually offers a set of processes to optimize your website on search engines, raise your eCommerce subscriptions and boost your traffic. Basically, this type includes content, headlines, keywords, images, and HTML tags like title, header, and meta. The importance of on-page SEO is significant because it optimizes a lot of factors that are essential for the Google algorithm, and due to optimization, Google surely shows your website on the first pages of search engines. In simple words, on-site help search engine algorithms understand your website type and determine it is based on several data patterns on your website.

So, there are several crucial factors of successful on-page SEO, one of which is content. Content is the necessary part of every business and even online business coaching courses have content marketing parts. Many say that content is king, and this is true in on-page SEO cases, too. Content is a great way to make your website trustworthy and authoritative with relevant information. Content also includes your keywords, visual assets, HTML with their factors; meta descriptions, title tags, etc. Besides all this, on-page SEO also includes optimization of domain URL structure. Yeah, URLs play a big role in search engine cases. It is true that URLs are not the primary reason for a good ranking, but it is an aspect that must not be missed out.

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

The following part of a successful search engine optimization strategy and type is off-page SEO.

In simple words, the off page SEO introduces aspects of your website that are "behind the scenes." The main goal of this SEO type is to grow your website's domain authority. And there are many tactics and techniques for this. The most famous of these is link building which is a primary part of each off-page SEO strategy. The primary goal of link building is relevant backlinks. This means earning links from high-quality and relevant websites. In this case, you need to focus on the quality of the links and choose the most relevant for you.

Another tactic of off-page SEO is brand building which includes activities to create online authority for all people across the world and also for search engines. This involves raising your brand searches, your name, products, and domain searches, basically. The next tactic is content marketing which is also a great part of off-page SEO. Content marketing types like blogging, infographics, surveys, and so on provide an excellent off-page optimization to help your customers explore relevant information about your brand's products and services. And the final part is PR which goes hand in hand with SEO and can promote your brand with multichannel marketing and get many valuable SEO links.

Technical SEO

Another type is technical SEO which emerges from a set of ways to provide several technical requirements for websites based on modern search engine principles. Basically, technical SEO consists of indexing, crawling, rendering, and architectural processes. So, for optimizing your website, technically, you must follow several aspects like having structured data, optimized URLs, a website without errors, etc. First, it would be best to pay attention to website structure.

Yeah, this is about how to structure your website pages be it a landing page, blog page about social media analytics, or something else. You need to have a flat structure that makes the crawling process easier for search engines. In simple words, your website must be designed well for a good user experience and good ranking. Besides this, it is important to avoid dead links to technically optimize your website. Unfortunately, dead links are everywhere, and you need to pay attention to this to make your website more and more optimized.

Local SEO

The next SEO type is local search engine optimization, so let's explore its use cases. It is simple to guess from the name that local SEO is about optimization if you have a physical location somewhere. When your potential customers search for your brand or products on search engines, they can find a map or map pack and know your physical address. This can bring you many benefits, and you can do this due to local SEO.

Google algorithms provide results based on a person's immediate area, and that's why it is necessary for Google to know your address to use the proximity factor and suggest results localized near you. So, to have good local SEO strategies, you need to create local landing pages for your website, pay attention to small details, improve meta descriptions and follow best SEO practices. Local SEO can provide a good ranking and significant traffic for your business and also bring you more customers.

Local SEO

Mobile SEO

The next type is mobile search engine optimization, which is a set of processes to optimize your website on mobile devices; smartphones, tablets, and so on. The primary requirements of mobile SEO are responsive and mobile-friendly web design, separate URLs, and dynamic serving. The importance of mobile search engine optimization is great because nowadays, people are most likely to search for something on search engines with mobile devices. Yeah, it is easier and quicker than other devices. Also, people use mobile devices for social media platforms which is a great place to promote your website and get more traffic, so you can send social accounts leads to your website such as Facebook leads to email and also your website.

According to statistics, over 50% of users search for something on Google with mobile devices. This is a real fact that must motivate marketers to pay attention to mobile SEO. To have a good understanding of mobile SEO, you can use Google's mobile usability test, which can show you how mobile optimized your website and also where you need to improve. So, as you see, mobile searches are primary, and we may say that day by day, it becomes more necessary to include mobile SEO in your optimization strategies. It is not surprising that daily we are getting more and more mobile-oriented. Mobile devices are more comfortable and easy to use, also they allow a good ranking. So, start to pay attention to mobile optimization to have a successful business, sales, and progress.

Youtube SEO

And the final part is Youtube SEO which is a type of search engine optimization to optimize your Youtube channel, playlists, descriptions, and all Youtube data. Managing video assets in a single platform is a great way to efficiently get everything done from distribution to production. Nowadays, video content has become more critical, and that’s why it is essential to optimize your videos to make significant progress. And especially on Youtube, which is the second largest search engine after Google in the world, optimization is critical. These optimization methods allow you to optimize your video content both on Youtube and also outside of Youtube, sharing video content with an auto scheduler. Methods of Youtube SEO basically include keywords in video titles, meta descriptions, tags, etc. These are simple components that must be a part of a great Youtube search engine optimization strategy. Now let’s recognize parts of Youtube SEO strategy together.

The first part is about selecting the right and great keywords. Keywords must be related to your videos, and introduce your video scenario with one word. To find a great keyword for your videos, you must do keyword research which is an excellent strategy to identify keywords relevant to your market and business industry. For example, if you share content about coworking space software, you must explore that industry and competitors. Usually, Youtube marketers use various tools for this, which make the research process easier. Another part of Youtube SEO strategy is accurate closed captions. Usually, Youtube automatically suggests captions, but it’s accurate only 70%, and you must make it 100% with several methods like manually avoiding errors or creating captions with the help of video transcription services. Also, you can use different metrics to understand which videos and captions have more engagement and are a big factor in success.

For the Final Thoughts

Well, SEO is a really great system, and every type and use case is interesting in turn. Nowadays, there are a lot of search engine optimization specialists, and the great thing about this profession is that it allows you to explore various branches and get deep knowledge if you want to have a more specific profession. So, SEO is the art of showing your website in the top results of search engines, and it is essential to include this in your marketing strategies and invest in optimization. Knowing all these types and use cases will help you understand how it can be helpful for your business and which aspects of your website you need to optimize. It is crucial to identify the full potential of search engine optimization and use its features to make your business successful. So, start to explore more about search engines, learn from famous examples and best practices and create successful optimization strategies for your business.

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