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Using Influencer Marketing To Boost Your SEO

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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Using Influencer Marketing To Boost Your SEO


Influencer marketing can be very effective at promoting a brand and boosting awareness across a target audience. This is why it is always one of the leading digital marketing methods used by both small and large brands. Similarly, search engine optimization is a huge part of promoting literally any website.

Experienced digital marketers will tell you that an SEO strategy is effective if it is built in a way that impacts the target customer’s purchase path. Basically, this means the business has to figure out how the customers shop through the determination of things like:

  • Does the customer need to feel the product in a store before buying?
  • Does the customer buy online because the product cannot be found in a regular store?
  • Does the customer do a lot of research before buying if the product is considered to be expensive?
  • Does the customer know that they want to buy a product like yours?

Since we are talking about online shopping, you will also want to figure out things like:

  • Does the customer use Facebook? If so, do they get influenced by ads?
  • Does the customer prefer a lesser-known network like Pinterest to find what they want to buy?
  • Are podcasts influencing buying decisions?
  • Is Instagram influencing the major buying decision?

When you know where there is a high possibility that customers will find you, there is a much higher possibility that your marketing strategy will be effective. You have to understand what the best marketing channels are so that your brand can reach its marketing goals. And when contacting influencers from different platforms, you should consider using different templates for influencer outreach. Basically, you need a lot of data to make your final decisions as the marketing strategy is created.

Improving Your SEO With Influencer Marketing

At the end of the day, SEO is all about getting the suitable backlinks to your pages. And in order to do this, you can use several really effective strategies. One of them is aligning your influencer marketing strategy to your goals.

The main goal of most SEO strategies revolves around boosting website domain authority. Basically, you want the website to appear as trustworthy as possible in front of the potential audience. It is similar to how you would make changes in brick and mortar stores, so they seem more attractive to the intended audience.

You would use a tool to find the best keywords, like our Keyword Finder, and you then work hard to get backlinks with those keywords as anchor texts.

Improving Your SEO With Influencer Marketing (Image Source: [Pixabay][https://pixabay.com/ro/photos/link-building-link-ul-de-informare-4111001/])

For years, link building strategies like guest posting were utilized to ethically build a great brand reputation. And if you do not get numerous backlinks at the same time, there is a very good possibility you do it right.

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With backlinks coming from high authority websites, you get good traffic. But, this is only possible when your content and your link actually add value. There has to be a reason for the link to be present in order for it to be high quality.

In influencer marketing, you take a very similar approach to modern SEO. You contact people with a high reputation in your industry, and you have them recommend you. If they also add links to your content in what they create as a part of the deal, you automatically also get SEO benefits. This is the way in which influencer marketing interacts with search engine optimization to bring benefits to your business.

Simply put, when influencer marketing campaigns create online content that links to your site, your rankings increase. However, this is not the only benefit. The gain you receive in attention and reputation cannot really be measured. If an influencer recommends your brand, people might look for it directly on Google. Such brand searches are rarely considered when looking at results obtained from either influencer marketing or SEO campaigns.

Establishing Brand Awareness Through SEO And Influencer Marketing

Many business owners, especially during the startup phase, do not care about brand awareness. This is why so many influencer marketing campaigns are built around ROI. Unfortunately, such an approach is not at all a good idea, especially in situations like:

  • You want to enter a new market
  • You want to target new customers
  • You are doing a rebranding
  • You are launching a new product/service

In such cases, you should not underestimate the importance of brand awareness. Also, you have to consider that the only way to remain relevant, especially in competitive markets, is to keep being seen by current and potential customers. This explains why you see countless logos you know almost daily, like Coca Cola or McDonalds.

We offer a SERP checker tool exactly because of being able to monitor how you rank in rankings. If the huge brands need this, you also surely do. After every SEO campaign, including those you run in connection with influencer marketing, you have to monitor results. If you do it right, you will see that influencer content can do wonders for your SEO work.

Using Influencer Marketing To Boost Awareness

There are many brands that can benefit from a boost in brand awareness. As an example, let’s think about a vitamin brand. People buying supplements, including vitamins, often do a lot of research and even test different brands before settling on what they want to keep using. In such a scenario, a brand's reputation is a critical buying decision. And even finding out about a brand counts, which is where brand awareness stands in.

Launching a vitamin product means you are faced with huge competition. If your brand is seen as trustworthy, it is much easier to convince people to make a purchase.

But, where does SEO fit in?

To appear higher in searches, you do need backlinks. When you do good influencer marketing campaigns, as you are launching a new vitamin product, you can gain backlinks from the influencer’s resources and from other resources that trust the influencer. And you can do this with every single product launch to keep getting those essential high authority backlinks.

Should You Use SEO Or Influencer Marketing?

Every single influencer marketing campaign can bring in SEO benefits when done right. However, most brands do not have the funds needed to run perfect, large influencer marketing campaigns. If this is the case with your business, the best thing you can do is to focus on SEO. The only exception to that is when you really need an initial boost for launching a product. In this case, using your money to run an influencer marketing campaign is a better choice that would bring in results fast. Profits can then be used to start working on SEO.

Ranktracker can help you get the best results for every single SEO campaign you run, including those combined with influencer marketing. Use our tools to plan, monitor, and get the results you need.

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins


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