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5 Signs of a Professional and Reliable Guest Posting Service

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 4 min read
5 Signs of a Professional and Reliable Guest Posting Service


Guest posting promotion among marketing tools can be compared to the turtle in the world of animals - powerful and confident. It will definitely get to where it's needed. Choosing a guest posting service becomes vital because, in the case of an unsuccessful choice, you risk not only draining the budget but also missing time. So, how to choose a reliable guest posting service that you can trust and make sure that the performer's actions will not harm your business? Below you will find 5 signs of a reliable guest posting service.

How to start choosing a guest posting service?

The search for a guest posting service begins with setting a specific task the promotion has to solve. The wording of the task for promotion should be specific, measurable, account for the real needs of the business, have a deadline, and, most importantly, be expressed digitally. Example of a guest posting service task:

  • Increase mentions of the company in media by 30% in 3 months.
  • Increase the number of unique backlinks to the website to 1000 monthly in 6 months.
  • Increase online business sales with guest posting by 30% in 12 months.

Guest posting brings traffic and leads to your website, even if it is not SEO-friendly. Practice shows that the more experienced guest posting service is, the better results your business will get. Try not to cooperate with guest posting services that can not prepare a clear work plan, do not indicate the exact price, or call an unrealistic time frame.

5 Signs of a Professional and Reliable Guest Posting Service

Commercial website owners are interested in influential guest posting to attract customers, monetize, increase conversions and generate stable sales. Guest posting helps attract traffic and strengthen the website's position in search engines. Delegating guest posting to professionals provides measurable results and a reasonable budget allocation.

Communication with guest posting service specialists

Communication with the guest posting service will most likely begin with a conversation with a sales manager. In the process, pay attention to:

  • Whether the specialist listens and hears you
  • Whether he is helping you to set a goal and choose a strategy
  • Whether he speaks the same language as you, explaining things you do not understand
  • Does he ask you questions and offer you a personal meeting
  • Does he respect deadlines - does he call you back, does he send you a commercial offer on time

Given that you will be communicating with several guest posting services, it makes sense to record each communication date and see which applicants do not break promises.

Experience in your niche

The effectiveness of guest posting also depends on the area of business. Achieving your goals in highly competitive niches will require more time. A guest posting service with successful experience promoting websites in your area will have a significant advantage.

You also should pay attention to the quality of the content. Many guest posting services create content that does not meet the requirements of many websites. And besides, they don't study the client's site to create the most relevant content and insert the link organically and naturally. Therefore, it is important to evaluate not only the quality of the content but also how the guest posting service adds links to the text and how well the sites are selected. For example, WhenIPost.com immediately studies the website and the client's niche, creates the content, and adds the link organically. It also considers all the customer's suggestions and follows all the requirements.

You can check the guest posting service's expertise by looking at the portfolio on the website or by asking about their experience directly.

Individual approach

After receiving a business proposal, answer honestly, is it really suitable for you? When in the slightest doubt, don't hesitate to ask the manager questions:

  • How exactly will this service help me?
  • What exactly did you mean by this item?
  • How will this feature be implemented for the promotion of my business?

A business proposal should consider the current state of the business and the specifics of work in your field. If you get bombarded with terms you don't understand, ask for an explanation in plain language. Further interaction will likely be complicated for both parties if this does not happen. Maybe a guest posting service is simply imitating activity.

Guest posting expertise

The guest posting service's website should have information confirming their professionalism in working with guest posting services, the ability to analyze the state of the website, the behavior of visitors, the effectiveness of marketing, guest blogging marketing, etc.

A good indicator of expertise is the presence of relevant content on the guest posting service website, on the personal blog of the manager, or in specialized publications. Guest posting services that respect themselves never hide such information. Read the published articles - they will help you understand whether the guest posting service can explain the nuances of guest posting in simple terms.

Reviews and use cases can confirm guest posting service expertise. But we all understand that drawing graphs with an uptrend and composing a thank-you letter with a stamp can be done in Photoshop. Do not be lazy to check their authenticity - make a couple of short phone calls to current or former clients of the guest posting service.

The cost of services

Find out what kind of work and to what extent the guest posting service's offer includes. Perhaps you need an extended package. You should clarify this point in advance.

When you receive a competitive offer from the selected guest posting services, do not be fooled by the low prices. Every industry has a concept of average cost, and guest posting is no exception. If they ask too little for services, there are two options:

  • A novice will work on the project
  • An experienced professional will work on the project, but he will have dozens of such projects

A severe approach and immersion in the intricacies of your business in such cases are excluded. A reliable guest posting service is always ready to justify every figure.


Before making a final decision, we recommend you meet the guest posting team at least once in person or via Zoom. Look at the key professionals who will work on the project because you will have to work closely together in the future, which means that communication should be comfortable.

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Trust is the primary condition for a fruitful relationship between the entrepreneur and the guest posting service. Use our recommendations to find a contractor that you can trust and work together to solve your business problems.

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