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How To Create Educational Content? 7 Tips You Should Know

  • Felix Rose-Collins
  • 5 min read
How To Create Educational Content? 7 Tips You Should Know


The better marketers deliver information to consumers, the better their chance of attracting new readers and retaining existing audiences. This is especially important when it comes to the creation of educational content.

The main task in creating educational content is to gain the status of an effective teacher so that readers (students) are constantly invested in the materials offered. In this article, you will find 7 tips on how to create educational content.

4 properties of educational content that make it an effective content marketing tool

4 properties of educational content that make it an effective content marketing tool (Source)

The craving for knowledge is inherent in humankind. Especially if new information can improve the standard of living, expand the circle of communication, and find new topics with existing acquaintances and friends. Publications that can be classified as educational content will undoubtedly appeal to many people and will therefore give businesses several undeniable advantages. Here are 4 benefits of educational content for your business:

  1. Practicality. First, educational content is practical. Therefore, it can change consumers' lives for the better. Such information is not just entertaining. It brings real benefits.
  2. Relevance. It's impossible to know everything. People will always need step-by-step instructions and guides. So, educational content will always be in demand.
  3. The presence of additional features. Methodical articles devoted to various problems, taking various forms, provide countless opportunities for further development.
  4. Assistance in search engine optimization. The value of educational content is determined by many users looking for guides, instructions, and practical recommendations on the Internet. Placement of such materials on the website will allow the resource to take a higher place in the search results.

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How to create educational content?

How to create educational content? (Source)

To show you the content creation algorithm as simply as possible, we have divided it into 4 steps.

Choose a topic

Study the most frequent search queries in your niche. To do this, use Ranktracker to collect the semantic core. Look for queries with a combination of the name of your product and "how to".

The results will help generate ideas. You should get something like "How to transplant orchids correctly" or "How to choose a car seat for a newborn". With a good bit of imagination, you can come up with hundreds of topics that are useful and interesting to potential customers.

Also, it is worth surveying your customers to find out what topics they would be interested in. Collect statistics on the questions that customers ask the consultants in the store. Look at what people are discussing and the main problems they encounter when making a choice.

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Nobody forbids peeking at your competitors' ideas. Analyze the content on their pages and study what topics are more popular. Pay attention to the publications with the largest number of comments and reactions.

Shape the idea

You have decided on the theme. Now you need to decide how you want to present it. This can be a news item, a review, an instruction on solving a common problem, a selection of popular products, etc.

Chose promotion channel

The channel choice affects the format in which the educational content will be released. Detailed articles with photos are great for posting on the website`s blog. Use video reviews for YouTube, and upload small texts and short videos to other social networks. The same material can be uploaded on all channels. The main thing is to process it into the right format.

Write educational content regularly

It is essential to constantly update content in all channels. Regular updating of engaging educational content provokes people to subscribe. Page visits, reposts, and ratings will increase.

You should always have a plan of publications ready for the next period, ideally for a month. Create content in advance to avoid force majeure situations.

7 tips for creating educational content

7 tips for creating educational content (Source)

Are you struggling to get the best "teacher" status in your niche through writing educational articles and manuals? The tips below will help you in creating educational content.

Solve specific problems with your content

One of the best ways to create educational content is to gain a reputation as a problem-solver. Instead of presenting the factual side of an issue, focus on problems familiar to the audience. This approach will make informational publications more relevant, particularly appealing to consumers. This will also ensure you create unique content.

Write for a specific category of consumers

Content marketing newbies should write articles for one specific niche rather than a broad audience. The total number of readers accessing the content will be limited, but those consumers will be more relevant and important. It's better to have a few hundred loyal readers than a few thousand casual and fickle consumers.

Use metaphors and storytelling

Metaphors are the most powerful oratorical tool at our disposal. The effectiveness of said linguistic means of expression is due to the ability of metaphors to reflect complex topics in simple and easily digestible concepts. Successful storytelling works similarly. It transforms a deep, complex problem into an engaging, accessible narrative. Properly using these tools will create a unique brand voice in your educational content.

Use different content formats

Everyone learns differently. There are dozens of ways to transfer knowledge directly impacting how learners receive and interpret new information. Consequently, creating educational content for people with different memory and perceptual abilities will benefit consumers more. Try to add visual materials and audio content whenever possible in your educational materials. This will also help you in your educational content promotion.

Learn from your competitors

There are probably several marketers in a particular niche who are busy posting educational content. Take the time to research your competitors' activities. Look at what they write, how they promote educational content, and research their target audience. This will help you to increase the effectiveness of your work. But be extremely careful to avoid copying other people's tactics.

Adapt to increase the effectiveness of your educational content

Great "teachers" try not to stick with their chosen tactics for too long, recognizing that true effectiveness comes from constantly improving their chosen methods. Look critically at the work you've done previously and consider which of the articles you've written works better than the others. The more you learn and tweak the methodology you've developed, the more room for growth you get.

Analyze feedback from your readers

Do what you can to get feedback from your readership. Read comments left by users at the end of posts posted on social media. Conduct a survey to gather objective feedback on your work. This is the best way to learn your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to improve your educational content.


You probably can't learn how to write informative, educational articles overnight. But over time, with the patience and experience of your colleagues, you will be able to create powerful educational content. Regular work on your content strategy is the key to the successful promotion of any company. Be sure to use our content creation tips. The effect of your work will not be long in coming!

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