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Leveraging AI Video Tools for Effective Video Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Brian Mclintic
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Leveraging AI Video Tools for Effective Video Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide


AI video tools became a game-changer in marketing as soon as people realized how powerful they could be. They're not just handy for streamlining tasks; they're also great for boosting productivity and taking video marketing to the next level. So, it's no surprise that both individuals and businesses are using these AI solutions to plan, craft, and fine-tune their video content.

There are several tools made for generating and optimizing video content from scratch. If you’ve ever read a vidIQ or Synthesia review, you’ll see that it is easy to find an ideal fit. You just need to ensure that the platform aligns with your brand goals, team dynamics and budget.


Read on as we delve into and understand AI video tools and learn some strategies for leveraging them. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll also peek into some predictions on how AI tools can shape the future of video marketing.

Understanding AI Video Tools

AI video tools are unique software designed to automate video creation. So they might work by predicting video ideas and thumbnails, generating tailored content (based on keywords), and optimizing them SEO-wise for the best engagement. AI tools are particularly important because they do a stellar job at suggesting and implementing tips that convert, which makes them a common tool in nearly all video marketing strategies.

Here are some advantages of integrating AI tools in your video marketing campaigns:

  • You can use AI tools to create brand new content using a few props, eliminating the need for extensive resources and time to generate fresh material.
  • They help edit videos to enhance their quality, addressing the common issue of subpar video that can deter viewer engagement.
  • You can use AI tools to transcribe videos and add subtitles, making your content more accessible and inclusive for those who are hearing-impaired or prefer to watch without
  • You can use them to repurpose old content into new videos, effectively tackling content stagnation by breathing new life into your existing assets.

While AI video markers perform much of the same tasks, some market leaders still dominate the industry. Here are a few popular names you’ll hear in the niche:

Strategies for Leveraging AI Video Tools

Strategies for Leveraging AI Video Tools

Content Personalization

Two ways you can maximize your reach with AI video tools is with dynamic content creation and audience segmentation. Dynamic content creation is the process of producing videos based on users’ actions, interests, and history. Tackling the problem of one-size-fits all content, that may not resonate with all audience segments.

Along with audience segmentation, which means dividing your audience and catering to their needs as a group, you effectively tackle the challenge of broad messaging that may not engage specific subsets of your audience. Definitely, test different video marketing strategies and see what works.

Predictive Analytics

By closely monitoring your viewers’ behaviors with predictive analytics, you can identify and track useful patterns. Addressing the issue of shooting in the dark and wasting resources on strategies that do not resonate with your audience.

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For instance, some AI video tools like vidIQ offer you insights into your viewers’ interests through competitor research and viewer demographics. You can use these gems to optimize your videos by mimicking favorable competitors and tailoring your videos to your viewers’ needs.

Automated Video Editing

Automated video editing is the process of simultaneously creating several types of videos with video editing software. Eliminating the need for manual, time-consuming editing that often leads to bottlenecks in content production. For example, your tool can crop, stabilize, and sync your clips in a matter of seconds.

Automated editing is particularly useful for repetitive tasks and bulk content, supporting scalability and efficiency in your video marketing campaigns. And as such, it helps save time without compromising the quality.

Implementing AI Video Tools in Your Marketing Campaigns

If you’re using AI tools for your videos for the first time, then there are a few tips you should know. Like a skill, you make the most of artificial intelligence when you apply the right tricks in your video marketing strategies.

Here is a step-by-step guide with tips to help you make the most from AI video tools:

  • Establish your audience (Marketing 101): Understanding your audience's needs cuts down on ineffective content creation. AI can analyze user behavior and engagement metrics to pinpoint your audience's preferences and pain points. This data-driven approach refines your content strategy, ensuring you produce videos that resonate with your target viewers.
  • Tailor your content: Now that you know your audience’s interests, you need to tailor your efforts by making precise videos. For instance, if your audience consists predominantly of American middle-aged men, you leverage AI tools to analyze this demographic's behavior and preferences, enabling you to produce videos that hit the mark.
  • Optimize for SEO: Search engine optimization is the trick that gets your video to the right eyes. Use your AI tool’s suggested keywords and optimized tags to ensure that the search engine recognizes your video and ranks it appropriately.
  • Use analytics: Leverage data to fine-tune your video marketing approach. Analytics reveal what's effective and what needs adjustment. AI tools can automate this analysis, providing real-time insights to immediately enhance your strategy.

Use analytics

Measuring Success: Metrics and KPIs

Now that you know what to do, how can you tell if it is working? Here are some tell-tale signs that your use of AI video tools is working in your video marketing strategies:

  • Your videos are ranking higher in the search engines.
  • More people are watching, liking, commenting, and sharing your content.
  • Better conversion rates ( more people who come to your video actually watch it through.

Note: These metrics are undoubtedly a good sign of your content efforts, but they don’t replace your brand’s custom objectives. You should always list your personal KPIs and monitor them closely for progress.

One innovative way that AI is improving video marketing is by creating highly-personalized content. It uses algorithms to learn and pick up viewer behaviors and trends, allowing it to make better informed suggestions. As AI becomes more advanced, expect even more nuanced personalization, such as real-time content adaptation based on viewer interaction during the video.

Experts foresee that AI still has a lot of evolving to do in the coming years including:

Advancement of Generative AI: Allowing for the creation of original video content based on minimal input. Imagine feeding your AI tool a script or a set of guidelines, and it produces a full-fledged, high-quality video, complete with relevant visuals and even voiceover.

Boost in AI democratization: As these tools become more user-friendly and affordable, we'll see a surge in 'AI democratization.' This means that even small businesses or individuals with limited tech expertise will be able to leverage advanced AI capabilities for their video marketing campaigns.

The Takeaway

AI video tools have revolutionized the way we create video content today. Unlike before, creators like you can direct their efforts into other areas of their video marketing strategies while the tools suggest, generate, and optimize quality content. The ultimate key to utilizing these software is to keep an open mind and adapt with the trend, as video content creation will always be a dynamic niche.

Not every tool will be the ideal match for you, which is why you must keep an open mind during your search. Luckily, there are AI video tools to fit just about any need and content marketing goal. Adopt an AI tool in your video marketing strategies today and skyrocket your conversions!

Brian Mclintic

Brian Mclintic

Video Editor & Assistant Producer

Brian McLintic founded RealGoodSoftware in 2021 with a clear mission: to make digital content creation easier and more accessible for people at all skill levels. Prior to this venture, he spent seven years at the NFL Network as a Video Editor and Assistant Producer. Brian holds a Master's degree in Marketing from Boston University and a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media from the University of Dayton. His blend of industry experience and academic background informs his approach to simplifying the digital tool space for users at various levels.

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