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Web Design Through the Senses: How to Make a More Joyful Website in 5 Simple Steps?

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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Web Design Through the Senses: How to Make a More Joyful Website in 5 Simple Steps?


In the digital era, a website is considered a work of art. And what is the goal of art if not to awaken the senses of the viewers, whether they are art critics or internet users?

Trends in web design keep changing, but sticking with a design that triggers our senses is always a good choice. While it’s not recommended to create a web page for all the senses, awakening one of them is vital, especially if your product addresses them.

Not sure how to start and bring joy to your newly created website?

In this article, we will lead you through the 5 efficient steps for creating a joyful website that inspires the internet audience.

1. Use Appealing Images and Colors to Trigger Sight

Choosing an appealing and convenient theme for your website is always a good option for attracting a broader audience. But if you’re targeting a specific group of people, it’s necessary to use a unique set of images to trigger their own senses and approach them in a more appropriate way.

If you want to get original and personalized images for your website without breaking the bank, hiring talented and professional photo editors is the way to go. There is a wide range of websites where you can find freelancers that meet your needs and expectations and count on them to design and edit photos for you. That way, you can enrich your website with high-quality visual content and create a pleasant digital environment that is a paradise for the eyes.

Awakening the sense of sight is particularly useful for travel agencies, hotel owners, and similar industries that attract their customers through the art of beauty.

2. Add Calming Music to Emphasize the Sound

If your business is about music or sounds, you should use it to present yourself to your audience. Music has the power to take us back in time and let us experience some joyful memories all over again – whether it’s a popular childhood song, calming nature sounds, or even a picture of an instrument.

But be careful. While adding music to your website can be an excellent way to attract and maintain visitors, it may become annoying if you overdo it. To avoid it, make sure not to add music to every single page and stay away from irritating and distracting sounds that might repel the users and make them leave your site before exploring its corners.

If you want to provide a joyful user experience through sounds, stick to the following tones: calm, harmony, and peace.

Add Calming Music to Emphasize the Sound (Image source: Youtube)

3. Make It Visually Tasty

If you’re in the food business, name a better way of attracting customers than making them hungry right away!

Pastry shops, restaurants, or cafés can benefit from a design that consists of their delicious products or videos of them cooking or preparing foods and drinks. And the second approach is even more efficient as it delivers better outcomes. Namely, consumers are more likely to visit a particular place after they’ve seen the process of preparing foods or drinks they can try there.

Make It Visually Tasty (Image source: Brittany Ferries)

The idea of involving interactive food content can be a great way to engage with your audience and take your social media campaign to the next level. If you haven't tried this strategy yet, it’s time to do it – it will deliver better and more long-lasting outcomes than any other approach used in hospitality or businesses that sell food in general. Besides, adding high-quality videos to your website can significantly boost your SEO practices.

Don’t forget that SEO plays a vital role in your online presence. And guess what? Optimizing your site according to the latest SEO trends doesn’t have to be complicated! In fact, by sticking to a simple yet efficient SEO checklist, you can improve your site’s rankings and get closer to Google’s first page.

SEO checklist

4. Allow Users to Touch and Feel Your Products

Awakening the sense of touch is the future of marketing strategies used in eCommerce. Namely, eCommerce websites that want to drive more sales and attract customers often provide tools that allow users to zoom the products and take a closer look at the fabrics, texture, and colors.

Although they cannot experience the product, the enlarging tool can make them feel like they’re touching it. Also, it can encourage them to make decisions faster and add desired products to the cart rather than checking out the competition. And while online shopping has reached its peak during the pandemic, we can agree that nothing can beat the spirit of old-school in-store shopping.

Pandemic Accelerates Shift to Online Retail (Image source: Statista)

But besides the eCommerce industry, places like massage salons and spas can also benefit from incorporating the tactile style into their websites. For example, massage salon owners can incorporate images of people receiving treatments, which will motivate potential customers to schedule a massage for themselves.

5. Add a Bit of Fragrance to Your Design

It’s true that we recognize some brands for their smell, whether it’s a fragrance, a detergent, a fabric softener, or coffee! And if you want your website to smell like some of these products, you can achieve that in several ways.

If you sell perfumes or you want the audience to recognize your brand by the signature smell, you can use high-quality and original photos of your product to emphasize the effect. As already mentioned, relevant images can be quite a potential way to accomplish your goals and awaken the user’s sense of smell. The same goes for food and coffee makers, who can use this approach to encourage customers to follow the scent and find their stores!

Final Words

It’s vital to understand that, although it might sound phenomenal, creating a website for all the senses is not a clever idea. Besides leading to sensory overload, such an approach may cause distractions and result in an increased bounce rate.

On the other hand, by focusing on one sense, you can deliver an exceptional user experience characterized by heightened user awareness, happier customers, a more stable connection with your target audience, and their willingness to explore more about your brand.

Keep in mind that recreating a particular sense on your website can lead to increased user happiness, which will take you a step closer to long-term online success. It’s never too late to incorporate this strategy into your actual marketing plan and start delivering happiness instead of triggering users’ pain points!

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