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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help In Instagram Marketing

  • Chuks Chukwuemeka
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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help In Instagram Marketing


The use of artificial intelligence is fast spreading in the digital marketing industry including social media where Instagram belongs. Businesses are looking for ways to automate tasks, boost productivity, generate more leads, and make more sales.

According to a report, the market of AI in social media is expected to hit $2.2 billion in 2023.

According to a report, the market of AI in social media is expected to hit $2.2 billion in 2023 (Source)

This is to tell you that social media marketers are investing in AI to make smart decisions and achieve higher ROI.

Are you skeptical about leveraging AI in Instagram marketing?

This guide will show you how AI can make a difference in Instagram marketing.

What Is AI In Instagram Marketing?

It's the use of computer programs that mimic human beings to attract and interact with a target audience on Instagram with the aim of selling your products and services to them.

Technology statistics has it that the global AI market is expected to hit $89.8 billion by 2025, and businesses on Instagram are leveraging it to outdo their competitors.

For instance, Creating content, interacting with your audience and closing sales will be more demanding as your business grows.

So introducing AI will be the game changer since you can automate most of your daily activities that drive sales on Instagram. And that means completing more tasks in less time and with fewer resources.

Let's see how AI helps in Instagram Marketing.

1. Growing Your Followers

Your success as a business on Instagram largely depends on the number of real followers you have.

These are users that keep up with your quality content. It's from them you get potential customers that will to patronize you.

It isn't easy to grow your followers if you aren't skilled in Instagram marketing. You may be tempted to engage in black hat tactics that can get your account banned.

With AI tools like SocialMeep, you can get more followers organically without getting your fingers burnt. Its auto-targeting feature scans millions of Instagram profiles and targets ones that are likely to follow and engage your page.

This works best if you have an active Instagram account. You can leverage platforms like Socialtradia to get an ethically built Instagram account, then use SocialMeep to grow it at a faster pace.

2. Content Creation

If you rely on organic Instagram marketing to make sales, you have to be consistent with creating quality content because that's the only fuel you have to keep the fire burning.

Your target audience will only discover the products and services you offer through the valuable content you offer.

And as a virtual platform, you have to show up with varieties of content that will appeal to their needs and win them over as customers. Keeping this up isn't easy without artificial intelligence, and thankfully, there are AI tools that can help you with this.

For example, AI writing tools like Jasper have a template that can help you create Instagram captions that entice your audience to view your photos or watch your videos.

Instagram: photo post captions

Since Instagram allows for 2200 characters for its caption, you can blog on your business account with the aim of explaining the benefits of your products and what makes you a better choice compared to your competitors.

Photo is another type of content that moves the needle on Instagram. A picture, they say, is worth more than a thousand words. There are AI image generators tools like Midjourney, Photosonic, or Jasper Art which you can use to create unique images that represent what you offer.

Think of it as having a robot that converts your imagination into an appealing image.

Interestingly, you can brand these images by adding your business logo, which helps to create more awareness about your business when you post them on IG.

Let's say you live in London and run a catering business on Instagram that targets customers within the London metropolitan area.

You can use AI image generators to create photos of different wedding cakes and post them on Instagram.


This can prompt your target audience to make inquiries about your services and probably patronize you.

Video is another content type Instagram users engage in. People want to entertain themselves while learning how your products and services can solve their problems.

91% of active Instagram users surveyed said that they watch videos on Instagram weekly.

91% of active Instagram users surveyed said that they watch videos on Instagram weekly (Source:)

While creating videos is hard for some businesses, AI video generators are here to say you can do it effortlessly. At least you can create videos for illustration purposes, if recording yourself is a tall order.

Invideo allows you to convert texts to videos. In fact, it has tons of pre-made templates for Instagram videos.

For example, you can write a script of the benefits of your products and convert it to a video using InVideo.

It has customization features that allow you to import branded images, add audio, do a voice-over, change the background, etc.

