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11 Solid Strategies to Get More Conversions From Your Blog Content

  • Abhishek Talreja
  • 7 min read
11 Solid Strategies to Get More Conversions From Your Blog Content


You’re creating lots of audience-friendly blog content but still feeling lost because you’re not meeting your lead generation goals. Don’t fret. It’s not an uncommon problem.

SocialTriggers discovered in their recent survey that most blog subscribers leave within the first three months.

Getting your readers to take the desired action is complex. But the good news is that you can master it. So in this post, let’s learn how to achieve tangible business outcomes from your blog content.

1. Use Giveaways

A simple way to get people to sign-up for your mailing list is to offer them something unique. For instance, you can offer a special one-time discount to your blog readers. Or you can give them a valuable content upgrade like an ebook in lieu of their email address. A free product trial is great as well.

The best part about giveaways is that they allow you to build relationships with customers and potential customers simultaneously,” quips Cody Search, Marketing Director of Improvita.

“I've seen a lot of growth and success since we started integrating giveaways into our marketing initiatives,” he adds.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

What’s the best way to add these incentives to your blog content? An excellent way is to add a call to action at the end of your post. For example, you can write a few sentences to explain the benefits of opting in and add a link to the relevant landing page.

The second way is to use in-content banners to redirect your users to the offer page. Take a look at this example from Pointerpro, a popular online assessment tool.

Use Giveaways

So, are you ready to roll in new leads by giving away something your readers can value?

Not all mornings are bright and sunny. But every morning, you can wake up and take notes of what’s trending in your industry. And that, my dear friend, can be very rewarding.

Writing about trends can get you more readers simply because people want to learn more about them. Also, such content attracts more social media shares and, therefore, higher online visibility.

To learn more about what’s trending,

  • Hang out in popular niche social media communities.
  • Follow the best industry blogs using a tool like Feedly.
  • Check out trending content on platforms like Medium and Quora.
  • Learn about upcoming topics by checking Google Trends.
  • Look for what’s trending on platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

Write About Trending Topics

Posting about industry trends is a great way to get relevant website traffic that converts into valuable business leads.

3. Get Your Readers to Interact with Your Content

Creating content is about building a loyal community of fans and followers. When people love your content, they love doing business with you.

To meet that end, you must have a comments section to get readers to share their feedback and thoughts about your blog content. A comments section is your gateway to creating two-way communication between your business and your audience. Remember to ask readers to share their opinion and experiences in the comments section.

And don’t ever forget to reply to every comment you receive.

Get Your Readers to Interact with Your Content

Encouraging valuable conversations around your content is a surefire way to make content experiences more human and boost blog conversions.

4. Add Visuals

Speak of quality content, and you can’t leave aside visual elements. Visuals make content lively and engaging. You can use visuals to showcase stats, processes, and examples. You can also use GIFs and memes to add humor to your blog content. There are many advantages of adding visual content to blog posts.

  • Visuals get people to stay on your site for longer. Longer on-site time improves search rankings and website traffic.

49% of marketers primarily use visual content on blogs and websites followed by social channels such as Facebook and Instagram. (Venngage)

  • Images that go with your brand colors help improve brand recall. And I’m sure you already know that a great brand reputation is essential to get more leads and sales for your business.

Add Visuals (Source)

Visuals are the life and soul of high-converting blog content. Hence, make sure you use them regularly in all your blog posts.

5. Try to Outdo the Competition

The content marketing landscape has become highly competitive. As a result, many businesses are producing blog content.

Hence building trust with your target audience is about creating the maximum possible value for them. An excellent way to do that is to create effective long-form blog content.

When your content provides all the possible answers to audience queries, it fetches more audience affinity and greater conversions.

Dan Trichter, CEO of Accessibility Checker, emphasizes the need for having a strong central message that resonates with your audience.

“Have a clear understanding of your target audience, so you know exactly how to craft the messaging of your content. Anything you put out there should be reflective of your brand’s goals and vision and fulfills the needs of your particular audience,” he says.

6. Use Case Studies

The thing is that people need reason enough to believe in you and your business. Case studies are proof that your products and services are good.

Use them within your blog content, and you’ll add unprecedented weight to your argument.

