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10 Tips On How To Apply For Online Jobs

  • Bolaji Qudus
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10 Tips On How To Apply For Online Jobs


Technological advancement has made it easy for job seekers to sit in the comfort of their homes, apply and get online jobs that will earn them a living. While there are many companies, businesses, and brands looking for employees that can work remotely, getting those jobs is still a challenge. And the main reason is that job seekers don't know tips that will help them scale through.

Are you one of them?

Then you have to stick around because you will learn 100 tips that will help you get the online job of your dream.

What is an Online Job?

An online job is a type of job that requires a smart device, an internet connection, and skills. While you can work for yourself, it is mostly about working for businesses on a full-time, contract, freelance, and part-time basis. It involves you (the person open to work) applying for the job, getting interviewed, and finally being selected.

What are the benefits of online jobs?

Working online has a lot of benefits and that's why the competition is fierce on job boards and freelancing platforms where people deploy all strategies to ensure they get hired.

Below are some of them:

You don't have to commute: Employees that work offline in offices commute many times a week, and this can be stressful in cities with a lot of traffic jams. This isn't so with online jobs. You can sit on your sofa with your computer beside you and do your work remotely. No one cares.

Quality time: it avails you the opportunity to spend more quality time with important people in your life. No boss to order you on how to behave during work hours. You can plan your schedule to ensure you deliver on your daily tasks while you do other things that make you happy.

Flexibility: You can decide to work while on the train traveling to another city. It can even be while on holiday with your spouse.

Let's dive into tips on how to apply for online jobs!

1. Prepare Your Resume

Many of the high-paying remote online jobs require that you submit your resume. This is for the recruiter to know about your career, background, and skills that make you suitable for the job. Creating a resume is easy nowadays with graphic design tools like Canva. There are templates for different kinds of resumes.

Prepare Your Resume

So you just edit one that suits your needs and fill in your data appropriately. After which, you can download and save to Google Drive for easy access.

2. Update Your Resume

It doesn't end with having a resume. There are times you've to update them to suit the job you want to apply for.

Let's assume a job states that skill in managing a Facebook page is an advantage, and you don't have it.

You can easily learn that within a few days and update that on your resume before applying for the job. That will give you an edge over other applicants.

3. Have A Profile On Professional Networking Platforms

Landing that dream online job requires that you network with people of like minds and businesses that need your services. There are lots of social media platforms for job seekers that want to offer their professional services. LinkedIn is the most popular among them. Here you meet recruiters and human resource personnel looking for qualified people to work with them remotely.

Creating an account and setting up a profile on LinkedIn is simple. Register with your email to get started. Fill in all the required information to have a profile.

Thankfully, LinkedIn has a job board where you can see online job openings.

Have A Profile On Professional Networking Platforms

You can even filter to see jobs that suit your skills plus set notifications, so you will be the first to apply for jobs in your industry.

4. Visit Job Boards & Blogs

Job boards and blogs make it easy for you to find and apply for jobs that match your skills. Businesses that want to hire online workers post jobs there.

For example, Pro Blogger has a job board that covers mainly marketing, tech, and SEO jobs.

Job seekers with digital marketing skills flood there to apply for jobs since most of the recruiters are from the United States and Canada where you have best paying online jobs.

Flex job is another popular job board where you can apply for any type of online job from anywhere around the globe.

Visit Job Boards & Blogs

There are high-paying consulting jobs, software maintenance jobs, and other lucrative online jobs in countries like the UK, the US, and Canada.

5. Have Your Cover Letter Handy

Most recruiters require more than a resume to take you seriously when reviewing your application. The aim is to provide additional background information about your application; show why you should be hired ahead of others.

Fortunately, not all recruiters ask for this. But it's important you have it handy in case of necessity.

Let's assume you came across an online job that requires you to submit your cover letter and the deadline is in a few hours.

What will you do?

You will miss such an opportunity assuming your cover letter isn't handy.

Creating a cover letter isn't hard. Again, you can use Canva to get this done in minutes. There are different templates for it.

Search for Cover Letter on Canva, and you see various free templates to use. Go through one to see how it should look.

Have Your Cover Letter Handy

Then edit any that's related to what you want and fill in your own details. Easy-peasy.

After which you can save it on your file and upload it during application when it's needed.

6. Complete Online Applications Correctly

Application for juicy online jobs is competitive. There are many applicants fighting for a few openings. So, any mistake you make in your application process is a reason to neglect your application. That's why you should pay attention to get it right.

Stay in a cool place and avoid any form of distraction until you complete it. And before you submit it, preview and go through every piece of information you provided to ensure they are accurate. If possible, share with a friend to take a second look.

Note that you can’t correct any error made after submitting your application.

7. Track Your Job Applications

Tracking your applications will help you know the position a recruiter is referring to when they call you for an interview. Also, it makes it easy for you to follow up with your applications. Let's assume an insider in the company informed you of the job opening. You can email or contact them to know the progress of your application. That's only possible if you keep track of them.

Keeping track of your applications is simple.

You can use a spreadsheet like Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel to enter the name of the company, website, email address of the recruiter, date you applied for the job, and position you applied for.

8. Be Ready For Interviews

You can be called upon for interviews at any time. Be ready so you don’t miss the opportunity.

Be sure to check your emails at least once a day. That's the only way to get notified when a recruiter invites you for an interview.

Know about the business you want to work for, its vision, and mission because any recruiter would want to access your knowledge on this.

Getting this information isn't hard in this digital age. Businesses that hire online workers always have websites. Go to their website, and head to the About Us page to learn more about them.

Be ready to share with the interviewer how your skills will add value to the business and help towards achieving their goals. All these and more are vital questions that come up during interviews.

Some job interviews can happen in four or five stages before you are finally hired. The process can be rigorous and stressful, so you keep that in mind.

9. Negotiate Strongly On Rate

You earn hourly, weekly, or monthly for online jobs. For whichever the company chooses, ensure you negotiate strongly on rates so that you don't under-price yourself. Some recruiters will ask you for rates, while others will have a fixed rate.

The only way to ensure that you earn what your skill is worth is to compare what other companies or businesses of their caliber pay for such a job. You can easily Google it to get an idea.

10. Keep Apply Until You Get Hired

It's normal to apply for several online job openings without getting hired. Don't give up because nothing good comes easy. Keep applying and be optimistic. Your efforts will surely land you that dream online job that's worth it.

Final Thought

Online jobs are the future as businesses continue to cut the cost of running physical offices. The level at which job seekers apply for it is high due to its flexibility.

That's why you should consider implementing all you've learned in this guide.

Create and update your resume, network on professional platforms like LinkedIn, try job boards, and have your cover letter handy.

Furthermore, complete your application without error, track them, prepare for interviews, and don't give up applying for online jobs until you get one.

Bolaji Qudus

Bolaji Qudus

Bolaji Qudus is a content writer and blogger who writes about jobs, business, finance and education. He's the founder of Zoriaf.com and loves creating content that helps job seekers, small business owners and students succeed.

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