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The Ultimate Guide to Track YouTube Video Rankings for Free

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 5 min read
The Ultimate Guide to Track YouTube Video Rankings for Free


Are you a video creator wishing to track the performance of your videos? And also as a YouTuber you might want to see where your YouTube videos rank in search results, and get useful insights about the keyword and search traffic and estimated views your video gets. Don’t worry, in this article we are going to discuss why YouTube video ranking is important?, How ranking works, free rank checker and many more. So, without a further ado let’s get started.

Why Track Your YouTube Video Rankings?

Just before we dive into the details of the free rank checker tool, first let’s understand why we need YouTube Video Rank checking. As we all know YouTube is the second largest search engine and first largest video platform(). Due to this there will be an intense battle about taking top spot in the search results. By tracking your video ranking you will get information about the video position in search results, keyword volume, and number of views you can estimate daily i.e the view count you are likely to receive.

If you search for something on YouTube or on any other search engine you will definitely click on top results, right? That’s human psychology. Studies have shown that more than 25% of people click on first results. This will cause a rapid drop of Click through rates to your video as your video is poorly SEO optimized.

By tracking your rankings and making improvements to your video SEO, you can increase your chances of appearing higher in search results and attracting more views.

How YouTube Rankings Work

If you are a content creator you would definitely know what YouTube ranking means. It refers to the position of your video on the YouTube search results. YouTube considers some factors before ranking a video. It’s important to remember that YouTube videos also appear on google search results.

While YouTube and Google's search algorithms have some similarities, they also have distinct differences. YouTube's algorithm focuses exclusively on ranking videos within its platform, while Google aims to find the best videos regardless of their location. This means that the same search will show different results on both YouTube and Google.

Now we have a definitive understanding about YouTube Ranking, let’s learn about the free tool we previously talked about which helps in tracking your video ranking effectively.

Lenostube Your Free Rank Checker Tool

One of the most valuable and accurate tools for tracking your YouTube video rankings is the Lenostube Free Rank Checker tool. Lenos Free Ranking tool allows you to monitor the position of any YouTube video, it might be your own video or your competitors creations. It doesn't even ask for your login details to track your rankings. All you have to do is just visit their site and then navigate to SEO and there you will find the rank checker tool we are talking about.

To use Lenos Free Rank Checker tool, follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the video URL you wish to track.
  • Enter the keyword.
  • Then click the "Check Rank" button.

The tool will provide you with detailed information about your video's position in search results, allowing you to optimize your video SEO accordingly.

How Video SEO Works and Ranking Factors to Consider

Video SEO, similar to traditional SEO, involves optimizing your videos to improve their visibility in search results. Understanding the key ranking factors can help you optimize your videos effectively. Let's explore some essential aspects of video SEO:

1. Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in video SEO. Ensure that you include your target keywords in your video title, description, and tags. Use YouTube's Video Description Generator to optimize your description and make the most of the 5,000 characters YouTube provides.

2. Metadata

Video metadata, including video tags and hashtags, helps YouTube understand the content of your videos. Add relevant keywords and keyphrases in the video details section when you upload your video to YouTube Studio. Use hashtags in the video description to further improve visibility.

3. Search Intent

Understanding user search intent is vital for video SEO. YouTube aims to provide the most relevant results based on user engagement and watch time. Consider the four main categories of search intent: information, commercial, transactional, and navigational. Tailor your video content to meet these intents and increase your chances of ranking higher.

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Now that we have covered the basics of video SEO and ranking factors, let's dive into the various features of the Lenostube tool that can help you track your YouTube video rankings effectively.

Features of the Free Rank Checker Tool

1. Check Your YouTube Rankings

The first and most important feature of the Free Rank Checker tool is the ability to check your current rankings on the YouTube search engine results page (SERP). By entering the URL of your video and selecting YouTube as your preferred search engine, you can discover your top-ranking keywords and positions on the YouTube result page.

2. Check Your Video Rankings on Google

While YouTube is a powerful platform, it's essential to ensure that your videos also appear in video results on the organic Google SERP. Adding Google as one of your preferred search engines in the tool allows you to check if your content appears as a suggested video in Google search results.

3. Track Your Video Rankings Over Time

Monitoring the progress of your video rankings over time is crucial for optimizing your content strategy. By enabling the recording of SERP history in the tool, you can track how the rankings of your videos change on the YouTube SERP. This information helps you identify trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your rankings.

4. Track Local Video Rankings

If you target specific locations, the Free Rank Checker tool offers a powerful local rank checker. You can add Google Mobile, any local version of Google, or any other search engine of your choice. By defining the exact location and checking rankings, you can analyze the performance of your videos in specific regions.

5. Check Your Competitors' Ranking Videos

Staying ahead of the competition is essential in the world of YouTube. The Free Rank Checker tool allows you to see all ranking videos for a specific keyword on the YouTube SERP. By analyzing your competitors' rankings and the keywords that get them clicks, you can optimize your own videos and attract more viewers.

6. Find Video Keywords for YouTube

Adding relevant long-tail keywords to your video descriptions and tags can significantly boost your rankings. While YouTube's autocomplete feature provides some keyword suggestions, it has limitations. The Free Rank Checker tool includes a built-in keyword research tool that offers extensive keyword ideas. It helps you discover hundreds of long-tail keywords to optimize your videos effectively.

7. Rank Your Videos with the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is crucial for video SEO success. Conducting a search audit using the Free Rank Checker tool provides valuable information such as search volume, keyword difficulty, expected visits, PPC costs, and click-through rates. By analyzing this data, you can select the most promising keywords to optimize your video titles, descriptions, and metadata.

Boost Your YouTube Video Rankings for Free

YouTube is a powerful platform for content creators, and optimizing your videos for maximum visibility is crucial. By utilizing the Lenostube Free Rank Checker tool and implementing effective video SEO strategies, you can improve your video rankings and attract more viewers.

Remember to conduct thorough keyword research, optimize your video titles and descriptions, and track your rankings regularly.

By checking your video rankings you can make decisions based on the data you got and use the data to enhance your content and approach the strategies that work even better than previous ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Start tracking your YouTube video rankings for free today and take your channel to new heights!

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins


is the Co-founder of Ranktracker, With over 10 years SEO Experience. He's in charge of all content on the SEO Guide & Blog, you will also find him managing the support chat on the Ranktracker App.

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