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5 Marketing Trends Small Business Owners Need for 2023

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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5 Marketing Trends Small Business Owners Need for 2023


Marketing has evolved tremendously over the past two years, and there's more transformation to come. Upcoming marketing trends and innovations will build on the seeds planted throughout the pandemic and flourish into exciting opportunities for brands.

Getting ahead of the curve is essential for success. Here are some of the top marketing trends small business owners should plan for in 2023.

One-Stop Shop SEO

The days of keyword stuffing and creating short, single-answer posts are long gone. Google crawlers continue to evolve through the lens of the users' experience. This shift is moving toward the prioritization of long-form content that covers everything someone wants to know in a single post.

If you look at any seo strategies forum, you'll see conversations about repurposing older content into longer, more robust pieces. Determining how to combine these pieces or implement strategic redirects to save established SEO is the challenge.

Consider creating a content wheel with one fully developed piece in the center and smaller, nuanced pieces as supporting spokes. The keystone piece will answer all high-level questions for a keyword-rich experience while directing readers to the spokes. The spokes dive deeper into the individual questions, so everyone gets what they need without navigating to a competitor's site.

Continued Focus on YouTube Shorts

TikTok highlighted what a combination of ingenuity and timing could bring to the world. It's no surprise that other social media platforms are trying to compete with short, punchy video content.

Instagram Reels have been a significant competitor for TikTok, but the focus is shifting to YouTube Shorts. Changes to the YouTube UI are prioritizing Shorts and directing viewers accordingly. This platform also offers additional monetization opportunities.

Consider how you can repurpose existing content and structure new content for YouTube Shorts in 2023.

Continued Focus on YouTube Shorts (Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/macbook-pro-on-brown-table-139387/)

Employees as Brand Advocates

The events of recent years have changed how we work forever. The concept of quiet quitting is on the rise, and it's not uncommon to see once hugely profitable businesses understaffed and struggling to maintain normal hours.

In essence, employees are no longer willing to sacrifice their wellness for an employer who doesn't prioritize their needs. That's why in 2023, many brands are looking inward rather than outward as a marketing strategy.

Employees are your biggest brand advocates. Their productivity and satisfaction directly impact the bottom line. Consumers evaluate employee attitude and customer service quality when making purchasing decisions.

Consider how you can cultivate your company culture and prioritize employee care as a marketing strategy.

Employees as Brand Advocates (Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/turned-on-gray-laptop-computer-on-table-699459/)

Shift Toward Mixed Reality Experiences

Augmented and virtual reality have been floating in the peripherals since the dawn of the millennium, gaining more traction with 2016's Pokemon Go. Now, it's becoming more accessible to small businesses with 3D modeling apps and AR-integrated experiences.

Several brands have found tremendous success implementing AR into the purchasing experience. For example, dog gear brand Gunnar’s Kennels increased conversions by 43%. Shopify is currently developing 3D modeling and AR tools for its users.

Mixed reality experiences may not be in the cards for your small business in 2023. However, it's important to start picturing how to incorporate this technology into your existing marketing ecosystem. As with any trend, early adopters tend to find the most success.

Human-Centric Brand Voice

The marketing and sales process used to be quite formal. After all, asking someone to part with their money is a serious request.

Millennials— the largest group of consumers— prefer brands that take a casual approach to marketing. Their language is informal and relatable. Humor and wit go a long way.

In essence, there's a shift toward a human-centric brand voice, personifying the brand and making every interaction feel like a conversation with a friend.

Consider whether your marketing content is connecting with your audience, and consider how you can make your brand more human. If you have a professional-oriented brand with a more formal tone, think about how you can maintain that essence while becoming more approachable. Run a few A/B tests and see what resonates with your audience.

When planning your marketing for 2023, consider honing in on the trend that's best aligned with your business goals. Marketing requires continuous evolution. As the saying goes, "adapt or face extinction."

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