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What Is International SEO

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 1 min read


International SEO sets up your website to interface with search engines from other countries because your computer knows what country you reside in and what language you use for business.

Examining site traffic from all over the world, you realize how much global business is conducted and what a necessity it becomes to consider geotargeting and international SEO. International SEO ensures your site is relevant for users of other countries and targeted languages and areas. This formatting also includes SEO tactics that correct for currencies and times zones. Depending on the functionality of your website, properly setting up an international SEO site could require establishing a new site or a subdirectory network within the site that currently exists.

Top SEO Tactics: International SEO

International SEO helps search engines know which country and language group is needed for the business at hand. Additional tips for formatting for international business are listed below:

Localize your Content

Ensure that you content is localized to your target audience. Local language, currency, and time zone information will help the audience find comfort with the site. Consider researching the area that you have the most foreign traffic and consider changing the look and design of your site to support and different looks and cultural likes.

Speak the Language

Make sure that you site navigation is in the primary language of the area you are targeting. Work with a human translator as computer translation programs can miss some native language nuances.

Consider the structure of your site

You can use domains and subdomains, and subdirectories to makes certain that the search engine can find all the information needed to follow the Google recommended organizational structure to make the page easily crawlable for search engines.

Other SEO Signals

the search engines can also see that your site is optimized for international business by contracting a local IP address, adding local content through links on your web pages, and connecting with international search engines like Yandex or Baidu.

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