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The 5 Best B2C Email Marketing Practices In 2023

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 4 min read
The 5 Best B2C Email Marketing Practices In 2023


While marketing strategies continue to grow yearly, email marketing holds the top spot for marketing campaigns, and for a good reason. Over 4 billion people use email, according to one source, meaning email marketing campaigns are a great way to reach a broad audience.

Not only is email an excellent tool for marketing, but it is also a great use of marketing funds. One estimate noted that the investment ratio to return on email marketing is as high as 1:36, meaning you’ll make an average of $36 back for every dollar invested into email marketing.

Let's look at some of the best business-to-customer (B2C) marketing strategies for 2023. This will prepare you to create your marketing strategy and help your business take advantage of that 1:36 marketing ratio.

5 Best B2C Email Marketing Practices at a Glance

  • Custom Mailing Lists
  • Optimize Your Email Design
  • Provide Value
  • Update Email List Regularly
  • Timing is Everything

1. Custom Mailing Lists

You've likely gotten a promotional email at some point if you have an email address. One of the ways you can target specific customers is by creating custom mailing lists. For example, some customers want to know everything about your business, while others only care about coupons and the latest deal.

By creating custom opt-in mailing lists, you can target your marketing efforts toward one customer type without flooding all your customers' inboxes with messages. In addition, allowing customers to decide the kind of content they receive helps you pinpoint your marketing, saves costs, and prevents customers from unsubscribing.

As a B2C business, ensuring you directly communicate with customers is crucial to building your business, so avoiding subscription loss is vital to your marketing strategy.

2. Optimize Your Email Design

This marketing practice has several steps, but it's worth the investment. First, making sure your emails are as aesthetically pleasing as possible can go a long way toward captivating your customers.

There are a few things you can do off the bat to improve your email marketing strategy. First, create a style and tone guide for your company (if you don’t already have one). This ensures that all marketing campaigns use the same language and sticks to your business aesthetic.

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Next, make sure you settle on one or two fonts to use. While using weird and wacky fonts in your email may be fun, it can overwhelm and frustrate your customers. Ensure that your subject lines are clear and that any links in the email body are usable.

Finally, ensure your email list is attached to a name of some kind. Using “no name” emails is a thing of the past. Instead, use an email with your business name attached or, better yet, a personal name. This helps you better connect with your customers on a personal level.

3. Provide Value

As a B2C business, you want to interact with your customers. Your company provides a service or product that benefits your customers. Making sure they interact with your business can build your brand reputation and make them more likely to buy from your company.

One way to build this reputation is by providing value in your emails. From newsletters to coupons and video tutorials, one way to provide value in your email marketing campaigns is to offer your customers something they can interact with. So every email you send out should showcase your company's offers, including sharing user-generated content (UGC) to help draw in customers and show them what they're missing.

Providing value may be nebulous, but it makes more sense once you tailor it to your business. For example, if you are a construction company, you can include home DIY tips or information on different building materials in your email marketing. Take time to plan out your email marketing campaign and find ways your company can bring value to your customers.

4. Update Your Email List Regularly

Even if you have the best email marketing strategy for a B2C business, your plans may need to be updated if you have an outdated email list. Making sure you have up-to-date customer information is crucial for a B2C company. Otherwise, you're sending your emails to defunct addresses, which drains your marketing budget. Instead, updating your emails regularly can be a great way to ensure your emails reach your customer base.

While sending out email surveys can be one way to ensure you have active email addresses, this is time-consuming and can be inconclusive. Instead, an email address updating service like Accurate Append can give you accurate email information in a snap. Thanks to their database's over 900 million email addresses; this service lets you get the most up-to-date customer information available to boost your next email marketing campaign.

5. Timing is Everything

After hearing how great email marketing is, you may be tempted to send dozens of emails to all your customers. However, it’s important to note that timing is everything, even with email marketing.

Avoid swamping your customers with emails, as this may make them less likely to interact with your campaigns. Instead, research to find the optimal email times for your niche. For example, many people check their email at lunch and after they get off work.

While every niche is slightly different, taking the time to learn when to send emails to your clients can make a massive difference in interaction levels. Be sure to send out emails for special sales, company news, and anything noteworthy, but avoid sending out mass emails every day, as this can bog down your customers' inboxes and tempt them to hit that unsubscribe link.

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