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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies 2022

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies 2022


The digital marketplace is on the rise, and even if you've learned how to blog, it's not all to have a great online presence that makes a difference to your business. Just like offline, working with digital marketing requires a strategy for results. Every year digital marketing strategies are renewed, as the market is constantly updating, requiring professionals to adapt to the new consumption model and find new ways of doing business in the digital environment.

With that in mind, we've brought you some ideas for digital marketing strategies so you can learn about the best ways to go further and take your business to another level.

What are Digital Marketing Strategies

What are Digital Marketing Strategies?

Strategies in digital marketing are a set of practices with the objective of observing, analyzing and adapting to the user on the internet, producing content and tools capable of capturing their attention and making them enter a journey that culminates in making a decision, which in many cases is the purchase.

They are widely used by companies that want to increase their business opportunities, expand their territory to the online environment and find new ways to relate to customers.

As in the virtual world, communication is instantaneous and at scale. Companies have chances of doing great business if they use the right strategies. Are you ready to know the strategies? So let's go!



One of the best ways to attract audiences to your digital platforms is through content. Content marketing is an organic traffic strategy where you offer quality content that will interest and generate value to a certain type of audience that will always be visiting and interacting with what you publish.

Therefore, more than learning how to create a blog, there needs to be content planning, both on the website and on social networks, discovering the niche, defining the target audience and creating an editorial line so that the content created is really relevant to the point of being considered something of value to a certain group of people.

It is also important to delve deeper into the subjects, create an authority profile and diversify the way this content is distributed, creating different formats, such as texts, video, images, e-books, podcasts and other formats with content marketing tools. That way, you can keep the audience more engaged with the brand.

2. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way to make your content more discoverable to search engines. This means that it will become easier to find when someone does a search for a related keyword and may appear in the top positions as a result.

Appearing in the top positions of a search is essential for a site to receive more visits and become better known, in addition to the fact that these are the contents that are seen with more credibility by the public that does online research. So, it is very important to optimize your text so that it is optimized to be easily found by search engines.

If you already know how to create a blog, it is essential to learn and keep up to date with SEO rules, because if you are not present in search engines, it is very difficult to be found organically by those who do not yet know your work.


The email list is a way to capture leads who are interested in having a greater relationship with your brand, receive exclusive content and offers, and stay on top of the news that your company offers. Because of this, they are often used as a way to ensure an organic audience for blogs and to nurture leads on a buying journey.

Having an email list with exclusive content and knowing how to work this strategy well can bring many benefits to your business.

Email makes your contact with the customer more active, because from the moment he offers a form of contact, you have the possibility to take the message directly to him, which leaves you a few steps away from closing a good deal.


Having a presence on social media is essential for your business to be seen online. These days, social platforms are where people spend most of their time online, so your brand needs to be where people's attention is.

Therefore, you should use content marketing not only on blogs, but on all platforms that you are present on. Each network has its own language, so you need to adapt your content so that it is well-positioned and attracts attention in the medium, making it really relevant.

Take the opportunity to create forms of interaction and develop a greater relationship with your followers through social networks, answering comments, private messages and creating engaging videos, etc.


Influencers are great for some marketing strategies. Depending on your niche, this can be a great way to promote your brand and you can choose from the most diverse professionals available to do the job.

Many influencers are able to create content around their brand, promote their product well and be a good business partner.

This is a strategy that brings many results, since these professionals have a high engagement with their audience.


Paid traffic is done through the ad platforms available online. These ads can be displayed on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, websites and blogs. Therefore, your business can be seen everywhere on the web, as long as you know the best way to promote your brand when creating an ad.

If you're new to ads, you might want to learn a bit about the platforms before investing in or hiring a paid traffic professional to create your campaigns.

That way, you make better use of the money available for your campaigns and end up showing your ads to a greater number of people interested in your brand.


A landing page is a marketing strategy used for a specific action in which a static page is created in order to make the reader perform an action. This action can be subscribing to a newsletter, downloading exclusive material or even buying a product on offer.

Therefore, you can use the landing page to get leads, so it is important that there is a well-crafted copywriting text and a good offer that is worth the customer's contact. All in all, create objective pages with only essential data in the form. And remember, all with a simple layout and as clean as possible.


Remarketing is a very common paid traffic strategy that you probably see every day, but don't realize.

Have you ever noticed how every time you search for a product, it tends to appear in ads for content that you later access? This is a result of remarketing strategies. Within the ad platforms, it is possible to configure the ad that interested the customer to be displayed more often until he makes the purchase decision.

This is to test if you are still interested in a particular product, which can increase the chances of the customer making the purchase. Smart, isn't it?


Guest posting is a strategy where you write as a guest for blogs in the same or similar niche as yours. The goal is to create relevant content that should contain links to your page, which will build authority, credibility and generate traffic to your blog.

This is a type of strategy that can be collaborative. In the same way that you make a guest post, you can also allow others to do the same on your blog. That way, you can share audience without having to spend money to get more readers.


Finally, let's leave the basic strategy of anyone who wants to join digital marketing: have your own website.

As important as it is to be on social media, these platforms are "rented lands" of which you have no control over the rules, which, in addition to limiting your possibilities, also puts your audience at risk if you are banned.

Therefore, having your own platform will allow you to create a blog, make landing pages, have a virtual store and everything else you want to explore to have greater contact with your audience. Therefore, it is very important that you have a website with your trademark domain.



Which of the above marketing strategies have you tried? Did you like to learn a little more about digital marketing strategies? Share this post with your friends who are interested in the subject and be sure to check out our blog for more content like this.

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