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Is React SEO-Friendly? React Search Engine Optimization Tips

  • Felix Rose-Collins
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Is React SEO-Friendly? React Search Engine Optimization Tips


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the method of designing and organising a website to increase traffic volume by raising its ranking and frequency of presence in search engines, with an emphasis on keywords that expose the site's particularity. It helps generate organic traffic on your website and attract as many users as possible, converting them into paying clients. Every day, search engines become more intelligent, and their search algorithms are improved. Now they can comprehend the subject of your blog or the kinds of goods you promote on your website. One of the most effective tools for getting your website to the top of Google search results is SEO.

The simple truth is, if your website ranks higher, more people are going to visit it. Which is why you should always focus on creating your website with the best SEO practices and improved usability aspects for more conversions. React JS deserves to come out on top when discussing the finest JavaScript libraries that enable SEO-friendly websites. Single-page applications (SPAs) are frequently created using the famous JavaScript framework React. React can be quite effective for developing web applications, however, it can present some issues for SEO. If optimised appropriately throughout the development phase, React websites are SEO-friendly. Your rank will improve, and you'll get more traffic, if you use react SEO best practices.

React: A Comprehensive Guide

A Comprehensive Guide

React is used to create some of the most popular websites in the world. React enables the development of user-friendly, quick, responsive, and animation-rich websites and applications. While such websites are SEO-friendly, using React SEO with them still presents some challenges. This article highlights the major reasons for employing ReactJS, the obstacles of creating a React SEO website, and the best practices for overcoming those challenges in order to make it SEO-friendly.

What is React?

React is an open-source JavaScript package created by Meta for creating a website's user interface. React's key advantages are declarative programming, component-based architecture, and simpler DOM manipulation. React is one of the best choices because It renders it easier to create engaging websites and applications that feel quick.

Why Use React?

Why Use React


For novice developers, ReactJS is the ideal framework because it is both very powerful and simple to understand. ReactJS is among the finest ways to start developing websites rapidly, since it uses JavaScript as its base language, the most widely used language in the world among developers. It also has an easy-to-understand syntax.

Code Stability

You needn't be concerned at all about the stability of your code when using React JS. Because if you need to modify something in a piece of code, you'll alter it in that particular component and leave the parent structure alone. This is one of the main arguments in favour of React JS when it comes to writing stable code.


Declarative DOM is used in React JS. Along with updating the component's state, we are able to develop interactive user interfaces (UIs); React JS updates the DOM automatically. Therefore, there is no practical requirement for you to interface with DOM. Thus, developing interactive UIs and troubleshooting them are both rather straightforward. Simply altering the programme state will allow you to check the UI's appearance. You don't need to worry about the DOM when making the changes.

Faster Development

React JS essentially gives developers the ability to use any component of their application on both the server-side and the client-side, which reduces the amount of time they need to spend developing. The app's logic won't be affected by modifications made by different developers working on different parts of it separately.

Workable Development Toolset

Due to the developer toolkit being available to you when using React JS, your coding process will be streamlined. Developers may save a tonne of time and the development process is made easy with the help of this toolkit. Given that it is available as a browser plugin, this toolkit can be used with both Chrome and Firefox.

Flexibility and Scalability

React readily scales up or down based on the scope and degree of complexity, ReactJS is an extremely scalable framework and allows you to manage your project with ease. It additionally provides a great amount of versatility, enabling developers to construct unique components that may be used repeatedly.

Is React SEO Friendly?

Is React SEO Friendly

The answer is Yes! React is SEO friendly.

React is the most sought-after framework, its SEO-friendliness is in doubt. Static, dynamic, and single-page apps can all be created with React. Regarding SEO friendliness, these three app kinds are not on par. A static web app is completely compatible with SEO because it instantly converts all the necessary material into an HTML file, allowing Google to track and rank pages with ease. Real-time data and page generation is a feature of dynamic websites. A specific response is triggered for each request at the server end, then travels to the client end. Because of this, Google has no trouble interpreting and ranking dynamic pages.

A single-page application (SPA) is a type of web application that only loads one HTML page and dynamically changes that page in response to user input. In a SPA, the server is simply in charge of supplying the first HTML page and any necessary data. The client's web browser executes all application logic. As a result, there is no need to refresh and redraw the website after each action the user takes, resulting in a fluid, reactive user experience.

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SPAs are reliant on JavaScript files, which are not very helpful for SEO, in contrast to static and dynamic websites, which generate files with HTML information that is simple for Google to read. The issue is that an HTML file only has a few lines of code when it is transmitted back to the client-side. For Google to comprehend the website's content and index the page, this code is insufficient. Because of this, Google must wait until the JavaScript content downloads, which can take a while. Because of this, Google crawlers may immediately quit the page without allowing the content to load, treating it as a blank one. But there is a way to fix this issue.

