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How to Create a Keyword Research Strategy?

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 4 min read
How to Create a Keyword Research Strategy?


Keywords are inevitable components that unite search engine users and sources of different kinds. Whether one knows about them or not, they consistently operate. From the net surfers' point of view, they assist with bringing the most relevant results. At the same time, website owners use the keywords to provide the source with higher organic traffic. Besides, Forbes lists some extra benefits of SEO implementation.

Therefore, use SEO optimization techniques if readers come out of Google search. The best part is that you can find an easy guide on search engines' official public sources. As well, many experienced specialists share some SEO tips and tricks. Although many other parameters affect the website rate, we will discuss keywords in this article and how to look for them. Are you ready to know more about how to find the right keywords? Let's go!

Learn users' intent

To dive into the topic, we should start from the basics. People surfing on the Internet may have different intentions. Some look for valid information they will use to solve some routine issues. Others come to compare goods and prices on various e-commerce stores. At the same time, the third kind of people strongly desire to buy the product. They have a credit card in their hands at the moment.

Why should you take care of these differences? The answer is simple; you should address precisely the one who is ready for it. Potential clients should see from the first letters on the search results that if they click on it, they will go to the right place to solve their issues.

Thus, use precise words and phrases in title tags to meet:

  • Informational purposes of readers. People need long-read, expert blogs, and accurate details. For example, use your topic's main keywords, "how-tos" and "5 ways to do anything".
  • Intent to buy. Use direct notions like buy, purchase, and pay online.
  • Purpose of comparing. Write names of the products as keywords and the main parameters.

Thus, when you analyze your clients' needs and write title tags correctly, you will indicate them to click here. That will be their relevant call to action on the Google search results page. To accomplish this, take a look at what you can offer and what action a person is supposed to bring.

Brainstorming for new keywords

Although numerous online free and payable assistant tools exist, brainstorming is still a basic technique. Cooperation with your team can help cut costs and create keywords and semantic variety that your target audience can use when searching. You can apply it when working on some innovative product and consider different positioning.

Look for existing examples

Another way to keep up with popular keywords is to take a look at your competitors' pages. Then, you can think with your team about what keywords win more clicks and what is appropriate to use for you. One more question occurs when you see a vast number of the same keywords among different companies. Are they necessary to people, or are they being repeated in vain? Do we need some fresh ideas, or should we be mainstream?


People sharing a piece of content means they find it useful. And suppose you can create content on a similar topic. In that case, your content can also become the most popular articles, posts, or videos. There is also the risk that you will obtain the opposite result. There is something to discuss!

Dive into Google Analytics

Have you thought about analyzing your website to discover potential keywords? You may be ranking for a set of keywords or getting enough traffic for specific keywords. You can actually use these keywords to find possible keywords that drive traffic to your site. You can select potential keywords based on user behavior, acquisitions, and targeted conversions.

Now some keywords can bring a significant part of the traffic to your site. Some may have the potential to drive much more traffic (explore the metrics to learn more). You can use these new keywords, which can increase website traffic.

Collect and analyze your metrics

Team productivity

Determine the viability of keywords and decide which ones require attention according to search volume, keyword difficulty, and SERP (search engine output) rankings. You can read more about low search volume and know the peculiarities to work with it. Get access to a paid keyword research tool. It's worth considering using keyword research tools to increase your team's productivity and save time in the long run.

Speed of information generation

These tools allow you to determine the value of keywords and generate semantic variations, accuracy, and match rate of keywords. In addition, they will enable you to collaborate with colleagues on various projects simultaneously. Create, optimize, view, and share from a single platform.

Do SERP Research

Google it!

It is one of the popular ways to collect keywords. You start typing the word, and Google Autocomplete, with its drop-down list of suggestions, does all the rest of the job for you. Thus, if you type "cat," you will see the "cat collar," "cat tourniquet," etc. Accordingly, you can optimize your search rate.

Check format peculiarities

Besides, following user searches and clicking on the related content, you may see what type of format is the most popular. You will see the number of words in a copy and content format (video, podcast, or text) and finalize the most profitable keywords. That easy trick brings you many positive side-effects and ideas, along with a particular keyword cluster or a single keyword.

Choose keywords with the highest potential.

Keyword Research tools are based on content analytics, allowing you to identify keywords with the highest potential. Now that you've created a set of keywords to apply, you can export the data to a spreadsheet and select the best keywords that reflect your goals. You can send this task to outsourced specialists and expect great copies from them. The tips and list of great writers will help you to find experienced specialists who will manage to engage your readers. Don't forget to choose keywords with the highest potential.

Browse specialized forums and groups.

Like Reddit, there are niche communities known as forums. The only difference is that Reddit is a general community of subreddits. At the same time, discussions are specialized communities mainly focused on one or two niches.

Now go to any of these forums to learn about the topics people are discussing. Posts with the highest engagement are potential keywords for your content. Similarly, you can also try this tactic with Facebook groups. Instead of searching Google, just search niche groups on Facebook. For example, I searched for "delicious recipes" on Facebook and got the following results.


Keyword research is a broad topic that requires robust consideration. By selecting the proper strategy that matches your needs and style, you win! Good luck with your SEO optimization!

Felix Rose-Collins

Felix Rose-Collins

Ranktracker's CEO/CMO & Co-founder

Felix Rose-Collins is the Co-founder and CEO/CMO of Ranktracker. With over 15 years of SEO experience, he has single-handedly scaled the Ranktracker site to over 500,000 monthly visits, with 390,000 of these stemming from organic searches each month.

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