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The Benefits of Improved SEO for Your Business

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 4 min read
The Benefits of Improved SEO for Your Business


SEO has revolutionized the way businesses approach their online presence, but if you’ve never heard of the term, you may have some questions about what it can do for you. Over the course of today’s guide, we’re going to explore the results you can expect from improved Search Engine Optimization for your business.

Excellent ROI

While most marketing schemes will give you an acceptable ROI, one of the best things about SEO is that it will allow your business to take advantage of a truly astronomical ROI. Despite the fact that SEO may take a little longer to show you results than other methods of promoting your business, it features a close rate of almost 15%.

Compared to traditional marketing, SEO can be about 12.5% better. Keep in mind that these results are contingent on properly executing an SEO campaign. Remember that the top results on a search engine will typically get the best possible ROI, so you can’t take any half-measures when you’re working on your SEO.

Improved Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is always prized by businesses on the internet because it is often more affordable and organic users also tend to be more motivated to use your services or purchase your products. Since a quality SEO strategy will make it easier to target people whose interests align with your business, you’ll likely get better results out of your marketing.

This is accomplished by gleaning info off of the lead based on their search queries, consisting of keywords. If their keywords line up with what you provide, then they’ll be directed to your website. All in all, SEO is less like a shot in the dark and more like a carefully aimed sniper shot.

SEO Makes Your Business More Credible

Trust is one of the fundamental building blocks of establishing a quality relationship between a customer and a business, and SEO can make you seem a lot more trustworthy. This mostly has to do with how people perceive businesses that appear first in search results on sites like Google or Bing.

Even if someone understands how SEO works, a higher result subconsciously works on the customer’s brain and makes them think that your business is more credible. Along with trusting your business, people trust how the search engine’s logic works, so most people won’t move beyond the first page.

SEO Gives a Customer an Idea of How Their Experience Will Go

Better SEO will reflect better on your business because of how the algorithm works, making sure that properly functioning websites make it to the top of the search results. Having things on your website that are out of whack will make it seem like your business is shady or untrustworthy, and SEO encourages you to fix any issues that may exist.

For example, if your site’s robot.txt isn’t working properly, then you’ll end up losing results on Google and you won’t show up as high. Ticking all of the boxes so that your site works well with Google’s SEO will ensure that your site looks better and that customers who visit it don’t have a frustrating UX situation on their hands.

SEO Allows You to Target More Than a Single Audience

While most approaches to marketing will only allow you to market your services and products to a single audience, SEO allows you to reach out to anyone who would be interested. This is because the people who will search for relevant keywords pertaining to your business aren’t necessarily limited.

To give you an example of how this would work, consider a flooring company trying to attract both commercial and residential customers. One group could search for commercial flooring services on Google while the other could search for residential flooring services, and both of them could arrive at your site.

SEO’s Results Are Long-Term

Far too many marketing strategies are relatively shortsighted in that they simply provide a business with short term results without providing a way to transform them into long-term gains. That’s where SEO differs immensely from other lead generation strategies since it is inherently a long-term approach to marketing.

While some might decry that they won’t get results out of their SEO approach immediately, that’s not the purpose of search engine optimization. If you’re willing to commit time and money to improving and maintaining your company’s SEO, then you will get results out of it for a long time to come with a significant ROI.

SEO’s Benefits Are Always There

Unlike other forms of marketing that may only allow your business to benefit from them over the course of the work day or during your working hours, SEO doesn’t stop when people go to sleep. Since SEO is reliant on an algorithm, it isn’t dependent on people working to keep it running.

Google doesn’t shut down when people go to sleep, and someone searching for something related to your business in the early hours of the morning will get the same results as someone searching in the middle of the day. SEO’s results are also not as dependent on location as something like a billboard, though they are still somewhat location-dependent in a less strict sense.

SEO Works for Every Portion of Your Lead Generation Funnel

We’ve already mentioned how SEO is an excellent way of generating leads, but it won’t just create the leads that you can put into your marketing funnel. Every aspect of SEO meshes well with each section of the marketing funnel, making it much easier for you to convert promising leads into loyal customers who will come back time and time again.

Much of this is dependent on how SEO allows you to build customer loyalty, which is the most crucial part of ensuring that people progress through your business’s marketing funnel. If people don’t trust you, then you likely won’t get conversions, but SEO can help you at both the top and the middle of the funnel.

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