How to Make React SEO-Friendly?


Prerendering is frequently used in situations when crawlers or search bots don't have the ability to render web pages properly since it is one of the most effective techniques for building single-page and multi-page websites that are SEO-friendly. Prerendering is a specialised programme that restricts website request volume. If a crawler makes the request, the prerender delivers a cached static HTML version of the page; if a user makes the request, the page is loaded normally.

Pre-rendering is much simpler to implement. Every JavaScript file is run by being converted to static HTML. The least amount of codebase changes are required with the pre-rendering strategy. It complements popular online innovations well. It does, however, have significant shortcomings. It charges a fee for its services. It's not the best option for pages that occasionally update their data. If the website is large and contains numerous pages, it takes a long time.

Each time you change the content of a page, you must create a pre-rendered version of it.

Isomorphic React Application

Isomorphic React apps can be developed on both the server-side and client-side. You are able to work with a React JS application and retrieve the HTML file that has been rendered, which is typically done by the browser, using isomorphic JavaScript. Along with Google bots, anyone attempting to search for the specific app is having this HTML page they are using processed. The programme can make use of this HTML file and carry on with browser functionality when it involves client-side scripting. If necessary, JavaScript is used to add the data; otherwise, the isomorphic programme continues to function as it does now.

Isomorphic apps make sure the client can or cannot run the scripts. When JavaScript is disabled, the code is executed on the server, and the browser can access all meta tags and content in HTML and CSS files. However, implementing real-time isomorphic apps is a difficult and time-consuming effort. However, two frameworks: Gatsby and Next.js, may render the process faster and simpler. Gatsby is an open-source compiler which enables developers to build scalable and robust web apps. However, its main limitation is that it does not support server-side rendering. It develops a static website and then converts it into HTML files for storage in the cloud. Next.js is a React framework that makes it easy for developers to design React applications. It also supports automatic code splitting and hot code reloading.

Next.js Server-Side Rendering

If you've chosen to use a single-page application, the greatest technique to raise the page's rating in search results is through server-side rendering. Pages that are rendered on the server can be readily indexed and ranked by Google bots. Next.js, a react framework, is the best option for developing server-side rendering. Next.js is a server that translates JavaScript files to HTML and CSS files and allows Google bots to fetch the data and display it on search engines to meet client-side requests.

With server-side rendering, users can interact with your website's pages right away. Web pages are optimised for social media in addition to search engine optimisation. For SEO, it's incredibly useful as it allows you to up your social media marketing strategies as well. Moreover, the user interface of the programme is enhanced by a number of benefits offered by server-side rendering. It does, however, have certain negative aspects. Transitions between pages are slower. Rendering on the server typically costs substantially more than rendering beforehand. It has an increased latency and a more complicated catching system.


A website development company knows how to influence best SEO practices for your website’s development to enhance its ability to stand out from its competitors. The process of increasing both the volume and quality of search engine traffic through SERP competitor analysis to a website is known as SEO. People rely on search engines to find information, thus it is imperative that your website appears as highly as possible in search results. React was created to provide declarative, modular, and cross-platform interactive UIs.

It is now considered as one of the most popular tools and JavaScript frameworks for developing high-performance front-end applications. When correctly audited and optimised throughout the development phase, React makes the best SEO-friendly websites.

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Depending on the objectives you wish to accomplish with each project, different technologies are needed. React SEO optimization is a common technique in modern times, in near future AI will impact SEO strategies greatly as well. There are not many causes for concern regarding React's SEO friendliness.

Using SEO for a React project is not as problematic today as it was in the past. Software companies are developing seamless, secure, and SEO-friendly web applications, as well as custom softwares that are optimised for search engine visibility with the appropriate direction and strategic application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is React effective at SEO?

React is without a doubt one of the best framework solutions for creating an SEO-friendly website. Aside from that, you may read our detailed article on how to design an SEO-friendly website with React JS.

Is server-side rendering quicker than client-side rendering?

Server-side created applications load faster than identical client-side rendered applications. Because the server handles the hard lifting, they load rapidly on less powerful devices as well.

How can React aid in SEO optimisation?

React can help with SEO optimization by enabling server-side rendering of the page, which helps search engines to simply crawl and index the information.

Why is React SEO vital?

React SEO is significant because many websites get the majority of their traffic from search engines, and because optimising a website for search engines can improve both traffic and revenue.

What is the function of the React Helmet?

The document head of a React application is managed and updated dynamically using React Helmet.

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