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The 61 Most Important Conversion Rate Statistics for 2022

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 4 min read
The 61 Most Important Conversion Rate Statistics for 2022


Conversion rate is the percentage of people who visit your website or landing page and then take action. The action can be anything from purchasing to subscribing to your mailing list. Learning about conversion rate statistics can help you get more from your campaigns and succeed. So here is a list of the most important conversion rate statistics for 2022.

General Conversion Statistics

  • The average conversion rate for websites is approximately 2.35% across all industries. Though certain industries will have higher conversion rates, others will have lower.
  • A conversion rate of 11% is recorded on the best-performing websites.
  • The average conversion rate for desktops is 4.14%.
  • The average conversion rate on tablets is 3.36%.
  • The average conversion rate on smartphones is 1.53%.
  • 94% of web traffic is generated through organic results, so improving meta titles and descriptions to encourage click-throughs is important.
  • Organic leads on an eCommerce website have a conversion rate of 14.6%.
  • Outbound activities (PPC, paid advertising) have a conversion rate of just 1.7%.
  • Only 1.95% of visitors will subscribe to an email opt-in.
  • 70% of marketers will use the results from their conversion rate optimization tests to make important marketing decisions.
  • Sporting goods have the lowest conversion rate (2.35%) of any industry.
  • Food and drink is the industry with the best conversion rate (4.95%).
  • Financial services have the highest converting B2B service (10%).
  • Non-profit organizations have the lowest converting B2B industry (2%).

The Vital Aspects of Optimizing Conversion Rates

  • Most websites have a bounce rate that is between 26 and 70%. This means that the visitor has not subscribed to a mailing list, registered an account, or bought a product.
  • 78% of brands are not happy with their conversion rates.
  • 57% of B2B marketers believe the conversion rate is the most useful and important aspect of a landing page’s performance.
  • More than a third (69%) of marketing specialists believe lead conversion is their top priority.
  • Half of the landing pages published will not be tested media for improving conversions.
  • Only 8% of conversions happen on the first interaction with a brand.
  • More than 48% of conversions take between four and ten engagements to happen.

Conversion Rate Software and Services

  • The conversion rate optimization software industry had an estimated $771 million.
  • By 2026, the industry for conversion rate optimization software will have an estimated value of $1.9 billion.
  • Just over half of brands (53%) spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on activities related to optimization conversions.
  • Brands spend on average $2000 per month on brand designers and tools to help website conversion.
  • Using automation can improve lead generation by 451%
  • Facebook adverts have a conversion rate of 9.21%.
  • The average spending for optimization is $1 for every $92 spent on customer acquisition.
  • In the world of digital marketing and improving conversion rates, it's essential to explore diverse strategies. For instance, if you're looking to enhance your online presence on YouTube and drive better conversions, you can consider buy YouTube watch hours. This approach not only increases your watch time but also strengthens your credibility in the eyes of your audience, ultimately contributing to improved conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Tactics

Conversion Rate Tactics

  • Nearly half of clicks (44%) for B2B firms are directed to the brand’s homepage not a landing page.
  • 69% of small brands have not adopted any conversion rate optimization strategies.
  • 58% of marketers use A/B testing making it the most commonly used tactic for improving conversions.
  • 35% of marketers plan to start using A/B testing for optimizing their conversion rate.
  • More than four out of every five marketers (82%) state that learning the best practices for successfully tracking and testing conversion rates is the most challenging aspect of their work.
  • Personalization is very challenging for 79% of marketers.
  • Companies can experience a 55% increase in leads when they have 15 or more landing pages.
  • Brands that build more than 40 landing pages will receive 1200% more leads than those brands with less than five landing pages.
  • Personalization of emails can increase conversion by 10% or more.
  • User-generated content can improve conversion rates by 161% across all industries.
  • Brands experience a 42% increase in conversions when there are personalized CTAs.
  • Long-form landing pages improve conversions on a website by more than 220%.
  • Multi-page forms will convert 13.85% of visitors.
  • A single-page lead generation form will convert 4.53% of visitors.
  • Brands that see the best improvements in conversion rates will carry out 50% more tests on landing pages.
  • Videos can improve conversions by 86%.
  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers (65%) will start their purchasing journey on a mobile device.
  • Segmentation is the most important element for achieving results, according to 96% of marketers.
  • Contests tend to generate a conversion rate of 34%, but the quality of the leads tends to be poor.
  • Social media referrals account for 31.24% of referral traffic to a website.

Conversion Rate Failures

  • Two in five customers will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.
  • Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the two biggest challenges facing marketers for conversion rate optimization are buy-in from decision-makers and better processes.
  • Many brands (85%) aren’t pushing enough in win-back campaigns.
  • Brands that use 11 fields in lead generation forms will perform worse. Reducing the number of fields to just four can increase conversions by 120%.
  • Using the word ‘Submit’ on a button has a conversion rate of just 3%.
  • Using an anchor text word like ‘click here’ can improve the conversion rate by ten times.
  • Asking for a telephone number can lower your conversion rate by 5%.
  • Removing your website’s navigation from a landing page will double the conversion rate.

Conversion Rate ROI

Conversion Rate ROI

  • When leads are nurtured through proper conversion rate optimization, they spend 47% more than other customers.
  • Emails with just one call-to-action will generate 1617% more sales.
  • Businesses generate an average ROI of 223% with conversion rate optimization tools.
  • Visitors on their desktops will spend 400% more than those on their mobile devices.
  • Referrals have the highest conversion rate (3.74%) of any customer acquisition channel.

Final Word

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most important activities any brand can do. If more people convert, then you don’t need to bring in more people to your website as revenues will naturally grow. Above are some of the statistics you can use to help you improve your website’s conversion.

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