  • Add relevant case studies to show how you helped your existing clients.
  • Highlight product or service features most relevant to prospects.
  • Talk about the degree and effectiveness of the results that your past clients achieved.

You can use case studies as a sales pitch within your blog content. It’s an intelligent strategy to get your content to convert. And the best part is that you’re selling without being salesy.

7. Make Your Content Reader Friendly

The world is full of content. Why not make yours spicy, flavorful, and enjoyable?

  • Make your blog content easy to bite, chew, and digest by dividing it into short paragraphs. Use bulleted text to make your content easy to scan and read.
  • Add weight to your story by using the relevant data and statistics. Make sure you get them from credible sources.
  • To make your post realistic and practical, you can add relevant examples.
  • To make your blog posts stand out, you must write in a distinct brand voice. The best way is to use words and vocabulary that align with your brand’s emotional values.
  • Lastly, make sure you have fun creating your content. Because if you enjoy the content creation process, your target audience will have a good time reading it.

Empathizing with your readers is the ideal way to get them to resonate with your content and move ahead and sign up for your mailing list.

8. Promote Your Content on Social Media

Do you need help getting people to notice your blog content? Don’t wait for things to happen on their own.

“Having a strong social media presence is everything. Without a solid digital presence on social media, you are less likely to invite traffic and have prospects that will pay attention to what you bring to the table,” says Imran Ali, Co-Founder of Glasses Hut.

You need to go out there and promote your content on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, look for relevant niche communities to post your content.

Most social platforms now prefer native content. It means they’re looking for valuable content sans the website link. But don’t get disheartened because you can always plug your link in the first comment of your social media post. Take a look at this example:

Promote Your Content on Social Media

Many people write Twitter threads explaining a topic in detail and paste the blog post link in the last tweet of their post.

Another interesting way is to create many social media snippets to promote one blog post and add each one to your social media calendar.

9. Add a Compelling Call-to-Action

What do you want people to do after they read your post? Go away? No.

You want them to stay on your site and either sign-up for your newsletter or take a free product trial. Exactly.

But you need to do it in a fashion that makes them feel good about taking that action. What makes for a compelling call-to-action?

Use a metaphor to catch their attention. Tell them the benefits of your newsletter. There are numerous things you can do to make your call-to-action effective.

A great call-to-action can convert a stranger into a loyal customer. And that is why you need to give it to write one for your blog post.

"Make sure all of your blog posts have a call-to-action so they'll be easy for people to click on and follow through with their engagement," Ian Bullock, Co-founder of Buying Property 215 suggests.

"Your calls-to-action must be seen as something that adds value to your customers, not just to your business," he adds.

10. Take a Problem Solving Approach

Your intent is most crucial when writing a blog post. What do you want to get out of that content piece? Are you hung up on the business outcomes, or are you genuinely concerned about delivering value to your readers?

If you’re authentic and wish to solve problems, you’ll never have to worry about your content conversion rate.

You should work on understanding the search intent of the keywords you’re targeting. Create blog content that meets the user intent of each of those queries.

11. Have an Internal Linking Strategy

Internal linking helps give your readers a tour of your site. With useful internal links, they can learn more about a topic. Plus, you can direct readers to the relevant product pages on your website.

Have an Internal Linking Strategy

“Make sure to include a link back to your website in the resource box of each blog post. This not only helps to improve your search engine rankings but also to drive targeted traffic to your web pages,” explains Arsh Sanwarwala, CEO of ThrillX.

When you put internal links in the right places in your content, you’re offering a user-friendly experience to your visitors.

And a holistic content experience improves your chances of getting people to buy from you.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate goal of business blogging is to get readers into your sales funnel. To meet that end, you must focus on creating quality content and building deeper connections with your audience. At the same time, you need to use conversion tactics to help your audience learn more about your products and services. And you need to go out of the way to offer them something extra so that they take interest in your products and services. Finally, adorn your blog posts with much-needed sales elements to achieve your lead generation goals.

Abhishek Talreja

Abhishek Talreja

is an international columnist, ghostwriter, and seasoned content strategist. He is passionate about helping companies and executives discover their brand voice and create authentic narratives. He is the founder of Prolific Content Marketing.

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