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The added mental cost of meetings - according to research

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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The added mental cost of meetings - according to research


The mental cost of meetings can take several forms. Poor meeting health can result in moods that can take up to 40-50 minutes to recover from. Stress induced by being invited to a meeting without reason can leave some unproductive for hours beforehand. Inefficiently run or improperly structured meetings can leave attendees bored or angry. Stopping them from accomplishing other tasks and more productively spent elsewhere.

This study from Atlassian shows the different ways time is wasted in meetings and how much of it. Besides the monetary cost though, we really need to start considering the human cost. Poor communication can be a major factor in stress - verywellmind.

Wasted time is stressful

Meeting health affects physical health

Links between mental stress and physical health are very well documented. In the US OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) deemed stress a “hazard of the workplace.” Estimates put the cost of stress at $190 billion a year in annual healthcare bills. From sitting to long, to skipping breaks proper meeting health can mitigate many of these negative outcomes. Hybryd tackles this in a few ways:

  • Setting an objective makes sure you even need the meeting (can this be an email)
  • Creating an agenda lowers stress by mentally preparing attendees with what will be covered
  • Setting an agenda makes sure the meeting is as short as it can be
  • Hybryd progress bar and alerts stop meeting from running over time
  • Wrap up makes sure that nothing is missed and the same information doesn't need to be covered twice.
  • Access to clear notes and the ability to share them means less meetings overall

Location affects meeting health

The brain is an amazing thing. Having a dedicated space to hold your meetings helps make a difference as well. Studies show that having a dedicated space can help reduce overall stress by having a clearly defined boundary between work and relaxation space. The physical distinction creates a mental separation and helps the mind relax simply by not being in the physical space once clear boundaries are established.

Unclutter your head space

Meeting health is a manageable problem

Intent to have a healthy meeting is key. Planning ahead helps manage the environmental load created by a meeting. Poor meeting health can lead to physical, mental, and social harm to both the team and individuals. Freelancers in particular but all remote workers can have a higher than normal level of anxiety. When meeting health is considered for a meeting, users perceive the meeting as more manageable and immune to risks.

At Hybryd our goal is to make the intent of better meeting health easier.

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Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins

Ranktracker's CEO/CMO & Co-founder

Felix Rose-Collins is the Co-founder and CEO/CMO of Ranktracker. With over 15 years of SEO experience, he has single-handedly scaled the Ranktracker site to over 500,000 monthly visits, with 390,000 of these stemming from organic searches each month.

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