You can also try Canva which has pre-made templates for Instagram stories and reels or Animaker if animation video interests your audience.

3. Conversation Automation

Sales don't just happen on Instagram. Conversations trigger them.

But how do you manage it when you have a lot of potential customers trying to engage you in a conversation?

Will you ignore some because you can't cope? I guess no!

This is where automating conversation comes in.

You can use chatbots, which are artificial intelligence, to automate conversation with your buyer persona. That saves you the stress of having your fingers on the keyboard always chatting with leads.

SendPulse has an Instagram chatbot you can connect to your IG account, and set up to respond to common questions people ask about your products.

It can also auto-respond to questions users ask when they send you DMs and pass difficult ones to humans, which you can receive via notifications.

4. Smart Analytics

It will take forever for you to manually figure out if your Instagram marketing strategy is yielding desired results or not. You need to make smart marketing decisions with real-time data, or else your competitors will take such advantage to outdo you.

Sprout Social and Iconosquare are two AI tools at the forefront of providing insights on the performance of your content on Instagram. You can dive deeper into the performance of each content to track their engagement, and compare them against one another. Then decide the content that resonates more with your audience.

You can leverage them to schedule your content and have the AI post them at a set time. This means you can have your content scheduled for a month, thereby freeing up time to pay attention to other aspects of your business on Instagram.

5. Mention Monitoring

You can't afford to miss conversations where your business is mentioned on Instagram. It's like missing on a lead that is waiting to be warmed up and converted to a sale.

There are AI Instagram tools that specialize in monitoring when your business is mentioned and notify you in real-time.

For example, Hootsuite not only monitors and reports when your business is mentioned on Instagram. It also tracks hashtags and keywords that are important to your business.

Think of it as Google Alert, where Google notifies you when your domain or name is mentioned on web pages.

Let's assume you sell jewelry on Instagram. You can add keywords like ring, necklace, bracelet, and anklet as keywords you care about so the AI will alert you when they are mentioned. Do the same for your IG username and brand name, since your audience will frequently tag you in conversations.

A customer that bought a bracelet from you can tag your product when telling their friend in a DM that you sell high-quality bracelets. The AI will notify you real-time, and you can join the conversation immediately to see if you can generate another sales-qualified lead.

6. Connecting With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a trend on Instagram that has come to stay. A lot of businesses have come to realize that having influencers in specific niches promote their products and services yields positive results.

A survey has it that Instagram tops the chart for brands that want to engage in Influencer marketing.

Influencer Campaign channel utilization (Source)

Of course, it's easy for someone that influences your behavior in specific spaces to convince you to take action.

Below is a screenshot of Ali_Tylerr, an Instagram influencer promoting a brand to her audience:

Example of instagram profile

However, the headache here is how to find and connect with top-rated influencers whose niches match your products and services.

Doing it manually won't get you the best result, as you may search on Instagram for influencers in your niche the whole day without identifying a great fit.

AI tools like Influencity got your back. Whether it's sponsorship, product review, or traditional ad within your demography, you got no worries.

You have access to comprehensive statistics of any influencer you want to work with. Keep in mind that some influencers have fake followers, and this is what you can't identify manually. It requires an AI to vet their followers and rate their engagement, so you don't end up flushing money down the toilet.

There are also features that support you to optimize your influencer campaign and manage your workflow to boost your ROI.

Use Of AI In Instagram Marketing Is Here To Stay

You will be missing a lot if you ignore the use of AI in selling your products on Instagram.

Your level of productivity won't improve, daily tasks that boost your IG marketing will overwhelm you, and you can't convert many of the leads that your business has generated to sales.

Interestingly, you don't have to be tech-savvy to use AI in IG marketing. Many of them are as simple as operating your smartphone.

Also, they don't cost an arm and a leg. Some of them have free plans you can start with before upgrading to paid plans.

What will hold you back?


Now is the time to overhaul your Instagram marketing strategy and think of where you can introduce artificial intelligence to grow your audience, brand and make more sales on Instagram.

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