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Why React JS is the Most Favored Front-end Technology for Startups

  • Harikrishna Kundariya
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Why React JS is the Most Favored Front-end Technology for Startups

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Product user experience is at the heart of all startups, whether large or small. Startup owners are concerned about development expenses, product deployment, and stable technical frameworks for future support in addition to improving user experience. Moreover, various javascript frameworks have risen in popularity during the last few years. The task of choosing the right framework for a startup's product has grown even more challenging.  

There are several UI frameworks available that ensure a rich and enjoyable user experience. React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and other frameworks are the most popular. The frameworks are ranked according to their ease of use, development speed, output quality, developer community size, and available technical documentation. 

Why is React JS used for Front-end?

Why is React JS used for Front-end?

ReactJs is the most popular and favored choice among startup founders based on the aforementioned characteristics. Entrepreneurs prefer ReactJS development since it aids in increasing conversion rates, provides a** **backlink checker option, lowers development costs, and increases brand recognition. Even Meta and a vast community of individual developers and corporations support ReactJS, which is a free and open-source framework. 

Here are some of the reasons which state why React JS is the most favored front end technology for startups:

Swifter App Development

React JS provides the facility to optimize all the reusable components which enables app developers to include the new parts in the development of their apps. An app developer can look out at the timely progress of the entire project when using ReactJS.

 The development of the apps becomes faster with the help of React Native. It is a very popular and known open-source framework in the developing industry and it is used for creating both the iOS and Android apps. The performance will not hinder although the time spent will decrease.

Simple to Understand 

ReactJS is a very simple and easy-to-understand front-end framework as compared to others like Vue or Angular. As it is easy to learn as well as understand, the development of the apps by using ReactJS is faster and less time-consuming.

Cross-Platform App Development at its Finest 

ReactJS is used by developers to create software that works well on both Android and iOS. It facilitates use of the reused codes thus saving the time of writing the new code. Many programming languages, including Objective C, Java, Swift, and others, have been rendered outdated by ReactJS. For starting your project, you can hire ReactJS developers instead of investing time and money in hiring a big team of Android and iOS developers.

Ability to Create Custom Components 

ReactJS comes with JSX, a popular syntactic extension. You can now generate components depending on the criteria using this method. These components are most commonly used with HTML quoting. JSX is extensively used by developers to write custom components, create React Element trees from HTML mock-ups, and develop high-volume apps, even though there are various disagreements about it. 

Improved Long-Term Application Stability 

Most entrepreneurs are looking for a system that will not become obsolete over time. They require a framework or platform that can readily upgrade itself over time to provide new functionality. As long as Facebook holds the platform, ReactJS will never go out of style. Due to ReactJS's capacity to carry out the long-term interface of mobile and web applications, businesses favor this platform above others. 

Rendering Time Reduction 

When designing a high-load, complex application, it's critical to first determine the app's structure, as this will have a big impact on its performance. Most of the apps use document object models. Because this is a tree structure, even minor changes to any layer can influence the application's user experience. Facebook, on the other hand, has created a new tool called Virtual DOM to address the problem. 

As the name says, this is a virtualized DOM format. App developers can use this to test the changes using the virtual DOM first to see how well they perform. As a result, such dangers can be avoided. The virtual DOM can also be utilized to create a sophisticated UI while maintaining excellent app performance. 

More efficient Testing 

Another reason ReactJS has been chosen over JavaScript and other app development frameworks is the ease with which app developers can test their work. Application testing is relatively simple with React; just a few simple clicks and you're good to go. There are a few frameworks that this platform supports when it comes to app testing. You can use react-di and Babel, for example. You may simply see the results, cases, and testing procedures using these frameworks.

ReactJs is used by known brands

React is the UI framework of choice for many well-known organizations with millions of visits to their websites and mobile apps. ReactJS is used by internet giants such as Facebook (1.91 billion monthly active users), Instagram (1 billion monthly active users), Uber (93 million monthly active users), and Netflix (106 million monthly active users). 

Exceptional Community Support 

ReactJS has a large and active community. Every day, a large number of people work to make this a powerful front-end app development framework. ReactJS has almost 1330 regular members and 136,000 ratings on GitHub. 

Advantages of Using React 

Advantages of Using React 

  • It's a Javascript library called React. But there's a lot more to it. It's a sprawling network of libraries, extra tools, tutorials, and articles. Companies can focus on areas that are specific to their use cases with React's numerous amazing solutions for solving common challenges. Developers can also boost their productivity with React, thanks to excellent online community support. 
  • For analyzing applications component by component, there are several genuinely effective developer tools available for practically all major browsers with React. One can also run performance checks and analyses in addition to changing the state of a component. 
  • React is a user interface library that allows you to build code in JavaScript. It concentrates on doing what it does best while allowing the open-source community to focus on other challenges. Any developer who is familiar with JavaScript may write code quickly this way. 
  • There is an architecture in React that allows programmers to construct applications that are largely made up of components. Each component is capable of handling logic, rendering, and style on its own. The building of reusable components is a breeze with React. This makes it easy to create and manage apps. 


Since its introduction, ReactJS has grown in popularity. It has a great capacity to deliver high-performance online and mobile applications in less time. Any startup or enterprise that uses ReactJS will be able to reap the benefits of its functionality and stability for many more years. 

Every startup strives to minimize the expense of creating an app to a minimum.  Furthermore, having two different teams of iOS and Android developers can result in additional costs. As a result, hiring a ReactJS developer could be a great choice for them, as this single platform is sufficient to create hybrid applications. 

Hire ReactJS developers who offer high-end services capable of putting your ideas into reality if you're seeking a trusted ReactJs Developer to deliver your enterprise or startup projects. 


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